Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gilligan's Island

five passengers set sail that day for a three hour ..a three hour tour!
I went into Santa Barbara..I had some unfinished business with the  Catholic church...geez, welcome to the modern times church seems some in the clergy are upset with my interpretation of Ash Wednesday... I always thought it was Ass Wednesday for there's nothing quite like a nice piece of Ass, eh preacher?? well they smudged my forehead but I immediately washed it off... and actually I have no real record that I was ever baptized...maybe they missed me...I just assumed I was Catholic with all the long black veils and forced confessions in my youth....yes I'm guilty of everything you think I am, if it makes you feel any better..Lordy, sometimes it seems my Catholic friends have lost their sense of yuma!!

I walked around Santa Barbara and some odd images appeared....up by Sothby's, the fountain was running and atop the building was a thing shaped like an artichoke... I saw Mary Magdalene in a window times ten! Oh , Magdalena!! your love is like a razor....

nothing like a saint, you are
then I headed down to the soothing ocean..the ocean of life....the aftermath of the storm was evident....the Minnow was grounded....the tide was high and wow it looks like the storm took a big chunk of beach out...almost up to the bikepath! exposed were some wooden posts by the ice plant..never seen those before...

so I get home and read the News-Press and there's Lanny Ebenstein singing the praises of city colleges...SBCC and Allen wasn't long ago that Lanny was trying to get SBCC decertified or sumthin because Marty Blum was on the board and Wendy hates Marty..but now Lanny loves SBCC and blah blah blah ..then he says Allen Hancock college in Santa Maria has a winemaking program...WTF? will beer making be next? how about growing pot..will there be classes on that, too...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised, little buddy

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