Wednesday, March 12, 2014

no no no no

I don't drink it no more, I'm tired of waking up on the floor

well pooh...folks are crying about all the sand in the Harbor due to the storm....the dredging was delayed and a machine broke down so the boats can't go out and fish or whale watch....well, an astute business person would take advantage of the big crabs inside the harbor...go get em..drop some pots and start crabbing!


ok so we got the Unity Shoppe begging for more money again because a big native oak tree fell over and damaged two of their vehicles....two trucks they use for deliveries....don't they have insurance?? 15 minutes could save them 15 % on their car insurance

but how could this be? how coulda native tree fall over and do damage....I thought only nonnative trees like eucs did that...will there be an outcry demanding we cut down all the oaks as potential widow-makers? I want some answers!!!

the Unity Shoppe came up with big bucks to buy their new digs but now they don't have any money left?? so they want you to send them a check..won't you help them, please...remember, the bible says sow a seed!!

next I see a Lompoc cop got busted for DUI by a Lompoc cop...the bad cop was off duty and hit a tree... a native or non-native tree that's the question..if the cop hit a non-native tree that shouldn't have been there then it's the tree's fault...the cop should be applauded for hitting an invasive tree

however, if the cop hit a native tree well he should have his head chopped off

so according to the pro-booziers, this DUI cop had his civil liberties violated and he should sue the City of of course not..a drunk driver is a drunk driver whether an actress, a hack journalist, or a stoner....of course, the case needs to be vetted, but generally cops don't pull you over just for fun....there's a purpose...

driving is not a right, it is a privilege....


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