Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wild Night

keeps calling

so last night I hear a bunch of sirens and see cops and ambulances and fire trucks and even CALTRANS was headed for what appeared to be Santa Claus Lane....the traffic was slow and backed up for miles...then I see another crash about 1/4 mile away by Carp Ave was like a big Bumper Car ride!!! I look and see some big SUVs stranded in the ambulance is loading a person into the back...cops are asking some fat lady questions...there's a big 25 gallon white plastic bucket in the road...

it's dark but there's plenty of toxic light from the cars and flashing lights from the fire trucks.. I can see but barely what's going on and it was a little spooky and surreal

people left the safety of their homes and ventured out to Via Real to watch.....I think they were people but I thought I saw some ghostly silhouettes, too!

aftermath...taxpayers will pick up the tab

then, I wake up this morn a 6:00 and the traffic is still crawling along north bound....

the highway is full of gamblers and losers, just like you and me....

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