Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Me and Mrs. Jones

we got a thing going on.....

I was watching the Ghost and Mrs. Muir and it was so funny...the sea was different back big cruise ships..the women were different- Gene Tierney was just the sea..confoundedly attractive

but after a bout with the flu, somehow I found myself in Noleta yesterday...the cruise ships are bringing money to the city coffers in SB, while the coughers on the ships are breeding heretofore unknown viruses and unleashing them unto the landlubbers, like me...that's the price you pay when conservatives cook up frothy ideas to make money..

I won't go into the details, but I was walking on Cabrillo Blvd looking for the ghost of Gene Tierney, and a seafaring chick asked me where the freakin' Harbor was..I told her as seductively as I knew how, "yonder"... next thing I know I'm on the cruise ship and we're having sex in her little 3ft by 4ft cabin virus pit...she was a blonde from Fresno who said her husband fell overboard... after she stuck her tongue down my throat for an hour, I got the flu!!

but anyway, Noleta....back behind Cathedral Oaks..way back...I tried to take some pictures but the camera kept freezing up... I had heard that a Goleta city councilman bought a house here and being outside the city limits, he may have to resign...

ok, that's fine..but then he said something like if you enjoy time on the council, you're not doing a good job...

what an odd thing to say..but the dude is pretty strange anyway..Ed Easton..the slothy old bald guy..

so back in Noleta we rode through some neighborhoods and...well...I felt like I had sunk into a netherworld of tract homes and overgrown dead lawns...people prematurely old were looking out dirty windows,'s as if everybody here just stopped trying

I told the driver to get me the fuck outta there before I go berserk.....Noleta is where people go to die a crazy death!

words of wisdom from water czar Nipper!
then I see Nipper and his food taster Michael Cerwin went to West Virginia to host a water tasting contest...I'm at a loss to explain this pointless exercise in idiocy, but apparently these folks get together every year, taste water and judge it on its merits....Charleston W. Va is where unregulated chemical tanks next to the water's edge leaked into the community water would be like a company having a  chemical plant next to Lake Cachuma! California would not tolerate such a thing..and there was no entry in the water contest from Charleston this year!

then I see libertarians are pushing bitcoins because there's no gov't involvement in the production....wacko pothead/boozehound John Stossel whose columns appear in the News-Press says he likes bitcoins and uses them to buy presents....

I like dollar bills and gold coins....bitcoins are silly, like the News-Press

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