Thursday, March 13, 2014

Holly Holy

Holly holy love
Take the lonely child
And the seed
Let it be full with tomorrow
Holly holy

as I was going over the conservative bible colleges approved by the Young Miss America Foundation and by association their wealthy-but-not-by-working-for-it benefactor Wendy McCuckoo, I see a private college called Thomas Aquinas and that rings a bell in my little brain...

I assume the college was named after  Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic priest...well that's enough to give me the creeps right there! but it seems Aquinas wrote a trilogy, the last part being "the Summa is on Christ and was unfinished when Thomas died. In it, he shows how Christ not only offers salvation, but represents and protects humanity on Earth and in Heaven."

well isn't that special!

ok except for all the wars and abortions I guess, Jesus protects us all...except for the Sandy Hook kids..oh and except for the kids who got molested by all those Catholic priests...

but Thomas Aquinas college is located in Santa Paula and it's a private catholic college and a little weird: Located six miles from the small town of Santa Paula, CA, about an hour northwest of Los Angeles, TAC is fully committed to its Catholic identity, its Great Books approach, and a discussion-style class format utilizing Socratic dialogue. The College has no departments, no majors, no textbooks, and no lectures. All graduates progress through the same curriculum and receive the same degree: a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, with roughly the equivalent of a double major in theology and philosophy, and a minor in mathematics.

Tuition, room and board, and books cost students $32,450 in 2012-2013, well below the average for private colleges in California. The College's students participate in federal and state aid programs, and generous financial aid packages are available.

wait a minute I thought they didn't have textbooks!! but they have Great Books?? whatever...

ok so the news is some kids from the private Christian college demonstated at was an anti-abortion display and portrayed some graphic images...gory enough to possibly induce a miscarriage...

and apparently a teacher, a pregnant black woman (who teaches pornography at UCSB according to the church girls) took down the signs and the church kids ar gonna sue her for this a church and state thing? I saw the youtube video but didn't see an assault.....did I miss it?? it looks like some UCSB girls confiscated the abortion display from the church girls and they all started crying for their mommies and daddies!!

most likely this was done for a FOX NEWS ...and yes the thing ended up on FOX News the same day, on Megyn Kelly's Show....well I got my own little video on that!!

all cute and cuddly and sexy..oh dear Jesus lemme fuck one those bible girls..pleeeeeeese!!! let her call me daddy...pleeese..I once interrupted coitus because the chick called me daddy...she screamed "oh daddy oh daddy!!" and I interrupted coitus to ask her about it..that was stupid of me...guys, if they call you daddy during sex it's a good thing and it's got nothing to do with their Pop!!

whew....this can all be very confusing..

ok...abortion is bad, so is child molestation, so is war, so is drunk driving....JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, JESUS!! what's up with all this bad stuff??

are you asleep at the wheel
up there??

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Anonymous said...

Jesus won't help you because he sued God for half of heaven and now sits around on his ass all day eating heavenly shrimp and sailing through puffy pink clouds on his golden yacht. He invested in real estate behind the pearly gates and bought heaven's newspaper the Saintly Tribune. But Jesus got bored so he started dabbling in the politics of Heaven; trying to influence who gets into heaven and who stays out. He decided only fat rich while folks were worthy of being in his presence and that poor folks, yellow folks, brown folks and black folks don't have a place in the pretty side of the universe, so all them folks got cast out and stay cast down in Satan's realm. That's why there is so much suffering: Lot's of people on Jesus' shit list. Now you might say a heaven full of rich white folks and no poor folks is racist and bigoted. Well, tell truth, it is, but when you're almost as rich as God and don't give a shit about nothing else except eating shrimp and gold yachts, what the fuck do you care if it is? You want a pretty white heaven, not some United Nation full of darkies and beaners. So Jesus keeps things tidy on his side of the fence and the bad shit -- the rape, murders, wars, school unions and Mexicans wanting a higher minimum wage -- stays on 'tuther. Why you see so much suffering cause you ain't playing on Jesus' field. Oh, let me into that all-White heaven! Praise Jesus!