Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mule Skinner Blues

Good mornin' capitan
Good mornin' to you
ha ha ha ha ha ha

Do you need another mule skinner
down on your new mud run?
ha ha haha ha ha ha ha

let's face it, the members of Team Wendy are pretty ugly..that's not an oxymoron, that's a fact..their faces are ugly, their lies are ugly, their lives are ugly so it's no surprise they would endorse the ugliest man alive, Roger Aceves for County Board of Supervisors/ 2nd district..he wants a shot at Wolf

ugly all over
but I look at Roger and I see an ugly mistake..a birth that never should've happened

speaking of birthers....we got the teabaggers running around trying to stop abortions and trying to find Obama's birth certificate..well, I applaud them trying to stop abortions but I wish they would not start wars that kill kids in other countries...don't kids who are alive have any rights?

ok so Orly Taitz and Wendy have a few things in common..they are both blonde and both stupid...but I hear Orly will runn against California AG Kamala Harris..Wendy endorsed Orly last time around so this time will be no different....

I love ugly men!!

then I see that the puppet regime up north in UGLY COLAB country has endorsed Roger Aceves over Janet Wolf...Andy Caldwell has some mighty weird ideas about Janet...a fixation I'd call it...but I don't think Aceves will win or beat Janet...the recent crosswalk safety issues were ignored by Aceves while on the Goleta council and it took a woman getting hit and killed for him and the council to finally get some safety improvements going....that's not good need to act before someone gets killed...ugly

but  Andy says among the biggest issues coming up in the county is saving the Hope Ranch lifestyle from the Coastal Commission ...well we all know he's talking about Wendy's blufftop mansion and how she wants to keep beachgoers off her patch of sand...I hardly think anyone really gives a shit about Wendy's little faux-problems but Andy says it's a big big it's not, Andy...the Hope Ranch Association maintains the Hope Ranch lifestyle, not the Coastal Commission....the Coastal Commission is charged with protecting the coast from greedy landowners like Wendy

why is Wendy wearing Nipper's ugly shirt??
only a woman who got rich by other than work would fret about such a thing..Wendy, Andy's boss is such a woman...and he is her ugly little lapdog

well hey [hey!]
little water boy [wheres that water boy, man?]
bring the bu-bu-bucket down
haa haa ha haa haa haa

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Anonymous said...

Roger Aceves needs a turban to cover that vestigial hair.

Bonus points for knowing that reference.