Tuesday, February 4, 2014

little boxes

And there's doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

now I think reading the News-Press backwards is worth a try...I mean what harm could come from it?? I don't need to do it high because Wendy makes me high just thinking about her..but anyway I was reading the News-Press backwards and it says: sserP-sweN arabraB atnaS... so does anyone know what that means?? maybe Ayn Rand would know!

I was watchng the Mr.Wimpy Show backwards and I might need a bag of heroin to keep awake...shoot me up and I'll watch Mr. Wimpy stammer his way through another show...this cat looks like he's got about three brain cells left!!

anyway he had SB city councilman Dale Francisco on and Dale is running for congress against Lois Capps or something...Mr.Wimpy asks Dale how he feels about the military and Dale says he doesn't know much about it and has to do some more work and he's got some guys helping him...he doesn't know much about the American military!!?? Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.....that's why we're free in this country called America in case you've forgotten..

and the City of Santa Barbara has lots of military guys and veterans working there....is Dale too afraid to interface with them because they are union members?? the best way to find out about the wars is to ask a veteran...

geez, nice start to the campaign, Dale!

Dale "I don't know anything about the military" Francisco! Dale Francisco-Mr. Backwards

ok Lois even though you hired a drunk driving embezzler and now killer, you're a shoe-in!

I need to warn any conservative thinking about running for office...if you're serious about winning, stay the fuck away from the Mr. Wimpy Show...just ask veteran Jason and others..you will come out of that show a leper and who wants to vote for a leper??

Mr. Wimpy is a plague and one of the reasons why nobody takes the conservatives seriously anymore...

next stop for Dale Francisco: karaoke night at Bo Henry's??

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