Saturday, March 22, 2014

are you ready?

 yes I'm ready, to learn....

I support Professor Mireille Miller-Young and would like to sit in on one of her a dark room, with some giggly co-eds, watching porn...hmmmmm

ok now why did the pro-lifer cult teenies harass the unborn baby of the porn professor?? that's the question...that's the question that will sink the case for the cult....

recently, I was is Santa Barbara and going towards the beach by the Zoo...there's a Stop Sign and then a little crosswalk before you hit the's right across from East Beach and between the condos and the hotel

anyhoo, I stopped at the Stop Sign then headed to the beach but noticed two ladies walking a dog, entering the cross walk just after the Stop Sign.. but they didn't stop, they just kept walking, and one lady was looking down with a weird grin on her face..I hit the brakes and they just kept walking as if they had not a care in the world...not even looking over at me!!

well I noticed one lady was Joyce Dudley, the SB District ATTY...if not, it sure looked like her but I must say: WAKE UP , JOYCE and watch where you're going..

ok so after reviewing the UCSB police report on the porn professor, I was shocked , I say shocked to learn the Joyce decided to file charges against Mirielle....for battery robbery and vandalism??

given the circumstances of being accosted by the Jeff White religious cult and being pregnant, if I were a lady, I would have clobbered those little girls with some tough love!! but no, Joyce wants to prosecute the professor...I read the police report and it was very odd then I remembered the UCSB police aren't real cops!!

the irony is Dr. Miller-Young is pregnant and I will argue, pro-boner of course, that the gory pictures and harassing religious cult threatened and hurt her unborn child....that's right, the religious pro-life cult threatened the professor's unborn child..well, that's the defense I'd can't pretend to care about the unborn if you don't care about the mother

it seems the rightwingers are more concerned about the porn stuff than the actual alleged crime.... I see a legal circus coming and it should be crazier than the Peter Lance DUI fiasco....

and you know what, I'm so excited for the trial to begin I can barely stand it!!

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