Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Blue, here is a shell for you
Inside you'll hear a sigh
A foggy lullaby
There is your song from me

so I see that SB Channelkeeper is having their annual "Blue Water Ball"...at the Montecito Country Club...pretty fancy for a nonprofit I must say...the Montecito Country Club is owned by Ty Warner...Ty and nonprofit Channelkeeper have one thing in common...neither of them pay taxes!! hahaha

but I always say a fool and his money are soon parted....the Channelkepper folks led by Princess Kira recently sued the City of Santa Barbara and now the waters are safer for everyone..they've restored the ocean...

or that's their claim anyway...the lawsuit raised taxpayer rates for the sewers because Princess thought the city wasn't moving fast enough to prevent spills...so now get to pay more while city of SB moves a little faster?

no, the city has a schedule of rehabbing/cleaning the miles and miles of sewer lines; they check with smoke and video; they do this as part of the maintenance...but as we've seen, a little spill will catch a big headline and that's when the dilettantes step in and claim to be saviors from the polluters within the city..Channelkeepers relies on sensational stories and headlines, beach closings or warning which are generally bogus and other emotional nonsense to raise money for things like the Blue Water Ball...and a nice boat

now can Channelkeeprer save you from the elephant seals that crap in the ocean?? no they can't...you gotta swim in it! why isn't Channelkeeper suing the sea lions in La Jolla???

from San Diego Reader: The animals are also making their larger presence known by excreting big bubble clouds of brown waste and streams of urine into the water and onto the rocks, and keeping residents awake with loud barking.

"It’s dirty, it stinks, and it’s like swimming in a toilet that hasn’t been flushed," said Anne Cleveland, 57, a yoga instructor and former La Jolla Town Council president.

"Once thought to be caused by the avian guano on the rocks, the foul odor that has tourists covering their faces with their T-shirts or scarves, exclaiming, "Oh, my God, this is awful," has recently been determined to be caused by vast quantities of sea lion poop..

and dolphins, what about dolphins, Channelkeeper???

Each day an adult dolphin produces about 4 liters of urine and about 1.4 kilos of feces. Because the volume of fluid produced during each urination episode is small, the urine quickly disperses in the water and is un-noticeable. Feces, on the other hand, usually appear as a cloud of thin green liquid. Only when a dolphin is not eating, or when the animal has not eaten for a number of hours, do its feces appear even semi-formed. In these cases the waste appears as brown mucoidal strings which hang in the water and do not quickly disperse.

there's thousands of dolphins off the California coast so that's thousands of pounds of dolphin poo for you to swim in...you see, putting things in perspective will render these little enviro-whackos unimportant...

Channelkeeper doesn't keep the oceans clean, the taxpayers do by supporting treatment plants and the Distribution and Collections crews that clean, monitor and maintain and repair all those lines below the surface...pre-treatment programs for industry and restaurants to keep toxic materials and grease out of the sewer lines....grease can plug a line quick and cause a spill..these efforts are not without problems because there are always people who take shortcuts and dump things down the sewer illegally...Channelkeeper seems oblivious to these realites....instead they seek to sue so they look like an important environmental group....ie a publicity stunt

and will they give any tickets out for underprivilged folks to attend the Ball..no they won't because they are prima donnas!! so it'll cost you $175 per ticket to watch these phony "environmentalists" pat themselves on the back..they will honor some dude named Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, for his pioneering work in saving the oceans...actually, he's a turtle scientist and I'm not sure what he's done to "save the oceans"....he claims there's new science that shows how people are happier when they are near or in water...new science? this has been known for years...the sea is like the womb so naturally you're gonna be happy there, unless an abortionist is close by!

well, I see they are liked by Shaun Tomson...Shaun calls himself world class surfer, motivational speaker and environmentalist...he's also Nipper's pal having done a paddle-out to honor Nipper's son, who died of a drug OD....Shaun's son also died under mysterious circumstances....how sad..

motivational speaker? environmentalist??

but Shaun a motivational speaker? no....just another slacker...but the weird thing is I saw Shaun sitting in downtown Carp one day at the coffee shop on Linden Ave..he was with a guy, a model...I've seen that guy in JL Powell catalogues..I've got a few shirts from JL Powell and they are pretty nice! and now I see the outfitter has moved their offices to Carpinteria!! life is just full of irony!!

Channekeeper often offers guidelines to the public about entering the ocean, none of which I would ever listen or adhere to....the water is safe as it's going to get here... the ocean is full of mammal and fish waste, life and death, the environment supports life while the salt contents makes it hard for harmful organisms to thrive...

the biggest threats to the beaches are trash and litter....and cities where no treatment plants exist...real environmentalists aren't afraid to do the dirty work..and believe me, it can get down and dirty sometimes...

but the last thing I need is Channelkeeper lecturing me about the ocean....I got eyes, I can see it..

and it's goddam beautiful!!

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