Saturday, March 1, 2014

in the middle of the road

you see the darndest things....

ok students, let's take look at Regent University, which gets another thumbs up from the Young Miss America Foundation....

"Christian Leadership to Change the World," Regent's motto since its founding, motivates its resolve to offer unparalleled opportunities. The Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and thousands of other alumni got their start at Regent University.

The Ronald Reagan Symposium, held each year in conjunction with the former president's birthday, features nationally and internationally known scholars, including Harvey Mansfield (Harvard), William Kristol (Weekly Standard), Michael Barone (Washington Examiner and FOXNews), Jean Bethke Elshtain (Chicago), and George Nash (The Russell Kirk Center). Reagan Symposium topics have included "The Future of Conservatism" and "The Future of American Culture."

now I see that Regent's is in Virginia and Gov Bob McDonnell is among the alumni...

Bob McDonnell is under investigation for public corruption...and while he was Gov, wanted women to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound test if they were considering abortion...WTF is the gov't doing in this issue??

now Virginia could be the weirdest state of the union..I've been there and it's night we were traveling under the bright moon up an old country road... and there were a bunch of little dead animals every mile or so on the side of the road and we hit our share..thud..thud thud....the little carcasses cast spooky shadows under the trees.. I'll never forget those images..the little animals looked like armadillos! but could have been the infamous Virginia possum...

and Virginia pussy? well, like the song says "almost heaven, West Virginia"

but wait a minute... I see they gov't runs the liquor industry!!??

Ever since the end of prohibition in 1934, to buy a bottle of Kentucky bourbon in the state of Virginia, you've had to go to a government-run ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) store. Republican Governor Bob McDonnell is trying to privitize but is running into opposition in the legislature, because the state liquor monopoly is an important source of government revenue. (Just like in Soviet Russia!) The state makes at least $230m a year from the ABC stores, $110m from taxes and $120m in profit.

In other words, the government monopoly on liquor sales in Virginia can be seen as the tail-end of a harm-reduction strategy towards alcohol abuse instituted 75 years ago, after people realised prohibition wasn't working.

well I think this is a brilliant idea and Virginia should be applauded for it....ABC stores in California.....hmmmmmm...oh I like it too much...

now students, instead of being force fed a crazy conservative agenda, you might consider Wesleyan College in Virginia

you'll get a much better education and you won't end up like Bob McDonnell!! 

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