Sunday, February 2, 2014

the House of the Rising Sun

Well, there is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I'm one

geez I wish people would keep their little dog traumas to themselves....

cocker spaniels are inherently unhappy and
prone to violence

I've been reading the letters to Snoozhawk and the Independent Wine Journal and some lady is crying because Animal Control put down a cocker spaniel..but this was no ordinary cocker spaniel..I saw a picture of him and he was a ruffian, a hooligan, a cocker of ill-repute

his mother was a bitch and I heard he bit people and was tried for attempted rape of some lady..and he did rape a poodle so what else is there to do but render a verdict and kill it...and that's what the County did..they killed it....somebody has got to do the dirty work around here!!

leg rape is a problem with cockers

but some chick at an animal rights place called the folks at Animal Control murderers..something Wendy McCuckoo might say!!

"today in violation of California state law, the director of the Santa Barbara Animal Shelters, Jan Glick, killed a cocker spaniel named Einstein. The Hayden Act requires animal shelters to allow rescues to pull dogs before they are euthanized. Our request to pull Einstein was denied and he was killed this morning."

so? so what..a dog died....dogs die all the time...that's one less pile of dogshit that I have to step in so I rejoice at the demise of this criminal mutt....

so the people doing all this crying are called Second Chance Cocker Rescue and they think dogs are human and they want a federal investigation into the death of the Spaniel named Einstein..

well if he was so smart, how come he's dead???

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Fido said...

'Independent Wine Journal' <<<< Now that's funny!