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one of the most interesting aspects to the bizarro Peter Lance DUI hearing a few years ago was the testimony of "handwriting experts"....I've always thought they were like fortune tellers

Lance and Darryl brought in a guy named James Blanco, who had some ethical issues with the professional academy of forensic scientists or the professional name :American Academy of Forensic Sciences ("AAFS")—

so as I attended most of the hearings, I found Blanco to be a bit of a loose cannon...

but the Lance hearing is over and Pete walked without a trial....no vindication, just no trial thanks to Judge Brian Hill and his man-crush on Darryl Genis, Lance's lawyer

ok so recently I read about a trial, or case involving Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and a guy named Paul Ceglia...Ceglai is a shady character who wanted half of Zuckerberg's fortune...Facebook made Zuck a billionaire...the case is very involved and complicated so I won't go into the details...google has them

the Trombetta Letters???


now the Lance case and the Zuckerberg/Ceglia cases have some similarities....Lance and Genis and Ceglia are punks and they all used James Blanco as a handwriting expert!

this is what Zuckerberg's and Facebook, Inc's lawyers had to say about Blanco:

E. The Conclusions of James Blanco Are Erroneous, Irrelevant, Or Both.

In an effort to save his doomed case, Ceglia relies heavily on James Blanco, a discredited

expert whose shoddy work got him expelled from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences
in 2008. Far from helping Ceglia, Blanco’s opinions further undermine Ceglia’s claims and
confirm that Blanco is not credible.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Initials. Blanco asserts that the "MZ" initials on page 1 of the Work
for Hire Document were written by Zuckerberg. Opp. 13. But this Court should reject Blanco’s
opinion because he considers only the general similarities between the "MZ" initials on the Work

for Hire Document and samples of other initials written by Zuckerberg—general similarities that
one would expect to find in the forged Work for Hire Document because those initials were
traced in an effort to make them look like Zuckerberg’s. See Lesnevich Supplemental Report

(Doc. No. 472-1) at 16-18. Blanco’s opinion is bankrupt because it simply ignores the many
significant differences between the initials on the Work for Hire Document and the samples of

Zuckerberg’s initials—each of which, standing alone, forecloses the conclusion that Zuckerberg
wrote the "MZ" initials on the Work for Hire Document. Those numerous differences were
documented by Gus Lesnevich in his supplemental report. See Doc. No. 472-1 at 16-18. Blanco

3 Ceglia argues that Defendants’ "theory has changed since reviewing [Ceglia’s] reports," and
that the conclusion that both pages are recent forgeries is inconsistent with Defendants’
purported "page 1 substitution theory," under which page 2 of the Work for Hire Document
is authentic and only page 1 is a forgery. Opp. 1; see also id. at 12, 15, 20, 36, 37, 65. That

argument attacks a straw man and should easily be cast aside. As this Court has recognized,
Defendants have never taken the position that page 2 of the Work for Hire Document is
authentic. Doc. No. 583 at 14, 16. In fact, Defendants explicitly stated in their Motion to

Dismiss that "Ceglia appended the doctored page 1 to the authentic page 2 of the StreetFax
Contract (or a close facsimile thereof)." Defs. Br. 2 (emphasis added).

Case 1:10-cv-00569-RJA-LGF Document 588 Filed 11/09/12 Page 25 of 40
also disregards the evidence that the "MZ" initials on page 1 of the Work for Hire Document
were slowly drawn, as opposed to being naturally written. See id. at 16.
Staple Holes. Blanco claims that the pages of the Work for Hire Document were stapled
only once, and that the interlineation on page 1 made indentations on page 2. Opp. 14. But even
assuming arguendo that this is true, it suggests only that both pages of the Work for Hire

Document are recent forgeries, and does not refute Defendants’ showing that page 1 is a
fabrication. See Osborn Tr. (Doc. No. 489) 107:8-22.

Blanco’s Checkered Past. Blanco has little regard for accuracy and has been ostracized
by the forensic scientific community. In a deposition in another case, Blanco asserted that one
could hire an expert to "testify to the exact contrary" to his handwriting analysis, because one

"can pretty much get experts to say anything." See Southwell Decl. Ex. G. Moreover, three
professional forensic societies—the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

("ABFDE"), the Southwest Association of Forensic Document Examiners ("SWAFDE"), and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences ("AAFS")—have launched investigations into alleged
ethical violations by Blanco. See Southwell Decl. ¶ 12, Exs. H-K. While investigations were
pending in the ABFDE and the SWAFDE, Blanco "resigned" from both professional societies.
Id. The thorough AAFS investigation resulted in the Ethics Committee, chaired by a former
judge and composed of preeminent document examiners, finding unanimously that Blanco had
violated multiple sections of the AAFS’s Code of Ethics. Among other things, it determined that
he had submitted "an erroneous and misleading report to be used in the judicial process, thereby
diminishing confidence in forensic scientists and their disciplines," and that he had "knowingly
misrepresent[ed] the data used to arrive at the conclusions in his report." See Southwell Decl.
Ex. K. The Ethics Committee recommended that Blanco be expelled from AAFS, and the Board

Case 1:10-cv-00569-RJA-LGF Document 588 Filed 11/09/12 Page 26 of 40
adopted the Ethics Committee’s findings after allowing Blanco an opportunity to be heard.
Blanco appealed the Board’s expulsion to the AAFS membership in 2009, and the membership
overwhelmingly approved the expulsion. See Southwell Decl. Ex. H. Blanco then sued the
AAFS. Although the AAFS settled the litigation by agreeing to rescind Blanco’s expulsion if he
resigned and never applied for membership again, see Doc. No. 459-1 at 17-21, the settlement
agreement did not disturb the findings of the Ethics Committee that Blanco had submitted an
"erroneous and misleading report" and "knowingly misrepresent[ed]" data, see Southwell Decl.
Ex. K.
Blanco himself acknowledges that he had no factual basis for his speculation that
someone’s fingers transferred suntan lotion or some other product to the Work for Hire
Document. Blanco Tr. at 262:17-263:7. This is not surprising, because he did not even examine
the document with a stereomicroscope.

Blanco shot back in his Declaration:

In spite of the matter being resolved and vacated, many AAFS members who are aware of these details continue their attempts to use the expulsion as a tool to impeach me in litigation matters. Federal Judge Russell jumped in to vigorously defend me when this was attempted in his courtroom- see trial transcript excerpts (attached hereto as EXHIBIT 8) which include his colorful statement, "I’m convinced that Mr. Blanco has done nothing wrong. I have dealt with some organizations like the one he’s dealing with and, you know, frankly, they’re a bunch of old fogies who don’t know what they’re doing."

17 The comments printed by the "CAC" were by a Susan Morton, a supporter in league with those who conspired to blemish my professional reputation and herself a former document examiner with the San Francisco crime lab which suffered the loss of their ASCLAD Laboratory accreditation due to mismanagement and corruption. Soon after this incident it is my understanding that Morton retired from her position with the San Francisco crime laboratory.

wow!! I looked but couldn't find anything bad about Susan Morton...the SF crime lab scandal was a lab worker witha drug problem who kept stealing the cocaine evidence!! that was 4 years ago when California AG Kamala Harris was San Fran District Atty... I think the whole scandal was small potatoes and the coke-head was fired...San Franicsco cops..Clint Eastwood made a career out of them!!

Judge recommends Ceglia case vs Facebook be dismissed
(Reuters) - A federal judge on Tuesday recommended the dismissal of a lawsuit against Facebook Inc in which Paul Ceglia, an upstate New York wood pellet salesman, claimed a huge ownership stake in the social media company.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Leslie Foschio said there is "clear and convincing evidence" that an alleged 2003 contract with Mark Zuckerberg, now Facebook's chief executive, that Ceglia claimed entitled him to a one-half interest in the company is a "recently created fabrication."

In October, federal prosecutors in Manhattan announced criminal mail and wire fraud charges against Ceglia, whom U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara accused of seeking "a quick pay day based on a blatant forgery.


well this is all very bizarre indeed...Ceglia now faces fraud charges and his case against Facebook and Zuckerberg is apparently in limbo.....

if I were MZ, I'd unfriend this dude Ceglia!

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You missed the biggest similarity of all: A greedy chiseler trying to get half of a billionaire's money after he actually earned it creating something. Yes, right up the News-Press alley.