Monday, November 2, 2015

Bermuda Triangle

guess you've heard about the Bermuda triangle There's something going on Nobody seems to know..


the political rivalry between 3rd district supe Doreen Farr and challenger Steve Pappas is well known...the  county third district covers every place from IV to Guadalupe to Santa Ynez....a Bermuda Triangle if you will

if you endeavor to live in these places, you may enter a world from which there is no return...I've been to all except Guadalupe simply because I'm afraid to go there...and I don't know where it is

the Santa Ynez Valley is home to people like the Firestones, the Chumash, the wineries, the McDonald's guy, Charlie's Angels, Nancy Crawford-Hall and Steve Pappas lives there too...I visited Ray Kroc's home one was huge and air-conditioned..giant kitchen, big theater...they could have filmed "The Shining" there..but it was unbearably hot outside....I knew I could never live in Santa Ynez Valley..but hey, that's just me

so the news that a 21 year old guy in Santa Ynez killed his mom and then himself was bad..then we learn it's Pappas's son and estranged wife who were killed...the kid was driving a Land Rover, shot himself then crashed into a big tree

how does one understand this? I don't because I'm not part of the family but I saw the kid on the news..a nice enough looking young guy, but stories of trouble with the's a real shame..

and didn't Doreen's adult kid go a little mental a few weeks ago??

we need to dispatch resources up to the valley to find out what's going on; set up a command post and monitor the private sector businesses, families and activities day to day...drugs in the valley...schools...etc

I want to know what's driving people crazy in the valley

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