Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tunnel of Love

Fat man sitting on a little stool Takes the money from my hand while his eyes take a walk all over you....

we've all  been to the carnivals at one time and seen the funhouse mirrors..been thru the Tunnel of Love...the funny mirrors that make you fat or's an illusion created by the glass distortions and light bending...

but I picked up a News-Press yesterday and noticed the pages looked a funny paper...but it wasn't FUNNY!! Wendy has the rights of free speech but does she have the right to hurt my eyes??

everything was squooshed together..fat people looked skinny, or condensed...skinny people looked like matchstick men....then in upper left hand corner, words revealed the paper was in a condensed format due to an error....really? is Deeprak Chopra part of this conspiracy???

well, Wendy needs to turn a profit one of these days so I'm thinking she's gonna go to tabloid Rupert Murdoch's tabloids

Tabloid: A smaller than standard newspaper which focuses on less "serious" content, especially celebrities, sports, and sensationalist drivel

ok so the News-Press is going all tabloidy yellowy journalism..well, at least it's official...

and it was Lanny Ebenstein's turn to chime in about the teen zombies vs the porn professor...and why has no media outlet mentioned these teenies are members Jeff White's religious cult??

Lanny thinks the UCSB incident is a free speech issue....dumbass...the lawsuit is not about free speech is about wagging your tongue, it's not about showing can show pictures but you should understand the consequences if the pictures are harming someone...some have gone so far as to say banning child porn weakens free speech...I bet the News-PRess would say that too

but showing child porn is illegal although Wendy had thousands of images on her computer, most people get prosecuted for it...still waiting for Wendy to be brought to justice

for the News-Press to lecture about free speech is absurd..if you work for Wendy, you'll get fired for union activities..where's Lanny standing up for the union's free speech rights at the News-Press? no, Lanny is hiding behind Wendy's dress

so... no, the UCSB incident is not about free's about children, wait and see


Anonymous said...

McCaw continues with her illegal anti-Union activities. Union committee member and 25-year News-Press photographer Mike Eliason was illegally fired last week by McCaw. Any bullshit about free speech is nothing but lies. Not only is she a hypocrite about free speech, she threw out the window Americans' rights to a fair election and the right to worker protection under the Constitution. Her version of America is America Uber Alles and her "Republican" tactics make Stalin look liberal.

Briefly a Teamster said...

Glad Mike could hang in there as long as he did. I quit after I began drinking myself to sleep most nights and my hair was falling out. They had been trying different ways to fire me, but couldn't make any stick. I just wanted out of that quagmire of piss and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to make things stick at the News-Press any longer. Management installed unscrupulous and selfish employees who are willing to bear false witness against others as long as they can pad their expense accounts on McCaw's dime.