Monday, February 24, 2014

Something in Red

should I wear a veil or a rose in my hair?

so I'm reading the News-Press and they had a story on the district elections..the guy who wants district elections says that Latinos are losing too many kids to gangs and having district elections will solve that, it won't... good parenting will solve the issue... period!! if you don't have any values how are your kids supposed to ???

red-tailed hawk

but the Latinos who support this are playing the victim as always and if they get elections by district, they will complain about some other issue they deem unfair....

simply redhead

but anyway I'm reading the story and the writer, Elizabeth Hamilton referred to Mickey and Richard Flacks who were at the meeting as "red diaper babies" and Richard was a radical who founded the Students for Democratic Society...ok well that's some bias right there but I don't know much about Mickey and her husband Dick and the red diaper baby moniker was pretty funny....I think Wendy should drop Lanny and Andy from the editorial duties and assign Elizabeth Hamilton..

red diaper babies and Hanoi Jane

so the Flacks have called themselves red diaper babies and even the Independent had a story on them years ago

but I had to laugh at the red diaper baby and radical monikers...well it turns out that Dick and Mickey are friends with Jane Fonda.."Hanoi Jane" who was married to radical Tom Hayden back in the day!!

says Jane in her blog/ 2009: Yesterday I interviewed my friends Dick and Mickey Flacks who live in Santa Barbara. I got to know them when I married Tom. They were all part of the early SDS at the University of Michigan. Dick is now retired from being a tenured professor of Sociology and she was a professor of Biology at university of California, Santa Barbara. They are celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary which for me, with my history, seems a miracle. I wanted to talk to them about how they managed to stay together, happily and productively for so long. I am writing about marriage and relationships in general in my book about aging. They are another proof that the most successful marriages occur in the absence of rigid gender stereotypes…"you are the woman and should be doing this and I’m the man and I should be doing this…"

red bait
SDS is still rockin today in a new form: Students from Clarksville Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) fight back against racism in Tennessee this semester to confront a white supremacist organization called American Renaissance (AmRen). American Renaissance white supremacists have been holding their national conference at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee for the last several years. This conference draws the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, anti-immigration thugs, racists, and fascists of all kinds to our area. They then discuss, network, and organize themselves towards their racist and genocidal agenda.

well, they were and are students who organized for justice and I guess their polar opposite today would be the ultra-conservative Young Miss America Foundation, funded prominently by Wendy McCuckoo...all the faux Christian conservatives from the bible belt!

ok so Elizabeth is one of the gals from Hillsdale College..a Christian conseravtive school that is recommended by Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation....also recommended is Jerry Falwell's Liberty University....I'll have to check out all these little bible colleges because they are just too funny and weird....

something in red..a guaranteed number to knock a man dead...I'm looking for something in red


Robo Report in Training said...

Crazy thing is that no one over age 70 has heard of "red diaper baby," even a Hillsdale grad. So this was a just another smear by Wendy et al. So someone told Lizzy to use it; i.e. her pastor, a publisher, a professor of economics, a colaber, a lanny, an andy....

Anonymous said...

Looked at her internships on Linkedin. Wouldn't be surprised if she's pursuing a career in political commentary and is hoping to use this story for her portfolio.

Anonymous said...

When is the New Press going to launch it's full blown expose of COMMUNISTS IN SANTA BARBARA!!! I know there's lot's of them Soviet sympathizers just crawling in the woodwork. Wendy needs to bring her paper to full fruition as a tool to weed out them damn Commies! Throw a new on the pike on her front page every day! "Dos Pueblos Senior Writes Report on Marx!" We'll teach those pinko liberal faggots to move into John Birch territory -- this is Santa Barbara! Blacklist 'em all Wendy. Start the witch hunt. You can be head witch!