Thursday, February 6, 2014

Razor Boy

will you still have a song to sing, when the Razor boy comes and takes your fancy things away

to hear News-Press hack Scott Steepleton tell it, you'd think that Darryl Genis won the Best Lawyer of the Year Award....but no that honor went to Barry Cappello, Wendy's ex...Congrats to Barry and his law doesn't happen often, but every now and then I catch myself wishin' I was a Jew, too...the money the perks the women...Jewish women are beautiful, the long spindly fingers like spider monkeys! not that I'm into spider monkeys..

but really Scott you padded your story with a bunch of baloney and made excuses for Darryl was a biased bit of nonsense that all boiled down to the same old thing: everyone in the DA's office is out to get poor Darryl...geez I've never seen a group of adults less willing to accept responsibility for their behavior than Team Wendy, Darryl and the drunks he tries to is pathetic...

all these gov't conspiracies are just not true except for the snow in the south conspiracy theory: the gov't is actually responsible for dropping fake snow on the bible belt to mess with their heads and I fully endorse this use of tax dollars!

now for Pete's sake Scott, I dare you to print the following in the, I double dare you! no I triple dare you! You might as well put the whole document in the News-Press so people can read it...

Count Four-Failure to Obey a Court Order is a biggie...

subheadings are

Multiple Acts of Wrongdoing

Misconduct surrounded by Bad Faith (whooo, that's sounds really bad)

Harm to Administration of Justice

justice, that's why we're all here...

ok so DG isn't the only one in trouble.... Martin Maguire, the Montecito stoner dude who is in his fifties, maimed two visiting Canadian motorcyclists while he was DUI...and now he is going to prison for 9 years...must've been a conspiracy by the cops, the DA and the judge against poor Martin...nawww, no conspiracy...just some justice for the Canadian folks

and Ty Warner's getting sued by a hair stylist who used to work in the Biltmore...Ty booted him out so Jose Eber could move in..Eber is the stylist to the stars...Kevin Charles Boyle is suing Ty for booting him out of his livelihood.. I hope he wins...Ty is such a little weasel...such a little baby..such a little beany baby!

hey.. maybe the reason why he cheated on his taxes is because the Biltmore hasn't really appreciated in value since he bought it..maybe he overpaid and was trying to get back at the man

in 1987, The historic Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel is due to close escrow by March 31 at a selling price, we learned, of about $55 million.

Ty bought the Biltmore in 2000 for over 100 million and today according to a 2010 valuation, it's value is about 103 million...

Land use: Hotels/Motels
Roll Land Value: $11,000,000
Closed Roll Improvements Value: $92,690,000
Total value for property: $103,690,000
Land area: 522,720 square feet
Assessments for tax year: 2010

looks like Ty may take a haircut on this one!


Anonymous said...

There should be a special Pulitzer Prize created just for the News-Press for Worst Reporting by a Local Newspaper. This whole fiasco began when McCaw, or whoever makes the news decisions at the paper, decided to let Peter Lance hijack the front pages of the paper for months trying to wiggle out of his DUI case. Even the Los Angeles Times stood up and took notice of this shoddy journalism. The News-Press is absolutely an amateur production. No wonder it is crashing to the ground. McCaw's politics aside, the entire newspaper is just poorly edited and thought out. It should be gutted and another editor brought in to manage the news side of things. Ever since the Peter Lance case, the News Press has acted like a fool trying to use gasoline to put out a bonfire he started. The paper has been so desperate to prove it was RIGHT about carry the Lance stories, it's dragged out making a fool of itself by not letting the matter disappear and instead continually throwing its grievous editorial decision again and again on the front page by running more stories about drunks and crazy lawyers. Is McCaw really that desperate for friends that she need to sidle up with this sleazy cast of characters like they are her misfit children? I hope one day the paper will grow up and return to some semblance of reasonability.

Anonymous said...

The Steepleton coverage is a total shambles! Nick Welch did a good job in the Indy.