Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Me and Mrs. Jones

we got a thing going on.....

I was watching the Ghost and Mrs. Muir and it was so funny...the sea was different back big cruise ships..the women were different- Gene Tierney was just the sea..confoundedly attractive

but after a bout with the flu, somehow I found myself in Noleta yesterday...the cruise ships are bringing money to the city coffers in SB, while the coughers on the ships are breeding heretofore unknown viruses and unleashing them unto the landlubbers, like me...that's the price you pay when conservatives cook up frothy ideas to make money..

I won't go into the details, but I was walking on Cabrillo Blvd looking for the ghost of Gene Tierney, and a seafaring chick asked me where the freakin' Harbor was..I told her as seductively as I knew how, "yonder"... next thing I know I'm on the cruise ship and we're having sex in her little 3ft by 4ft cabin virus pit...she was a blonde from Fresno who said her husband fell overboard... after she stuck her tongue down my throat for an hour, I got the flu!!

but anyway, Noleta....back behind Cathedral Oaks..way back...I tried to take some pictures but the camera kept freezing up... I had heard that a Goleta city councilman bought a house here and being outside the city limits, he may have to resign...

ok, that's fine..but then he said something like if you enjoy time on the council, you're not doing a good job...

what an odd thing to say..but the dude is pretty strange anyway..Ed Easton..the slothy old bald guy..

so back in Noleta we rode through some neighborhoods and...well...I felt like I had sunk into a netherworld of tract homes and overgrown dead lawns...people prematurely old were looking out dirty windows,'s as if everybody here just stopped trying

I told the driver to get me the fuck outta there before I go berserk.....Noleta is where people go to die a crazy death!

words of wisdom from water czar Nipper!
then I see Nipper and his food taster Michael Cerwin went to West Virginia to host a water tasting contest...I'm at a loss to explain this pointless exercise in idiocy, but apparently these folks get together every year, taste water and judge it on its merits....Charleston W. Va is where unregulated chemical tanks next to the water's edge leaked into the community water would be like a company having a  chemical plant next to Lake Cachuma! California would not tolerate such a thing..and there was no entry in the water contest from Charleston this year!

then I see libertarians are pushing bitcoins because there's no gov't involvement in the production....wacko pothead/boozehound John Stossel whose columns appear in the News-Press says he likes bitcoins and uses them to buy presents....

I like dollar bills and gold coins....bitcoins are silly, like the News-Press

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the bitch is back

Eat meat on Friday, that's all right
Even like steak on a Saturday night
I can bitch the best at your social do's
I get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue, oh, oh, oh

now don't get me wrong people can believe what they want to believe about anything..what it all boils down to is who I'd have sex with..Elizabeth or Mickey..if they both were naked in my living room arranging flowers, I'd go for Beth and show Mickey the if it was between Mickey and Jerry Falwell...well Jerry had that baby fat and was kinda cutesy. it's a toss up

but Jerry Falwell is dead as a doornail now..and it's just as well the dude hated everyone and used the bible to justify all his phobias..that's what the faux Christians do, God Bless You!

they use the bible to justify their fears..these fears are of course irrational..fear of socialism, gays, unions, Democrats, blacks, teletubbies, and so on..that my friends is called "negative energy"

so Jerry Falwell started a school in, get this, Lynchberg, Virginia..Liberty's one of the recommended school from the Young Miss America Foundation..Jerry Falwell was fixated on the gay lifestyle and therefore was a closet gay himself like J.Edgar Hoover, another great American (according to conservative Christians)....both these dudes was a couple of bitches!!

Liberty University, founded in 1971 by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, is located on 6,000 acres in scenic Lynchburg, Virginia. It is the largest evangelical university in the world. Total enrollment is more than 60,000 students, including the distance learning program. The chancellor of Liberty University is Jerry Falwell, Jr.

The mission of Liberty University is, "to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact tomorrow’s world." A common motto of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell for Liberty University was, "if it’s Christian it should be better."

In turn, Liberty offers 115 undergraduate areas of study, 24 graduate areas of study and 3 doctoral programs. Notable schools include the Liberty University School of Law, the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Jesse Helms School of Government.

Liberty University students are known for their theologically, socially, and fiscally conservative views on issues like "…an absolute repudiation of ‘political correctness,’ a strong commitment to political conservatism, total rejection of socialism, and firm support for America’s economic system of free enterprise," among other things.

The experience at Liberty does not stop with the classroom. Dormitories are supervised by a small army of "student leaders" who work to maintain the spiritual and social health of the halls. Liberty mentors one student leader for every five residential students, assuring that no single student is left without adequate social, spiritual, and academic support.

approved by the Moral Majority!

The thrice-weekly, university-wide chapel service plays hosts to 60 national leaders each school year. It is considered to be a required stop on the national, conservative campaign trail, and it is North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian young people. In addition, the university has gathered dozens of "Big South Conference Championships" through its 20 NCAA Division 1 sports, it has a national champion debate team, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs, and hosts numerous special conferences devoted to Biblical and contemporary issues.

the Jesse Helms School of Government!! if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it..Jesse Helms!!! a fey old queen if there ever was one

Jerry Falwell was a fraud, a southern baptist and an absolute ass.. and to think he can "educate" anyone is absurd..the guy was the founder of the so-called "moral majority" like minded bigots....any web search will show this guy for what he was

Falwell Quotes:

"The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way -- all of them who have tried to secularize America -- I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen.'" --on the 9/11 attacks

"He is purple — the gay-pride color, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle — the gay pride symbol." –from a "Parents Alert" issued in Jerry Falwell's National Liberty Journal, warning that "Tinky Winky," a character on the popular PBS children's show, "Teletubbies," may be gay

"Billy Graham is the chief servant of Satan in America." (well I agree with Jerry on that one)

I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won't have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!"  (didn't happen, Jerry!)

"AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals. To oppose it would be like an Israelite jumping in the Red Sea to save one of Pharaoh's charioteers ... AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals."

I don't know what it is about the bible belt that produces such batshit crazy people..but looking at the Young Miss America Foundation website, I see a bunch of problems that need addressing


Monday, February 24, 2014

Something in Red

should I wear a veil or a rose in my hair?

so I'm reading the News-Press and they had a story on the district elections..the guy who wants district elections says that Latinos are losing too many kids to gangs and having district elections will solve that, it won't... good parenting will solve the issue... period!! if you don't have any values how are your kids supposed to ???

red-tailed hawk

but the Latinos who support this are playing the victim as always and if they get elections by district, they will complain about some other issue they deem unfair....

simply redhead

but anyway I'm reading the story and the writer, Elizabeth Hamilton referred to Mickey and Richard Flacks who were at the meeting as "red diaper babies" and Richard was a radical who founded the Students for Democratic Society...ok well that's some bias right there but I don't know much about Mickey and her husband Dick and the red diaper baby moniker was pretty funny....I think Wendy should drop Lanny and Andy from the editorial duties and assign Elizabeth Hamilton..

red diaper babies and Hanoi Jane

so the Flacks have called themselves red diaper babies and even the Independent had a story on them years ago

but I had to laugh at the red diaper baby and radical monikers...well it turns out that Dick and Mickey are friends with Jane Fonda.."Hanoi Jane" who was married to radical Tom Hayden back in the day!!

says Jane in her blog/ 2009: Yesterday I interviewed my friends Dick and Mickey Flacks who live in Santa Barbara. I got to know them when I married Tom. They were all part of the early SDS at the University of Michigan. Dick is now retired from being a tenured professor of Sociology and she was a professor of Biology at university of California, Santa Barbara. They are celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary which for me, with my history, seems a miracle. I wanted to talk to them about how they managed to stay together, happily and productively for so long. I am writing about marriage and relationships in general in my book about aging. They are another proof that the most successful marriages occur in the absence of rigid gender stereotypes…"you are the woman and should be doing this and I’m the man and I should be doing this…"

red bait
SDS is still rockin today in a new form: Students from Clarksville Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) fight back against racism in Tennessee this semester to confront a white supremacist organization called American Renaissance (AmRen). American Renaissance white supremacists have been holding their national conference at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee for the last several years. This conference draws the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, anti-immigration thugs, racists, and fascists of all kinds to our area. They then discuss, network, and organize themselves towards their racist and genocidal agenda.

well, they were and are students who organized for justice and I guess their polar opposite today would be the ultra-conservative Young Miss America Foundation, funded prominently by Wendy McCuckoo...all the faux Christian conservatives from the bible belt!

ok so Elizabeth is one of the gals from Hillsdale College..a Christian conseravtive school that is recommended by Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation....also recommended is Jerry Falwell's Liberty University....I'll have to check out all these little bible colleges because they are just too funny and weird....

something in red..a guaranteed number to knock a man dead...I'm looking for something in red

Sunday, February 23, 2014


She'll only come out at night
The lean and hungry type
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She's a maneater

so I had a post a year ago about KEYT's Paula whose mug shot made her look like a maneater ..on that post, I got an anonymous comment and there were references to cops taking care of their own and giving Paula a pass or something and I replied to it referring to the commenter as "Darryl"....

then I get another comment a year later (yesterday) from friend to the drunks and DUI lawyer Darryl Genis calling me Von Coward for referring to him... although I never even mentioned his last name... hey Darryl my name is Mick Von Caw not Mick Von Coward, not Mick Von Weaselburger...Mick Von Caw!!

maneater AND water tasting judge!

geez, some people still don't get the internet....internet=freedom

anyways, Darryl says he always signs his name to comments which I guess makes him Mr. Braveheart but how do I know what his real name is without proof?? I mean who would call himself "Genis"?? seriously!! I mean really, even Mark Twain was smart enough to spruce up his writin' name!! let's see Darryl, I think you'd be better served with a new name about Braveheart Dumass...I like it and it may even bring you a higher class of clientele!!

Braveheart Dumass

so here was my reply: gee Darryl, I didn't even mention your last name! I was referring to Darryl Hall the singer! what are you so touchy for??

ok so Darryl, I mean Braveheart, must be grumpy about the State Bar thing.....

now why was I referring to Darryl Hall of Hall and Oates??

well, there was a story about a couple of drunks named Hall and Oates who got into a fight and Oates bit off Hall's eyebrow..

"Rock 'n' roll feuds are as storied as the musical genre itself. But when we saw that Oates is accused of biting Hall in the face, it appeared one of the '80s biggest powerhouse bands would be silenced.

But rest assured, the auteurs behind soft rock hits such as "Maneater" have not turned on each other. The pair at the center of this jaw-dropping story just happen to share the same surnames as the pop duo.

Local ABC affiliate NewsChannel5 reports that Robert Oates of Virginia was charged with biting his neighbor, Scott Hall, in the face.

According to police, the altercation stemmed over Hall's refusal to testify on Oates' behalf as a character witness in an upcoming trial.

Oates reportedly resisted arrest, leading police to use the Taser on the 48-year-old. Police say Oates and a friend who contributed to the alleged assault were both "highly intoxicated and yelling." Both men have been charged with felonious assault and resisting arrest.

Hall, 40, suffered wounds to his face, with a "chunk of skin" reportedly torn from his face after being bitten by Oates."

so you see, it's not all about you Darryl...not at all...there's other Darryls in the world...some even funnier than you...

reflect on this during your time off..

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mule Skinner Blues

Good mornin' capitan
Good mornin' to you
ha ha ha ha ha ha

Do you need another mule skinner
down on your new mud run?
ha ha haha ha ha ha ha

let's face it, the members of Team Wendy are pretty ugly..that's not an oxymoron, that's a fact..their faces are ugly, their lies are ugly, their lives are ugly so it's no surprise they would endorse the ugliest man alive, Roger Aceves for County Board of Supervisors/ 2nd district..he wants a shot at Wolf

ugly all over
but I look at Roger and I see an ugly mistake..a birth that never should've happened

speaking of birthers....we got the teabaggers running around trying to stop abortions and trying to find Obama's birth certificate..well, I applaud them trying to stop abortions but I wish they would not start wars that kill kids in other countries...don't kids who are alive have any rights?

ok so Orly Taitz and Wendy have a few things in common..they are both blonde and both stupid...but I hear Orly will runn against California AG Kamala Harris..Wendy endorsed Orly last time around so this time will be no different....

I love ugly men!!

then I see that the puppet regime up north in UGLY COLAB country has endorsed Roger Aceves over Janet Wolf...Andy Caldwell has some mighty weird ideas about Janet...a fixation I'd call it...but I don't think Aceves will win or beat Janet...the recent crosswalk safety issues were ignored by Aceves while on the Goleta council and it took a woman getting hit and killed for him and the council to finally get some safety improvements going....that's not good need to act before someone gets killed...ugly

but  Andy says among the biggest issues coming up in the county is saving the Hope Ranch lifestyle from the Coastal Commission ...well we all know he's talking about Wendy's blufftop mansion and how she wants to keep beachgoers off her patch of sand...I hardly think anyone really gives a shit about Wendy's little faux-problems but Andy says it's a big big it's not, Andy...the Hope Ranch Association maintains the Hope Ranch lifestyle, not the Coastal Commission....the Coastal Commission is charged with protecting the coast from greedy landowners like Wendy

why is Wendy wearing Nipper's ugly shirt??
only a woman who got rich by other than work would fret about such a thing..Wendy, Andy's boss is such a woman...and he is her ugly little lapdog

well hey [hey!]
little water boy [wheres that water boy, man?]
bring the bu-bu-bucket down
haa haa ha haa haa haa

Friday, February 21, 2014

if 6 was 9

If the sun refuse to shine,
I don't mind, I don't mind....

well I do remember Fancy Music and how it came to be...we moved to Santa Barbara in the sixties and had a huge family, people were always coming and going in the great old house on top of  a hill...once owned by a ballerina ...Hill House

but this was at the height of the 60s music explosion....pop culture was morphing were a big two guys named Bob and Richard were friends of someone in the family, my brothers... one bro had a knack for acquiring guitars...some 1960s Ephiphones and Gibsons...I had a Martin D18 1967...

yeah a lot of cool music and guitars passed through that house on the hill, I tell ya!

Bob and Richard just seemed to show up one day...but they would come over often and we'd talk music..I liked Bob- he was a funny Italian guy and a good guitar player..looked like Dylan
Richard, who recently died, was the fat English one who was ok, but could be a bit of a prick I'd later learn...he was the businessman....the guys were looking for money to start Fancy Music and I'm not sure if we gave them any, but they did eventually start the music store on State St by De La Guerra was a great store for a while..

when I was living over on Milpas St. as a rather poor musician/ fry cook, I bought a 1965 Martin D12-35 acoustic 12 sting guitar with Brazilian rosewood back and sides..for $500...Richard let me split the payments up....the guitar is worth about $5000 today and whoever has it, is a lucky man or woman...that was a great guitar..she's the one that got away..I can't bear to tell you the story how I lost her or I'll cry....her name was Lily and she was as close to a Royal fuck as I've ever had

here's a Gibson F5 Mandolin from Fancy with the original old man paid $1400...well worth it in 1977 and today being in close- to- mint condition..well, I plan to retire on it...

so those were some fun days and as the Fancy Music business grew, Bob and Richard got richer and attracted some fancy people... I attended a few parties at the infamous Hot Springs Rd house...close to the Montecito Country Club, it was a big old Spanish-Italian mansion with cool gardens and a pool....chicks everywhere and back then I liked pretty blonde girls or brunettes whatever! and Richard would always try to bird-dog them..steal my girlfriends..the dirty old man...I think he may have snatched one or two away...I tip my hat to him the sonofabitch!!

also way too much cocaine at those parties and I was not into that at all!

anyway, I saw him at a concert at the bowl in the 1980s..I was with another blonde chick and I said "Hey Richard, how are ya??"
he looked at me quizzically and pretended he didn't know me... I guess he grew tired of my sloppy seconds!

over the years the fancy cars he was driving were exchanged for a little white Nissan wagon so I guess the rocknroll ride was about over....I moved on to whatever oh yeah, a career...don't know what happened to the Fancy crew but the music part of it back then was awesome..and fun..and all rather innocent

but the one that got away...ah, yes... I do miss her

Thursday, February 20, 2014

a day in the life of a tree

Feel the wind burn through my skin
The pain, the air is killing me
For years my limbs stretched to the sky
A nest for birds to sit and sing

well I was watching the news last night oh boy...the English army has just won the war..and though the news was rather sad, well I just had to laugh....

and do you know why I laughed? KEYT had a very interesting story about Lotusland...the once private now public garden in Montecito with the pink walls...up by Cold Springs school

Victoria Sanchez did the honors and I was that how you want but the point is LOTUSLAND likes weeds!!! this is direct contrast to the Botanic Garden..turned into a beer garden and restaurant by some punk conservative nativists and boozehounds, their philosophy is wholly I've said before the Botanic Garden was never intended for native-only nonsense..and certainly not intended as a beer garden

ok, but Lotusland is different..the story by Victoria highlighted the drought and the gal who oversees the flowers explained that she likes weeds on the lawns and there's no reason to try to kill them all...she says Lotusland has flowers from all over the world and there's no need to fear or demonize them..many of the foreign flowers are naturally drought resistent like the succulents and some other leafy ground covers...

Ganna Walska Lotusland, a 37-acre botanical wonder containing subtropical and tropical plants from around the world. It is one of the great gardens of America...

innagannadavita baby! I looked into this I saw her..this Ganna lady and she blew me away...Lotusland has one thing the Botanic Garden does not..MUSIC!!

Ganna Walska was an opera singer and a babe: Madame Ganna Walska, a well-known Polish opera singer and socialite, purchased the estate in 1941 and spent the next 43 years creating Lotusland. The spectacular collections of exotic plants throughout the 37-acre property are a very personal expression of Walska’s penchant for the dramatic, the unexpected, and the whimsical. After her death in 1984, Lotusland became a nonprofit botanical garden and opened to the public in 1993.

Lotusland’s outstanding educational programs serve the local community and its innovative horticultural practices are shared with botanic gardens and garden-lovers around the world.

you won't find the folks at Lotusland writing silly articles in the News-Press about demon plants or all the beer parties they have in, Lotusland has a vision from an opera singer... and this is one non-profit that is doing it right..

I think she was awesome!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane

surely make you lose your mind

well I haven't seen a helipcopter crash into the Salt Marsh...or a plane ditch into the ocean...I admit it would be cool to see, but of course I don't wish it will happen, much

I've seen a few accidents and some aftermaths on Highway 101 in Carp...some blood and a body covered in a yellow tarp...a spot of blood in the head area....that's a hard way to go smashing on the asphalt....

so I'm always interested when people crash especially since I live close to the freeway...Ventura Highway, in the favorite highway in all the world

we've had few members of Team Wendy drive drunk in the wrong lane ..wrong-way drivers they now call them...and one ex councilmember from Carp decided to leave 101 and take a shortcut overland to Padaro beach one night..he was drunk and some trees got in his way....

so the latest is some fella driving north in the southbound lane or south in the north bound thru Summerland and crashes in Carp around Santa Monica Road...

the California Highway Patrol has released the name of the driver killed when he drove the wrong way on 101 in Caprintera Monday morning as Tim A. Morhar, 44, from Newbury Park 

he was driving an Infiniti so maybe he was a hotshot realtor or Fast and Furious wannabe??

now I know texting and driving is bad..and yapping on your cell phone while driving is bad news but generally those folks don't drive the wrong way down the freeway....the freeway in Carp is very nice..there's two lanes going north, and two lanes going south and you got scenery..the mountains and the ocean and you should be able to get to your destination if you follow a few simple rules....separating 101 from the frontage road Via Real is a chain-link fence..only once has someone breached I ride my bike on this road, I am constantly aware of flying drunks

so to drive into Santa Barbara, take the north on-ramps on the mountain side...however if you don't follow the rules, you may be so stupid as to try to drive into Santa Barbara via the south bound lanes..those exits that say DO NOT've seen those and so have I... and generally we don't go up those..well sometimes I do on my bike but that's different and for scientific research....

but you don't enter the highway via the exit ramp unless you are really fucked up on drugs and/or booze

it happens and it's the same refrain I keep hearing over and over....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the Farmer in the Dell

Hi-ho,The derry-o
The farmer in the dell

so teabagger Peter Adam beat Joni Gray in the last 4th disrtict supervisor race: Incumbent 4th District Supervisor Joni Gray and challenger Peter Adam have similar conservative political philosophies — supporting smaller government, drilling for offshore oil to boost revenue, supporting family values and property rights, preserving agriculture.

Supervisor Adam?

family values...hmmmmm

Andy Caldwell spends a great deal of his alloted time on the News-Press Editorial pages calling the south county supes eco-terrorists or Twisted Sisters or somesuch...but if you look at the issues, you may find that the north county supervisors have an appalling record of fraud and deceit..

you just can't trust those rummies in the colonies up there...and now the new guy, 4th dsitrict supervisor Peter Adam pulled a rookie mistake and wants people to vote on "road maintenance" well not really actually road maintenance but he wants you to vote on making sure roads don't get more potholes..or something about roads...

the Adam Family

he wants an initiative on the ballot-the anti-pothole measure- that doesn't need to be there...he's wasting time and money playing road games!! but since Adam inherited his family's farm and doesn't live in the real world, I expect nothing but more manure from this dude..and I wonder how many gov't tax subsidies we paid his farm?? drought relief money??

The rat takes the cheese
The rat takes the cheese
Hi-ho,The derry-o
The rat takes the cheese

farm subsidies are nothing new and many farmers, from Carp to Santa Maria have taken some gov't relief...some over $100000!! when the farmers need money, the taxpayers subsidize them "The federal subsidy in the House bill guarantees farmers of Japonica Rice that if market prices drop below 115 percent of the average price of all types of rice, they will get a government payment to make up the difference"

Crop Insurance in California

NEW DATA - Insurance subsidies to individual policyholders

Washington, D.C. - A new analysis of over a million government records never before made public and obtained by the Environmental Working Group through the Freedom of Information Act has found that in 2011 more than 10,000 individual farming operations have received federal crop insurance premium subsidies ranging from $100,000 to more than $1 million apiece. Some 26 farming operations received subsidies of $1 million or more last year.

Taxpayers pick up so much of a farmer’s crop insurance premium that, Taylor writes, "U.S. farmers could be claiming $3.85 for every dollar they paid to insure their 2012 crops." And this can’t just be dismissed as a result of the drought. Taylor cites estimates by Kansas State economist Art Barnaby that from 1988 to 2011 farmers got back $1.89 for every dollar of their premium payments. Most taxpayers can only dream of getting that kind of return from their auto or homeowners insurance; it doesn’t happen.

The cat takes a rat
The cat takes a rat
Hi-ho,The derry-o
The cat takes a rat

ok so Andy and his conservative Christian farmer pals up north want to pick the pockets of county workers to continue the farm subsidies.. I support ag but couldn't quite figure out why they were anti-labor and anti-public worker: now I know: competition for tax dollars..demonize the unions and glorify the farmers!!

but let's take a look at the two previous north county conservative supes, the 4th and 5th districts, who are still trying to clean the dirt off themselves...why, these folks is so dirty they should all take a leap into the Joe Centeno pool to clean off!!

oh wait, the Joe Centeno pool don't work right..they fill it full of water and it keeps leaking...that's what you get for hiring a private contractor to build a public project....they take shortcuts and can't even pour a cement pond!!

and Andy Caldwell is pals with all these crooks!!

ok so Joe got a pool named after him but his time on the BOS was mired in controversy..the assistant Gil who Joe paid $75000 a year, was busted for DUI and tried to blame his politcal enemies..but how do you explain being on the side of the road, in Carp, wiped out in your car??

then the Cemetery District in Lompoc had tons of problems under Joe's watch and ol' Joe just turned the other cheek until the Lompoc Record investigated....

still a bounty on Joni's head!

then we have Joni Gray... there's a reason why conservatives like non-profits so's so easy to skim money!! the Indepenent had the story about Joni and her assistant and Joni's husband all involved in the demise of the Lompoc Housing Authority...she was disgraced by the scandal but still maintains everything is still buttercups and roses in her world:

Santa Maria Times
The OIG audit is the third report since June of last year criticizing the county’s management of its publicly-funded low-income housing program. The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury issued "A Failure of Oversight: Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation" last June. In August, HUD auditors placed a hold on HOME funds administered by the county after issuing a report with 17 findings of deficiencies.

The highly-critical OIG report is the result of a six-month onsite review of county records from January 2007 to November 2012 by OIG auditors that began late last year. Auditors reviewed $7.4 million in HOME costs paid to four housing agencies and found about half of the payments were either ineligible or lacked sufficient documentation to justify payment.

The ineligible expenses or payments lacking proper documentation in county files include:

$2.1 million unsupported payments to Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation (LHCDC) for College Park Apartments in Lompoc

$419,433 ineligible and $49,172 unsupported payments to People's Self Help Housing (PSSH) for Dahlia Court II in Carpinteria

wow! geez..if you want to pave some county roads, stop giving public funds to nonprofits whose funds then get skimmed by supervisors!!

and stop farm subsidies!!!

The cheese stands alone
The cheese stands alone
Hi-ho,The derry-o

The cheese stands alone.....

Monday, February 17, 2014

We LOVe You

we love you..and we hope you love we too

ok I think Alan Parsons was an ok rocker, an ok bloke...nothing special but when I saw him on stage hamming it up with pal Nipper at the Avocado Fest a few years ago, I figured he'd lost his mind....a pink void

but there he was at the Beatles Fest at the Carp Plaza Theater recently...Parsons says he was an engineer on the Beatles album "Abbey Road"...actually he was listed as 2nd engineer on a few cuts from info obtained online...but no credits on the actual album....a 2nd engineer is like being a co-publisher..

where do we go from here?


the second engineer is a tea boy if you are drinking tea, the guy who places the food orders, makes all kind of runs, and sometimes actually gets rough levels, as he's is usually just an intern or a very low man on the totem pole...for a hot minute.

now back in the 1960s the Beatles and the Stones used to visit Montecito alot...I happened to meet Mick while he was sitting on a stone fence one day...he introduced me to Keith and John  and we'd hang out in a little cottage on Olive Mill Road...we all wrote the Stone's gem "We LOve YOu"...remember that one..a little obscure but it was a parody of John's "All You Need is Love" and the whole Love Generation thing...John and Mick wrote most of it but the clanging piano sound in the beginning was my idea...John and Paul sang the high harmonies, uncredited by the way, and Brian Jones' mellotron was brilliant...that song ROCKED!!!

can Alan Parsons match that? I don't think so

now "Abbey Road" was the end of the Beatles and contained some odd songs, half songs but the best ones were George's "Something" and "Here Comes the Sun"...George was on a roll...he made that Gibson Jumbo acoustic guitar sound like 12 string and the Moog was breathtaking...John was injured and didn't play on it...probably Alan Parsons was the guy who got jam butties for everyone..still not a bad gig but let's not tell everyone you were the Beatles recording engineer if you weren't

Here Comes the Sun written by: Harrison Recorded: 7, 8, 16 July; 6 15, 19 August 1969
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Phil McDonald, Geoff Emerick

Released: 26 September 1969 (UK), 1 October 1969 (US)

George Harrison: vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium, Moog synthesiser, handclaps
Paul McCartney: backing vocals, bass, handclaps
Ringo Starr: drums, handclaps
Uncredited: four violas, four cellos, double bass, two piccolos, two flutes, two alto flutes, two clarinets

ok so I watched the Grammy salute to the Beatles and it was pretty good..the best was Paul and Ringo doing "A Little Help from My Friends" and "Something" covered by JoeWalsh, Dhani Harrison and ELO guy, Jeff Lyne who also played with Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Dylan...

2nd engineers, co-publishers, water-tasting experts...all  part of the same  grand illusion

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bette Davis Eyes

She got Greta Garbo stand off sighs

for the record...again...I am half communist, half socialist, and half with it

now we know that the News-Press is a staunch anti-union paper..Wendy and her ilk think that the wealthy should rule over the working class without oversight...most of these folks have gained wealth, not through work, but by inheritance...the Koch Bros inherited their Bircher daddy's fortune; Wendy inherited her fortune by divorcing a rich man...they feel entitled and don't quite get what it's like to pay a mortgage, raise a family and go to work everyday..well thankfully the unions have given workers some relief...abusing the workforce is rather counter-productive I would think

and it's strange but this very anti-union attitude was prevalent back in the 1920s and 1930s...Hollywood...the studios owned the actors and worked them up and down until a few actors like Bette Davis and Olivia De Havilland had enough..these ladies rebelled against the studios and were punished, but they kept fighting for rights....worker rights..these were the real true first ladies of film...ballsy gals!!

the Screen Actor's Guild was was a labor union and Ronald Reagan was president of the SAG for a time...I bet Wendy doesn't even know that although she worships Ron at the Reagan Ranch I guess you could say the Ronny was a commie sympathyzer!! but the SAG gave Reagan a shot at being an and I know he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, but at least he had a shot..a chance...and Ronald Reagan called union membership "one of the most elemental human rights".

Yet conservatives may be shocked to learn that their idol Reagan was once a union boss himself. Reagan was the only president in American history to have belonged to a union, the AFL-CIO affiliated Screen Actors Guild. And he even served six terms as president of the organized labor group. Additionally, Reagan was a staunch advocate for the collective bargaining rights of one of the world’s most famous and most influential trade unions, Poland’s Solidarity movement.

now sometimes we gather at the Montecito Inn Cafe for dinner...always a nice place to eat and the building is superb...built in the 1920s by Charlie Chaplin...Chaplin was an interesting guy but our transgender FBI director J Edgar Hoover had a file on him for communist sympathies...

J Edgar Hoover was an idiot so I figured that Chaplin was a cool dude and I just love Monsieur Verdoux...

from wiki: Chaplin again vocalised his political views in Monsieur Verdoux, criticising capitalism and arguing that the world encourages mass killing through wars and WMD. Because of this, the film met with controversy when it was released in April 1947; Chaplin was booed at the premiere, and there were calls for a boycott. Monsieur Verdoux was the first Chaplin release that failed both critically and commercially in the United States. It was more successful abroad, and Chaplin's screenplay was nominated at the Academy Awards. He was proud of the film, writing in his autobiography, "Monsieur Verdoux is the cleverest and most brilliant film I have yet made."

The negative reaction to Monsieur Verdoux was largely the result of changes in Chaplin's public image. Along with damage of the Joan Barry scandal, he was publicly accused of being a communist. His political activity had heightened during World War II, when he campaigned for the opening of a Second Front to help the Soviet Union and supported various SovietAmerican friendship groups. Chaplin attended functions given by Soviet diplomats in Los Angeles. In the political climate of 1940s America, such activities meant Chaplin was considered, as Larcher writes, "dangerously progressive and amoral." The FBI wanted him out of the country, and early in 1947 they launched an official investigation.

Chaplin denied being a communist, instead calling himself a "peacemonger", but felt the government's effort to suppress the ideology was an unacceptable infringement of civil liberties. Unwilling to be quiet about the issue, he openly protested the trials of Communist Party members and the activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Chaplin received a subpoena to appear before HUAC, but was not called to testify. As his activities were widely reported in the press, and Cold War fears grew, questions were raised over his failure to take American citizenship. Calls were made for him to be deported; Representative John E. Rankin of Mississippi told Congress in June 1947: "His very life in Hollywood is detrimental to the moral fabric of America. [If he is deported] ... his loathsome pictures can be kept from before the eyes of the American youth. He should be deported and gotten rid of at once."

what boogles the mind is many of these attitudes, these irrational, ignorant fears are front and center in the News-Press today... with the guest editorials, the FOX News stories..all the by-words are the same...progressives, commies, union demons, smart meters, and esp the "moral fabric" of our society....such fears these people have!!

but what is that..the moral fabric of our society??

well, Wendy and her little Ayn Randy buddies should take a deeper look..the moral fabric of our society are the ones working for a living

Friday, February 14, 2014

cry me a river

Now you say you're lonely
You cried the long night through
Well, you can cry me a river
Cry me a river

anytime I see News-Press wonk Lanny Ebenstein and Mexican victim of the white man Cruzito Cruz on the front page of the News-Press, I figure Lanny must've kissed up to Wendy or Nipper for special favors...maybe Lanny's got some really good Eureka weed??

unhappy Mexicans

oh they are part of a little group who is going to sue the City of Santa Barbara for not holding district elections..they cite the Palmdale issue where a judge required the city to toss its at -large election in favor of district elections citing the California Voting Rights Act-exempted is the mayor's race but I don't know why...

anyway the gist is the minorites are crying about lack of representation so district elections should bring in more Latinos..aren't most Latinos such poor parents that their kids have learned no valuable behavior other than to be gang members?? maybe they're just tooo stupid to be elected offiicals! well of course that must be it!

happy Mexicans!

but ok let's take a look at how the districts in Santa Barbara might be council members seven districts...

District #1  the Northside- anti-gay pro-fast food Chik-Fil-A types

District #2  the Funk Zone- all the yuppie winos need representation, too!

District #3  the Mesa- Wendy and all the hip old progressives

District #4  the Westside..gang members need some love, too!

District #5  Eastside-all the homeless, poor Mexicans and single moms in SB have something in common..dirty underwear!

District #6  Downtown- the business folks who really matter

District #7  The Red Light District..around Haley Street and lower State can get a blow job in your car for around $ I've heard

so that's seven districts to represent the seven distinct individual groups within the City of Sant Barbara...

the curious part of this is Barry Capello is taking the case for free..what could he possibly gain from that considering he likes to gain big from his job and even sued Wendy for some back pay........well lawyers do pro-bono work for a variety of reasons, and not just because they are nice people

Factor one: required by certain law firms. Although they compose a small percentage of law firms, some law firms require their attorneys to share legal expertise by offering free legal work. These firms typically say that they want to give back to the community via a volunteer time, but requiring that their lawyers do pro bono work obviously has an element of public relations strategy to it, as well. In my experience, attorneys who work for such law firms enjoy their pro bono time and see it as one of the perks of working at their firm; in fact, many attorneys coming out of law school seek out employers who reward pro bono work.

Factor two: calculated to curry favor with an important client. Lawyers do pro bono work on occasion at the request of an important client. While the client might simply want to give back to the community, attorneys providing free legal work in such circumstances are typically hoping for future business and good relations with the client. They volunteer time and share legal expertise in hopes that the client will bring profitable work their way.

if you want to win an election in Santa Barbara, at large or by district, you need to present yourself well, show the voters some record of achievement and not act like a retard or a poor little victim of the system..everybody has the right to run for office and vote....district elections won't matter if people are too stupid to vote...

and Cruzito, you will never ever win an election for you have no record, except maybe a police record! hahahahah!!

anyway there is no judge anywhere on the face of the earth that is gonna force Santa Barbara go to district elections out of some fear minorities aren't being represented..just take a look around you.. Fiesta!, Cabrillo Blvd, Cezar Chavez Street, Indio Muerto, Salinas St., De La Guerra Plaza, the Mesa, Casa De La Raza ....

Santa Barbara is full of Brown Sensations!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

low spark of high heeled boys

And the thing that you're hearing is only the sound of
The low spark of high-heeled boys

the News-Press seems obsessed with two local is Philip Myers and the other is Darryl Genis...every time I turn around and that is often I see these two fellas on the front page of the News-Press..who are they, I wonder??

Philip Myers and his gay friend bilked an old lady outta some cash so I'm thinking that maybe that old lady was related to someone on Team Wendy but I just don't know who yet....

now Darryl Genis is a horse of a different color you've heard tell about....apparently the State Bar wants a stiffer punishment for Darryl...Darryl thinks that DA Joyce Dudley is on a witch hunt.. I don't think Darryl and Joyce like each other very much..that's ok you can't have everybody liking you but I don't think Joyce is on a witch hunt...a troll hunt maybe, but not a witch hunt..

now it's obvious that News-Press hack Scott Steepleton and Darryl have a little thing going on..a bromance..has it been consumated yet?? I shudder at the thought....

Philip Myers has been disbarred..will DG be next?

if Darryl thinks Joyce is out to get him, why not file complaint with the bar?? in 2013, the California State Bar received over 13000 calls on its ethics hotline..that's about 35 calls a day!!

ok so this Myers dude  was disbarred after the State Bar recommendation..and he also committed moral turpitude..that's a big deal among lawyers...Darryl was acquited of moral turpitude but the stain of the other two counts can't be washed off his chubby little fingers:
The California Bar Journal writes more succinctly than Scott ever could:

In the State Bar matter, which proceeded as a default case when Myers didn’t appear for trial, Platel recommended Myers’ disbarment after finding he misappropriated more than $89,000 from a trust and committed three acts of moral turpitude. (A phrase used in Criminal Law to describe conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals)

Myers became the trustee of the Buckalew Trust in 2001 and transferred money in and out of the trust account for several years. He wrote checks to his ex-wife ($4,275), his daughter in England ($20,000) and CompUSA ($1,845) from the account, and transferred some other client funds into the account. When a home owned by the trust was sold, proceeds totaling $95,721 were deposited in the trust account. Just under $6,700 was disbursed to two beneficiaries, one with a cognitive disability who received assistance from a nonprofit organization that helped pay his bills.

ok so now I gotta tie the Myers case to the NP somehow... but basically we hab a bunch of people on Team Wendy who regularly display inherent baseness and depravity....and moral turpitude

But today you just read that the man was shot dead
By a gun that didn't make any noise
But it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest, was
The low spark of high-heeled boys

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

four days gone

into runnin'...

and I'm three miles shy of my town.....

oh I see Jim Messina is going to be at the Lobero on Saturday...hey Jimmy remember me? I gave you a tape long time ago in Granada elevator and you turned me turned me down! you're lucky I didn't go all Charlie Manson on you!! punk

well at least Richie Furay will be there helping out..that dude can sing better than Kenny Loggins..oh I know without you Jimmy, Kenny would be singing little folk songs at the Casino so he owes you alot..Kenny needed your approval but not me...Kenny's always been your little bitch, right???

carefree country day, Jim?? there's no such thing

Monday, February 10, 2014

fire down below

they had one thing in common, they had the fire down below


I guess the chances of me hooking up with Kelly LeBrock are pretty slim but what about me getting busted by a lying, unethical cop? would I need a lawyer like Darryl Genis to help me..would I crawl across the floor and ask Darryl for help?

first of all, I don't know what happened between Kelly and her fat ass ex-husband Steven Seagal..but I did like his movie Fire Down Below..and he did appear on the cover of Vintage Guitar mag to show off his guitar he can't be all bad...I must admit I don't of any song he ever sang, but image is more important than reality in showbiz...nice guitars Steve!!

but I am more concerned for Steven Seagal than Kelly...Seagal hooked up with the racist sheriff in Arizona and wants to run for office..I think he turned into a teabagger!! I am mystified as to why...

ok so the chances of me being busted by a cop who simply didn't like me are indeed slim... let's say I'm driving down the road one night, sober...sober..that means without drugs/alcohol..that means I won't drive the wrong way up a one way street; it means I won't crash into a parked car; it means I won't weave all over the place and I probably won't kill anyone....

but what if a cop pulled me over and arrested me for DUI?? would the cop pull me over, do a breathalyser test and manipulate the results, do a field test, forge a ticket, forge my signature on that ticket, plant heroin on my body, beat me up, handcuff and taser me, then take me someplace to draw blood.....then throw me in the slammer?? are the cops using their patrol car computers to conspire against the drivers in Santa Barbara??

is this a likely scenerio? no of course not..that is a scenerio dreamed up with stoner logic....booze infused, it is nonsensical that a cop would do that...cops are looking for people DUI, not just to mess with people...

DG knows this  because he's lost too many cases..the Hollywood guy who impersonated a police officer and was found guilty in Ventura..spent time in jail; DG was pals with rapist Andrew wutshisname, the Max Factor punk who drugged and raped some chicks then videoed it..what a gentleman!!

think tank

the folks who use Darryl as their lawyer are not innocent..they just want him to find loopholes in the law so they don't have to pay the price for their stupidity..

however, if I get arrested I may indeed seek DG's counsel...

but what if I get arrested during Darryl's  3-month suspension? who can I turn to then??

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mother Nature's Son

sit beside a mountain stream, see her waters rise

the restoration of native species at the Channel Islands has been a flop and waste of money and resources..the National Parks Service and non-profit Nature Conservancy will tell you differently...they will tell you the restoration is a big success..some people will tell you anything...

one need only to look around to see...and when I visited Lake Casitas just over the hill last year, I saw all I needed to see...of course, I saw the bald eagles in the eucalyptus trees...they were building a nest..they are refugees from the Channel Island restoration mayhem...the biologists have tried to force the bald eagles to live on the islands, but they keep fucking with the habitat...cutting down eucalyptus trees and poisoning rodents is not a restoration, it's an abomination....the bald eagles are not nesting successfully on the Pelican Harbor the nest Sauces Canyon, eggs were laid but ravens got them! Verde Canyon a nest was found with a bunch of feathers next to it...meaning something killed the chicks....

however, the bald eagles are doing very well at Lake Casitas because people have left them and their habitat alone..pure and simple...when they start cutting down the eucalyptus trees at Lake Casitas is when I'll go up there with my Henry..let's hope that day never comes...

ok so we are in a drought and another native preaching jackass has been writing letters to the editor of various papers..the News-Press and the Montecito Journal-both conservative rags...the MJ owns the Sentinel as I've pointed out before and the Sentinel has teamed with this native-preaching jackass to hold a little beer party at the Botanical Gardens..

the native-preaching jackass is Dr. Steve Windhager executive director of the Botanic Gardens...unfortunately the reputation of the BG has been hurt with the Fife Symington episode..Fife and Ann skipped town after my expose on them...and I'm not done with them yet...

but this Windhager dude is on my radar..he tells us to plant native plants for the drought and yet he's hosting a beer party with some fuck from the take 20 gals of water to make a glass of beer! is that a good water footprint? is that a smart way for the Botanic Garden to do business?

and the latest fiasco is they covered the meadow with plastic sheeting to kill weeds so they can restore it to a 1940's flowery vision! the Botanic Garden was never meant to be highlighted plants from all over until the plant Nazis moved in...

so today I will start my investigation into the Botanic Gardens with audits, stealth, and undercover visits...and this beer we need to encourage drunk people to drive those winding roads in Mission Canyon?


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lady Madonna

children at your feet, wonders how you manage to make ends meet

"Is McCaw really that desperate for friends that she needs to sidle up with this sleazy cast of characters like they are her misfit children?"

well I never looked at it like that but I like it! haha..all of Wendy's team members are like her misfit children since she never had any kids of her own and she takes in all these strays!! of course, that's it!

from Nipper to Don, Scott to Gerry, Andy to Lanny,Wendy has been unable to find anyone who can raise her subscriber base back to the 45000 range instead of the 25000 range after she got ahold of the News-Press...

now um...who can she blame..well how about the Teachers' Union....or the Teamsters....or the City gov't workers..members of SEIU are wholly subversive...I've met a few city workers and I tell ya, they can be just as nutty as the private sector folks!

wanna be her daddy??

so the nut has been cracked and the case has been solved...WENDY HAS A MOMMY/MADONNA COMPLEX

now on the other hand we have Wendy's Guest Opinion boy Andy Caldwell who wants to be your daddy and tell you how to live your life...that, of course is absurd...Andy is a very weak father-figure with a whiny girly-man voice

father, I want to kill you; mother,  I want to fuck you

so we got Wendy and Andy locked up in the same padded room together....Andy's got the classic Oedipus complex offered by Freud, a brilliant dude...and Wendy gots an Electra complex, offered up by Jung, Neil Jung...

The psychological term coined by Sigmund Freud named after the mythical king of Thebes and the legend based around him. In Greek myth, Oedipus killed his father and married his mother, but without knowledge that either were his parents. Freud's theory proclaimed that, at an unconscious level, a male's sexual preference would be based around the actions and personality of his mother. The male child would also feel extreme animosity towards his father, again at an unconscious level.

in simpler terms: The subconcious urge that young males have to penetrate both their parents; one with a sword, the other with one's penis.

Jung put forth his own theory with the Electra complex: Carl Jung's female equivalent to Freud's Oedipus complex; the theory that during the Freud's phallic stage of childhood development, girls develop a sexual attachment to their father (or father figure), leading them to want to kill mother and marry their father. The name derives from the Greek myth of Electra, who wanted to avenge her father's death by killing her mother, who was responsible for the murder....

just further proof that the American family is a breeding ground for insanity....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Razor Boy

will you still have a song to sing, when the Razor boy comes and takes your fancy things away

to hear News-Press hack Scott Steepleton tell it, you'd think that Darryl Genis won the Best Lawyer of the Year Award....but no that honor went to Barry Cappello, Wendy's ex...Congrats to Barry and his law doesn't happen often, but every now and then I catch myself wishin' I was a Jew, too...the money the perks the women...Jewish women are beautiful, the long spindly fingers like spider monkeys! not that I'm into spider monkeys..

but really Scott you padded your story with a bunch of baloney and made excuses for Darryl was a biased bit of nonsense that all boiled down to the same old thing: everyone in the DA's office is out to get poor Darryl...geez I've never seen a group of adults less willing to accept responsibility for their behavior than Team Wendy, Darryl and the drunks he tries to is pathetic...

all these gov't conspiracies are just not true except for the snow in the south conspiracy theory: the gov't is actually responsible for dropping fake snow on the bible belt to mess with their heads and I fully endorse this use of tax dollars!

now for Pete's sake Scott, I dare you to print the following in the, I double dare you! no I triple dare you! You might as well put the whole document in the News-Press so people can read it...

Count Four-Failure to Obey a Court Order is a biggie...

subheadings are

Multiple Acts of Wrongdoing

Misconduct surrounded by Bad Faith (whooo, that's sounds really bad)

Harm to Administration of Justice

justice, that's why we're all here...

ok so DG isn't the only one in trouble.... Martin Maguire, the Montecito stoner dude who is in his fifties, maimed two visiting Canadian motorcyclists while he was DUI...and now he is going to prison for 9 years...must've been a conspiracy by the cops, the DA and the judge against poor Martin...nawww, no conspiracy...just some justice for the Canadian folks

and Ty Warner's getting sued by a hair stylist who used to work in the Biltmore...Ty booted him out so Jose Eber could move in..Eber is the stylist to the stars...Kevin Charles Boyle is suing Ty for booting him out of his livelihood.. I hope he wins...Ty is such a little weasel...such a little baby..such a little beany baby!

hey.. maybe the reason why he cheated on his taxes is because the Biltmore hasn't really appreciated in value since he bought it..maybe he overpaid and was trying to get back at the man

in 1987, The historic Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel is due to close escrow by March 31 at a selling price, we learned, of about $55 million.

Ty bought the Biltmore in 2000 for over 100 million and today according to a 2010 valuation, it's value is about 103 million...

Land use: Hotels/Motels
Roll Land Value: $11,000,000
Closed Roll Improvements Value: $92,690,000
Total value for property: $103,690,000
Land area: 522,720 square feet
Assessments for tax year: 2010

looks like Ty may take a haircut on this one!