Sunday, February 23, 2014


She'll only come out at night
The lean and hungry type
(Oh-oh, here she comes)
She's a maneater

so I had a post a year ago about KEYT's Paula whose mug shot made her look like a maneater ..on that post, I got an anonymous comment and there were references to cops taking care of their own and giving Paula a pass or something and I replied to it referring to the commenter as "Darryl"....

then I get another comment a year later (yesterday) from friend to the drunks and DUI lawyer Darryl Genis calling me Von Coward for referring to him... although I never even mentioned his last name... hey Darryl my name is Mick Von Caw not Mick Von Coward, not Mick Von Weaselburger...Mick Von Caw!!

maneater AND water tasting judge!

geez, some people still don't get the internet....internet=freedom

anyways, Darryl says he always signs his name to comments which I guess makes him Mr. Braveheart but how do I know what his real name is without proof?? I mean who would call himself "Genis"?? seriously!! I mean really, even Mark Twain was smart enough to spruce up his writin' name!! let's see Darryl, I think you'd be better served with a new name about Braveheart Dumass...I like it and it may even bring you a higher class of clientele!!

Braveheart Dumass

so here was my reply: gee Darryl, I didn't even mention your last name! I was referring to Darryl Hall the singer! what are you so touchy for??

ok so Darryl, I mean Braveheart, must be grumpy about the State Bar thing.....

now why was I referring to Darryl Hall of Hall and Oates??

well, there was a story about a couple of drunks named Hall and Oates who got into a fight and Oates bit off Hall's eyebrow..

"Rock 'n' roll feuds are as storied as the musical genre itself. But when we saw that Oates is accused of biting Hall in the face, it appeared one of the '80s biggest powerhouse bands would be silenced.

But rest assured, the auteurs behind soft rock hits such as "Maneater" have not turned on each other. The pair at the center of this jaw-dropping story just happen to share the same surnames as the pop duo.

Local ABC affiliate NewsChannel5 reports that Robert Oates of Virginia was charged with biting his neighbor, Scott Hall, in the face.

According to police, the altercation stemmed over Hall's refusal to testify on Oates' behalf as a character witness in an upcoming trial.

Oates reportedly resisted arrest, leading police to use the Taser on the 48-year-old. Police say Oates and a friend who contributed to the alleged assault were both "highly intoxicated and yelling." Both men have been charged with felonious assault and resisting arrest.

Hall, 40, suffered wounds to his face, with a "chunk of skin" reportedly torn from his face after being bitten by Oates."

so you see, it's not all about you Darryl...not at all...there's other Darryls in the world...some even funnier than you...

reflect on this during your time off..

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