Friday, February 14, 2014

cry me a river

Now you say you're lonely
You cried the long night through
Well, you can cry me a river
Cry me a river

anytime I see News-Press wonk Lanny Ebenstein and Mexican victim of the white man Cruzito Cruz on the front page of the News-Press, I figure Lanny must've kissed up to Wendy or Nipper for special favors...maybe Lanny's got some really good Eureka weed??

unhappy Mexicans

oh they are part of a little group who is going to sue the City of Santa Barbara for not holding district elections..they cite the Palmdale issue where a judge required the city to toss its at -large election in favor of district elections citing the California Voting Rights Act-exempted is the mayor's race but I don't know why...

anyway the gist is the minorites are crying about lack of representation so district elections should bring in more Latinos..aren't most Latinos such poor parents that their kids have learned no valuable behavior other than to be gang members?? maybe they're just tooo stupid to be elected offiicals! well of course that must be it!

happy Mexicans!

but ok let's take a look at how the districts in Santa Barbara might be council members seven districts...

District #1  the Northside- anti-gay pro-fast food Chik-Fil-A types

District #2  the Funk Zone- all the yuppie winos need representation, too!

District #3  the Mesa- Wendy and all the hip old progressives

District #4  the Westside..gang members need some love, too!

District #5  Eastside-all the homeless, poor Mexicans and single moms in SB have something in common..dirty underwear!

District #6  Downtown- the business folks who really matter

District #7  The Red Light District..around Haley Street and lower State can get a blow job in your car for around $ I've heard

so that's seven districts to represent the seven distinct individual groups within the City of Sant Barbara...

the curious part of this is Barry Capello is taking the case for free..what could he possibly gain from that considering he likes to gain big from his job and even sued Wendy for some back pay........well lawyers do pro-bono work for a variety of reasons, and not just because they are nice people

Factor one: required by certain law firms. Although they compose a small percentage of law firms, some law firms require their attorneys to share legal expertise by offering free legal work. These firms typically say that they want to give back to the community via a volunteer time, but requiring that their lawyers do pro bono work obviously has an element of public relations strategy to it, as well. In my experience, attorneys who work for such law firms enjoy their pro bono time and see it as one of the perks of working at their firm; in fact, many attorneys coming out of law school seek out employers who reward pro bono work.

Factor two: calculated to curry favor with an important client. Lawyers do pro bono work on occasion at the request of an important client. While the client might simply want to give back to the community, attorneys providing free legal work in such circumstances are typically hoping for future business and good relations with the client. They volunteer time and share legal expertise in hopes that the client will bring profitable work their way.

if you want to win an election in Santa Barbara, at large or by district, you need to present yourself well, show the voters some record of achievement and not act like a retard or a poor little victim of the system..everybody has the right to run for office and vote....district elections won't matter if people are too stupid to vote...

and Cruzito, you will never ever win an election for you have no record, except maybe a police record! hahahahah!!

anyway there is no judge anywhere on the face of the earth that is gonna force Santa Barbara go to district elections out of some fear minorities aren't being represented..just take a look around you.. Fiesta!, Cabrillo Blvd, Cezar Chavez Street, Indio Muerto, Salinas St., De La Guerra Plaza, the Mesa, Casa De La Raza ....

Santa Barbara is full of Brown Sensations!!

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Redheads Rule said...

Don't be too quick to dismiss us Northsiders. We're not all Chick-fil-A types, or anti-gay. But I am running out of leather collars.