Thursday, March 27, 2014


sweet little Sheila, you'll know her if you see her, blue eyes and a pony tail...

so I get an email from Mayor Lodge...Sheila Lodge....I do remember when Sheila was mayor, Santa Barbara had a different vibe...this was around 1981 - 1993 era, when you walked down State Street, people would smile and hand you flowers and lollipops instead of vomiting on you....the News-Press was owned by a community not by some bossy bitch tyrant named Wendy McCuckoo who just fired a long-time News-Press photographer, Mike Eliason (more on that later)'s a time when city council members had a sense of humor...and a sense of purpose

back then, blue skies were really blue and I remember days that felt like.. it was raining daisies!!

anyway, I get an email from Mayor Lodge who now sits on the Planning Commission, geez Sheila, how about giving someone else a shot at city governance..and she's involved with preserving the Clark Estate...Huguette's big house..the place I adore...hmmmm

Hal Conklin and Mayor Lodge? no, of course not..that's the lovely Christina Pizarro
or so I'm told
but Mayor Lodge sends me a quote from a 2012 post in this very blog:
now the other thing that caught my eye was the Santa Barbara Planning Commission meeting...Sheila Lodge's hair made me choke on my fruit punch...I thought I was watching a National Geographic wild animal special! c'mom Sheila, the flip and frost thing has got to go!
Sheila says her hair is a gift from GOD:
"Coincidentally I had just watched a planning commission video and noted the rather odd white frame around my face. I mentioned it to a friend, and she said lots of women pay a lot to get that effect.

I don't pay a thing for it. It is just the way my hair grows. (About 25 years ago one of the city clerks asked if I had a piece of paper stuck in my hair after watching me on TV.)

And I'm not about to fork out a lot of money to have my hair dyed to hide the white hair. After all, I've lived long enough to earn it!

Sheila Lodge

Cheers? Sheila Lodge?

ok Sheila, I guess you have earned your stripes... but what's up with Hal Conklin?? and how about another run for Mayor?


Felicia said...

So why does Hal have boobs and locks.

Anonymous said...

Because that isn't Hal Conklin. She is Christina Pizarro.
Surely you were joking, Mick?

Sheila Lodge

Mick Von Caw said...

oh..I simply thought Hal was maybe aspiring or should be aspiring to be as pretty as Christina!