Saturday, March 29, 2014

Creeque Alley

when Cass was a sophmore, she planned to go to Swarthmore, but she changed her mind one day..standing on the turnpike, thumb out to hitchhike...

well, I decided to hitchhike to Arroyo Burro Beach at the foot of Wendy's Ranch....I had a rendezvous at the Boathouse, to sing some songs... sometimes you need to be social...not too social mind you..just enough to keep the dogs away and the wolves at bay

ok so people are hanging out....some are out on the beach, walking their mutts...this is a nice little the news last year for the gangster stabbing the surfer and for the drunk driver who got beat up by JUSTICE....

but I don't see any drunks or punks..some old salts for sure, but it's pretty mellow...this is the kinda day that makes people want to live in California....the surfers were enjoying the Columbian waves!!

hey, there's Debby Davison.. former KEYT there's a star! she put the broad in Santa Barbara broadcasts! she was walking with her girlfriend and a dog..I thought Debby lived in Utah?? maybe she's got two homes one here and one there...who knows? I was gonna ask her some questions but what do you ask an ex-news anchor? well, she's taller and skinnier than I thought she'd be....with silver shining hair..and she's buff!

hey there's a dog pissing on the there's a metaphor for something!

so I check the creek out and it looks rather beautiful...full of water..looks like a mix of fresh water and ocean....that's good..lotsa birds and shells and debris from the sea...some signs point to the types of birds and the restoration...well, this restoration actually looks nice...the sage is really healthy and the other plants are sweet...all they did it seems was plant some big deal..they didn't cover the ground with plastic, they didn't put up little flags, they didn't poison the banks..they just planted some sage..and really that's all it takes...sow a seed, so to speak

and don't forget to pass the hat..

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Anonymous said...

Arroyo Burro pictured in your post went through a successful native plant restoration project.