Sunday, March 23, 2014


"I'm not looking for a love that will last/ I know what I need and I need it fast"

when you distill water you take out the minerals so you have some clarity...that's what I'll do with the Dr. Mireille case...

I did the same thing with Dr. Laura because she, like many religious conservatives, had rocks in her head... and now look at her...but Dr. Mireille is another story..her story is multi-faceted's a tale about righwing extremists and feminists..about white men vs black girls...vs all girls

Dr. Mirielle is a Professor of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Barbara, expertise: race, sexuality, porn, sex work, black culture & feminism...that is enough to make a white male Christian molest a little boy...geez, I see the Pope has had to appoint a special council to deal with Catholic Church sex abuse... a COUNCIL!!

More than five years after a civil settlement by the Los Angeles Archdiocese with more than 500 victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests, a judge ordered the church to make confidential personnel files public. In the files, memos written by Archbishop Roger M. Mahony and Msgr. Thomas J. Curry, then the archdiocese's chief advisor on sex abuse cases, offered the strongest evidence yet of a concerted effort by officials to shield abusers from police. Following those revelations, Mahony was relieved of his public duties by his successor, Archbishop Jose Gomez, and Curry resigned from his post as bishop of Santa Barbara.

sexual ignorance is the clarion call of the social conservatives....keeping their heads in the sand, in the minerals, keeps them from having to look at the truth...but here's the truth,0,3498518.story#axzz2wnJu7Z1o

now what is this porn? why would anyone need to teach about it in a university setting? well, sexual ignorance has created sexual obsessions...say you're 15 years old and your mom walks in on you while you're jerking off in your room...if mom's a Christian, she might over-react and spank you with a ruler thus setting in motion a lifetime of fetishes that you can't control...

but porn is big business..whether online or off-line: Online pornography is a multibillion dollar industry where every second over 3000 dollars are spent and almost 30,000 people are fapping. Those are astounding numbers and the profits of the pornographic firms only prove those points more.

so who are these people spending so much time and money on porn??

now I think it's time to have a conversation about porn and it appears that's what Dr. Mirielle feminist studies are trying to do....not to promote porn, but to look at how it has permeated the culture...and to look at the damage it has done....sexual ignorance promotes porn addiction

talking about this porn stuff without the faux-outrage from the Christian conservatives might be a healthy way to make it less of an's how you treat any addiction...head on..addiction to cigarettes, booze, sex and even religion

ok, so there are many dynamics to the Dr. Mirielle story..and the teenies in the religious cults...and that fateful day in the UCSB "free speech" zone may have been a blessing in disguise


Redheads Rule said...

Not bad, Mick. I see your taste in women is improving.

Mick Von Caw said...

well, I've found women taste most yummy when they're BBQ'd!