Tuesday, January 31, 2012

green eyed lady

ocean's lady....

I stayed at a few Carp ranches before I got the condo in the 90s...the first was Rancho Monte Alegre I've mentioned before....it was owned by a bunch of people from the east and I rented the old pink bungalo that westerm movie gal Olive Carey lived in until she died...there were ghosts in that house and I loved it..the stories the owners told of Ollie holding parties and guys like John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and of course Harry Carey Jr would always be there...I could just imagine what fun they had and these guys and Olive were the stars of the great old westerns..I grew up watching and loving them!!

then I got kicked out of the ranch one day because some of the owners were crazy..knocking on my door at night demanding I keep the lights on for Ollie! they served me with papers to move out!!

eventually the ranch sold...it's still beautiful but it will never be the same..
so I go to another ranch..the Young Ranch..a Spanish grant owned by John and June Young....long since gone, a nicer couple you couldn't find....we used to talk about water issues alot....

and I didn't know it at the time, but June was the inventer of Santa Claus Lane and the Big Yellow House..she was a big tough woman with a heart of gold..and she held Christmas dinners for the tenants at her house... it was beautiful..ornate with old furniture and bird cages...living up on those ranches made me fall for Carpinteria....what a history here!! Tom Johnson of the Doobie Bros lived up there for awhile..

so anyway I lived in a little brown clapboard house with a few cats..the possums would come in at night and eat the cat food...the rats would rumble below....I parked my truck across the road by a little storage shed..one bright sunny morning as I was getting in my truck to go to 7/11 to get coffee a pretty blonde gal came walking down the ranch road and asked me to give her a ride to Kim's Market..I looked at her and said "sure, hop in"....well the girl was Kym Herrin! the Playboy model and she was the girlfriend of the ranch owner's son..who knew??...man oh man I felt lucky..she was stunning and I gave her a ride and she said thanks..and that was that...

but it took about two minutes to get to Kim's Market from the ranch..imagine a Playboy centerfold riding in my truck with me..those coulda been the best two minutes of my life!!

the son found out about my little journey to Kim's with Kym and was a little pissed at me...then I said I gotta buy my own place to escape this nonsense so the condo offered the best of both worlds..close to the mountains and ocean yet all the modern conveniences I wanted..and my money going to me instead of a landlord...

so after I left, I was saddened to hear that the son died of drug issues..and yesterday I saw that someone named Kymberly Herrin was busted in Santa Barbara for burglery and drug issues..oh no, not Kym!!! please no! it must be a minunderstanding..a mistake......I hope it is...just some domestic stuff maybe
duck those bad impulses!!!

I say let her go...and hey Kym, I still got an extra room in the condo!

Monday, January 30, 2012

bend me, shape me

Top: *whip whip*
Bottom: Ouch, no, stop, please stop ... FISHSTICKS!
Top: Huh?
Bottom: Dammit, that's our safe word - now seriously, fishsticks! I MEAN PINEAPPLE!!!

I have to admit I didn't know what a "safeword" was so I looked it up...it's a word that Little Red Ridinghood used..she said my safeword was pineapple..ok so what is a safeword and why would I shout pineapple at someone, under what circumstances?

well...hmmmm..oh..this is all about sex! weird sex..well I feel right at home talking about it in Carp or SB because there are so many sexually repressed/oppressed/impressed/depressed/obsessed folks here...believe me I know

A safeword is a code word or series of code words that are sometimes used in BDSM for a submissive (or "bottom") to unambiguously communicate their physical or emotional state to a dominant (or "top"), typically when approaching, or crossing, a physical, emotional, or moral boundary
BDSM is an erotic preference and a form of sexual expression involving the consensual use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role play.

so now I'm Houdini???
ok so it used to be that white folks had sex the old fashioned way.....like missionaries..my first sexual experience was like that...and then in the course of human events, some positions changed but I have never shouted out "pineapple" to anyone ever in my life..at least I don't remember if I did or not..I've shouted out some pretty peculiar things ..I would repeat them here but some of you may faint and I certainly don't want to go to jail, but let's just say I know what I'm talking about and I've heard some pretty peculair things uttered back at me while I was plugging holes.....but I think some of you girls need professional help...I don't know what stage of psycho-sexual developmental arrest you are stuck in, but I wouldn't want to be in a room alone with you..well wait a minute..I take that back...yes I would!!!!

look... most men are wired to fertilize as many women as they can before they die..we're like grasshoppers...I have no desire to be tied up and whipped or handcuffed or strangled..I'll leave those behaviors to the cops...

and if you have any ideas that I'm gonna get in a closet naked, stand on a stool and then try to hang myself while shouting pineapple....well all I can say is I'm in the mood for fishsticks and pineapples tonight...dinner's at eight

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I told you 'bout the swans, that they live in the park...

let's catch up on the latest from the folks who are sucking up the taxpayers' money...and I've assigned other media outlets to cover these issues for me while I critique them..this leaves me more time to goof off

Tony Denunzio's DUI hearing has been moved to Santa Maria courts due to the irresponsible coverage by the press and interfering with a police stop by some citizens....we can all thank Noozhawk and and the News-Press..their sensational, erroneous and biased "reporting" was pretty pathetic and now is costing the taxpayers....and the yuppiemuppies who interfered with the arrest..I'll have some more to say about that later....

you may remember Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Brian Hill granted a motion by Darryl Genis to suppress evidence in the Lance hearing and then Hill dimissed the case...the reasoning was he found no probable cause to stop Lance on New Year's Eve...even though Lance was DUI!! and Hill even said the officers had suspicion...Judge Hill is obviously a very confused man...

however, a judge in Santa Maria saw through the Genis charade real quick and found probable cause for Officer Tudor to stop Denunzio...well it looks like they got some real judges in the north...

Noozhawk reports that "Generally, a motion to suppress evidence, if granted, doesn’t leave enough evidence to proceed so cases are dismissed."....that's partly true girl.... in the Lance case, they had plenty of evidence to convict him, but the motion was entered because Genis argued the cops lacked probable cause, not because of lack of evidence!! a Motion to Suppress is a Hail Mary pass..if successful, it's a quick way to get your client off if the stop by the cop was deemed illegal and all evidence is not allowed...but Genis used it as a last resort in the Lance case and Judge Hill fell for it..there was plenty of evidence but no foundation for the trial....

now Genis is trying it as a first resort in the Denunzio case and the judge in Santa Maria didn't fall for it....they want to suppress evidence because there is plenty of it!! In the Denunzi case, Tony has got to explain why he was driving drunk and on a suspended license for a previous DUI....

speaking of Lance, I guess he's in hiding with his pals but plans maybe to sue the City of Santa Barbara....I predict he won't because he's just a blowfish...

and the head of a local nonprofit will be arraigned for DUI in February.....poor gal

Joe Armendariz, embattled and apparently delusional Carp city councilman "I'm doing a great job!" was arraigned in court on Wednesday for DUI...he was driving with a BAC of 0.18 and crashed into a tree....they discussed possible settlements (ie, plead guilty and accept responsibility) and enhancement of charges..the case was continued to February.....at taxpayer expense..it seems Joe simply can't control himself in certain social situations and has become a liability to the City of Carpinteria..elected councilmembers are ambassadors not embarrassadors for the city and should conduct themselves as such..if that's a problem, then stay away from public service..

yes all this irrawaddy behavior costs the taxpayer money...I'll take a look at the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association tomorrow with a focus on three members: Joe Armendariz, Lanny Ebenstein and Mike Stoker..and the ironic twist of fate that put these three amigos in similar dire straights....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Hawaii

like the river flows, surely to the sea....

so the SBIFF opened and the first movie they show is some sappy thing about..guess what.. a dog...dogdammit....a new movie about a dog with Diane Keaton...once so good in Woody Allen films, her career is over so now she does dog movies...how sad..the film is called "Darling Companion"....oh did I mention, it's about a dog...I predict it will flop...

but the weather was pretty fine on Thursday....warm and breezy and I started feeling like I was in Hawaii.....I put on my Hawaiian shirt and flip flops and went for a bike ride to the beach...it was great...just like Hawaii... it was a feeling that followed me into the evening.....

so I find out later that Blue Hawaii was on that night and I thought why didn't they play that at the opening of the film festival....Roger Durling is kinda fruity and it's just a great Elvis film about pineapples...Elvis plays a guy named Chad coming back from a "stitch in the army"...Elvis wants to be a beach bum but his parents want him to join the family pineapple farm...of course that's not gonna happen because this is Elvis....just another refuge from a wealthy family...

he rides around with his girlfriend in a little red sports car..the scenery is beautiful...and hey there's a little dog in the beginning...but this is a people film...and Elvis sings "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You"....wow...

and I enjoyed the rest of the movie with fine and goofy performances by the likes of Angela Lansbury who plays Elvis' southern belle mama and warns her husband "daddy" not to ply Elvis with intoxicating spirits....he's a young healthy kid who prefers pineapple juice!

what fun.....what a nice break from the phony slop that passes for movies today......so I plan to get some pineapple today and try it with some salt, like Elvis and the girls did...yeah..Elvis and the girls.....
maybe I should've been a pineapple farmer...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

bundle of sorrow...

bundle of joy...

News-Press engages in anti-child campaign..promotes pets over kids!

I find this appalling and as close to despicable as anything I could ever imagine!

now you may remember the story about the pit bill named Mikey that Wendy Mac adopted...then I noticed that local animal crazy chick Karen Lee Stevens, who writes a pet column in the Daily Sound and claimed that cows are effective problem solvers...oh, really..why isn't a cow running for president then?? wait I take that back..cows solved my hunger issues and this nice leather coat keeps me warm!

Ms. Karen also praised Wendy for adopting the special pit bull Mikey....I hinted that these ladies are nuts about animals because of their own fear of children....

now there's a story in the News-Press about couples who choose not to have kids...and we know Wendy has no kids....but Karen (a Wendy clone) was in the story and she and her boyfriend, John Travolta's step brother, have chosen not to have children..well fuck I'm sorry to hear that....

I guess the jist is that kids take up too much valuable time from these adults, the time they need to travel and cook and be with each other....damn kids are just in the way!!
well here's tip of the hat to parents who do all that stuff even with kids.....work play love fight....and try their best to be good parents at the same time...

now these other folks are just not that interesting to me but what is interesting is Karen Lee is publishing a book called "Animals have Feelings, too"....about how pets show their emotions...the book was financed with $7000 from Wendy!! geez, talk about a waste!!

now, any time you attribute human traits to animals, you are not dealing with a full deck....and we know for a fact that Wendy's deck is stacked with jokers...

but you actually do a disservice when you lie about animals and lie to kids....I've enjoyed many animals from cats to horses...there is a bond no doubt between people and animals...but when you can't separate instinct from emotions then you create neurosis in both the person and the pet..the evidence is everywhere....your dog "loves" you because you feed him, that's all....same with a cat...they are domesticated..it's a learned behavior..but their instincts are still available as needed....

make no mistake, pets are with people for one reason: food!! and they really secretly want to kill you

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

born free

hey maybe I'll run for city council in Carp..

quote of the week from #69 Julia regarding Joe Armendariz's council issues:

"I would hope he'd tuck his tail in, and resign and be a man about it"...OMG when I heard that I nearly fell off my horse...tuck his tail in?? Julia thinks Joe is a bobcat!!! HAHAHA.... hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!

well...I used to be the de facto leader of a little place called Freedonia so I'm uniquely qualified to lead Carpinterians out of our little morass..

here's my first set of campaign robocalls..and don't hang up on me!!!!

hello, this is Mick Von Caw..ladies when is the best time to visit when your husband's not home..press 1 for 2...2 for 3 or 3 for 4 (o'clock)

hello this is Mick Von Caw..did you know that my opponent has sex with dogs...I'm just sayin'

hello, this is Mick Von Caw...From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter.
Some day I intend reading it.

hello this is Mick Von Caw...I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

hello this is Mick Von Caw...PLEASE ACCEPT MY RESIGNATION.

hello this is Mick Von Caw.. Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?
now you can hang up!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

our house

is a very very very fine house

ok so after the meeting in Carp, I had a dream about the meeting in Carp...I was sitting in the crowd when all of a sudden Our House by CSN came over the loud speaker and the ceiling lit up and I started singing real loud and everyone chimed in...our house, is a very very fine house...

I think I know what that was about..maybe it's time to clean house...so the next day, this morning I find out that councilmember Kathleen Reddington arrived late to the meeting, just in time to miss the Armendariz issue....so is this woman a flake or what..she blamed traffic on 101 but I really think we need to oust her too! but this isn't really about politics, it's about drunk driving and personal responsibility...we certainly need a more thorough vetting process before anyone runs for office...

and I thought it was cute that Joe and Joe Jr are both being arraigned in January....it's always nice when a local councilmember and his son are arraigned on drug related charges!

01/31/2012 - 8:30 am 1400375 Joseph James Armendariz Arraignment on Complaint Cont James E Herman SB8 01/25/2012 - 12:45 pm 1401444 Joseph Anthony Armendariz Arraignment on Complaint James E Herman SB8

now Joe's kid is fair game being he's old enough to join the service...maybe he should ...maybe Joe should and learn some discipline...but as Peter Lance once said: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Monday, January 23, 2012

these boots are made for walkin'

and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you....

special report from Carpinteria Council chambers....

well I figured I'd go to the Carp City Council Monday night meeting to see what they had in store for councilmember Joe Armendariz...I got there at about 5:15 PM for the 5:30 PM meeting...usually I don't go to these meetings because things are nice and slow in Carp...just how I like 'em..but today was different....so I get there and sit down and folks start filtering in...the Noozhawk gal, the News-Press punks, hey, there's Nick Welsh from the Independent..then I see Bill Connel the Hot Dog man looking very stern...geez lighten up everyone, we're just here for a lynching!!

then I see..holy shit is that her..is that Julia ..is that #69 ..yes!! it is..she walks in with a hippie chick and Julia was skinny and dressed in tight designer jeans and high black leather boots..GRRRRRRR....she looks like Nancy Sinatra!! she's cute but scary..I took her picture and she smiled..at somebody....well heck I think there's hope for us yet!!! I know what, I'll send her a JPEG picture of myself!!

then Joe and the Mayor and Greg Carty come in and sit at the council dias..Joe's looking down alot and frowning gulping some Starbucks, but doesn't look drunk....hey I heard Starbucks will be selling beer and wine soon!! no wonder everyone is so jittery!!

then we wait some more and find out that Stein and Reddington won't be at the meeting! Stein is sick and Reddington is I don't know...

everyone stands for the Pledge of Allegiance so I get a back side picture of #69:)

then one public speaker..then the city lawyer goes into something about free speech and public comment and what people need to be aware of...in other words, you can't threaten anyone...
then Joe asks if public comment is a safe haven for people to slander and libel other people...that was a defensive move/question because Joe was probably expecting some not so nice words directed at him...then the city attorney says there's a distinction between opinion and libel/slander....like if someone calls you an idiot, it's not slander, it's opinion...otherwise I would have sued my whole family!!!

free speech all the way baby!!!

so next we get some cold water splashed in our faces because without the other two councilmembers, an action can't be taken on Joe tonight, so they tabled it until next meeting...
so I left...and the next meeting should be pretty wild if the same players show up...is it a date Julia??

shock the monkey

Dr. Moreau
What is the law?
Beasts (in unison)
Are we not men?

I hate to say I told you so Mitt, but when you asked Mike Stoker to help out with your campaign, I figured it was an act of ignorance..or maybe fate that you don't really want to be the Republican nominee....truth be told, if Poe can use a monkey as the killer in "Murders in the Rue Mogue", then Newt could be the nominee....and if Obama wasn't doing such a bang up job as president, I might have voted for Mitt! but no Mitt gets Stoker to help out and now look at him...struggling to survive and explain himself with his tax havens, Bain Securites (odd name) and Romney-Care....now I think all these could have been explained effectively but Newt makes Mitt look like Rainman in the debates...seriously, Newt's a good debater!

now, when the News-Press did a front page story on Elton Gallegly's retirement, they totally neglected to tell us about his sweetheart deal with toxic bank Countrywide! they reported that Elton voted to impeach Clinton for bonking Monica, but not a word about the sweetheart deal with the bank.....Galegely says he doesn't remember anything....as usual, the Ventura County Star has the story
WASHINGTON — Rep. Elton Gallegly says no one was more surprised than he when his name showed up on a list of congressmen who reportedly got discounted loans under a Countrywide Financial Corp. VIP program.
"I didn't even know at the time I had had a loan with Countrywide," the Simi Valley Republican said.
But after news reports about the investigation surfaced this month, Gallegly's wife, Janice, started digging through financial records and ran across the paperwork for a $77,000 home equity loan they had received from Countrywide in 2004.
That loan, which they paid off within months, has put Gallegly at the center of an investigation into whether the now defunct lender gave sweetheart deals on home loans to government officials.

Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2012/jan/22/reports-of-vip-countrywide-surprised-him-says/#ixzz1kI653R2c

ok, so tonight the Carp City Council will turn into the House of Pain and rip Joe a new one and of course Joe will blame his political enemies because he still doesn't have a clue....and no one is gonna make a monkey outta Joe!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

somewhere over the rainbow

if happy little bluebirds fly, beyond the rainbow why oh why can't I??

well hamburgers are making a comeback I hear.. I didn't know they went anywhere...sometimes I don't have time to sit down and analyse a meal, so a Whopper, fries and a Coke really hit the spot...

so the Top Hat Burger Palace (palace...now there's some satire!) joint in Ventura was sold for condo development...but the place re-opened recently by the high school..that's good but the old place was gritty and wonderful Ventura from the old days...freaks and cowboys and businessmen and pretty girls...living on Poli St..with an ocean view..for $60 a month....

and now a Hooter's restaurant is opening in the Ventura Thousand Oaks area....is there anything wrong with getting a meal delivered by a pretty young woman dressed in a bathing suit..no, there isn't...this is America....and I've always loved waitresses...

rubber trees

I was appalled at what could only be called close to despicable (thanks Newt) at what I witnessed while watching a SBCAG meeting on gov't TV...now, normally I don't watch these meetings because they annoy me...they do meet to discuss highway/traffic safety and other issues but there's like fifty members of the committee! some were sitting on each others laps due to lack of room! there was a father and son team on the committee..the rightwinger Lavagnino dudes from Santa Maria! can't these guys do anything without their mommies and daddies close by?? I guess not

and I can never follow what gets done in these meetings and I'm not about to try now....but the irony here is Joe Armendariz is the chair! one way to improve highway safety is not drive drunk..duh...

and then the public comment section came and a guy who couldn't see, a sign language lady and a bunch of gals who spoke only Spanish came up to speak and then a lady with a moustache came up....stay off the highways all of you! well it was about bus needs so they don't drive...which is very wise of them..don't drive if you can't..

and I had to laugh at Joe who for some reason looked like Judy Garland at the meeting....maybe it was the pancake make-up or the glasses??

Joe why are you here?? why are you on this committee, this board? who put you on this board? who in their right mind would put you on this board? why don't you leave?

then Janet Wolf suggests that Joe not attend an upcoming meeting in OZ (DC) to see the Wizard (Obama)...being that Joe is the outgoing chair, they would normally send him with two other members on the trip, but Janet nixed Joe's participation saying that there's just too many trees in OZ and Joe might hurt himself..

I think SBCAG needs to be dissolved and the poor people who ride buses need to fend for themselves.....transportation need not be so complicated that it needs fifty people on a committee...

oh yeah, I think we need to plant some rubber trees by the highway in Carp so when you smash into one, it won't hurt you or your car..and some rubber trees even got hooters!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

it's gonna take a miracle

Tony the Tiger....GRRRRRRREAT!!

hey didya hear? Tony Denunzio was found guilty of battery on an 18 year old kid... that NP story was buried on page 4 while the story about Tony's arrest on DUI and alleged police brutality was front and center on page 1!

Tone was found innocent of domestic violence against his girlfriend, but it's just a matter of time before he wallops her too..gee Tony why don't you pick on someone your own size, like Officer Tudor? oh yeah I forgot....oh and I see Darryl Genis says it was a victory for his client Denunzio because Tony was not found guilty of hitting his girlfriend....he says if the kid hadn't called the cops, Tony wouldn't be in court.....now there's some twisted logic! and the girlfriend for unknown reasons didn't show up for court again....

and where's Noozhawk on this story? oh that's right , they support poor Tony which means they support a criminal drunk driver and a guy who hits teenagers..nice..I mean GRRRREATT!!

so you see the most socially irresponsible among us are sucking up the tax dollars to prosecute them....I say we go back to frontier justice and let Tony spend some quality time with a few taxpayers....I volunteer

now the other thing that caught my eye was the Santa Barbara Planning Commission meeting...Sheila Lodge's hair made me choke on my fruit punch...I thought I was watching a National Geographic wild animal special! c'mom Sheila, the flip and frost thing has got to go!

and the ex- planning commissioner who got busted for DUI had her day in court up north...I think she was at the end of her tenure on the commission and maybe she was celebrating..but it's gonna cost her!

and in more DUI news

Allison Lee-Hinchey, the wife of retiring Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.), was arrested for drunk driving on Wednesday, just hours after news broke that her husband was planning to announce he would retire after his current term.
YNN reports:
Albany police said Allison Lee, 49, rear-ended a car at the intersection of Lark and Lancaster streets shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday. After failing a field sobriety test, police said her blood alcohol content was found to be .14 percent. She was arraigned this morning in Albany City Court.
what's it gonna take to get people to stop drinking and driving...a miracle??

Thursday, January 19, 2012

the Adventures of Superwoman!

Tonights Episode: Superwoman confronts trolls!

one thing I could never imagine is my parents having sex..you know what I mean? I mean they always tried to portray themselves as goody two shoes and tried to be role models, but considering I come from a big family....or a mingling of two families and I have relatives..well the point is they all had sex....the panting the sighing the breathing the OH JESUS GOD KATHY!!!???

it's just disgusting to think about but some people have been driven crazy by such thoughts...

however, I'm very thankful I had the parents I did, and I'm really really so sincerely grateful I wasn't born into Peter Lance or Darryl Genis's family..I'm glad those guys and I aren't related..really glad...these fellas are like little trolls!!

but parents if you are gonna have sex tonight, please reconsider..for the children's sake...and for the troll's sake

now, I didn't attend the hearing in Ventura because I've seen this act before..and because I had a pressing engagement..but Lance and Genis have simply gone off the deep end and are wasting taxpayer money with their charade..their little vendetta against Officer Kasi Beutel...she arrested Lance for DUI last year on New Year's eve and he's been trying to prove he's still an investgative reporter with the help of the News-Press...his long rambling stories about his arrest was evidence that Lance has a few screws loose...

he fooled some gullible people but if you haven't figured it out by now, you should..Lance is a fraud...Genis is a fraud and the News-Press of course, is a fraud...

now it's interesting that Scott Steepleton, who is the personal spinmaster for Lance and Genis reports about ducking subpoenas...
why the courts continue to indulge these guys is beyond me...but I think justice is just around the corner and of course Officer Beutel didn't duck any subpoenas as Lance wants us to believe...the News-Press hasn't reported on Darryl Genis propensity to schedule DMV hearings, not subpoena anyone and then phone in sick to prolong the process..maybe so Lance could keep his license a little longer?? who knows but it seems that Santa Barbara taxpayers are footing the bill when no less than three lieutenants, a City Attorney, one sworn officer (Kasi Beutel) on overtime and the Attorney General had to show up for this hearing....thanks Peter and Darryl!

well at this point Officer Kasi Beutel is looking like Superwoman for putting up with these two knuckleheads because Genis and Lance couldn't make any of the contempt charges stick....again

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

blue suede shoes

Well, you can knock me down
Step in my face
Slander my name
All over the place

Well, do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh
Honey, lay off of my shoes

I had a hard time figuring what SOPA is and what it isn't...I mean SOPA..it's that little white bar you use in the shower? that Italians use..gimme the sopa...sopa on a ropa??

well, it's the Stop Online Piracy Act that is creating a controversy...first of all, Rupert Murdoch supports it so I'm inclined to be against it...GOOGLE is against it so I'm inclined to agree with them...
now no one wants to be pirated I'm sure, stealing music downloads and movies and the like, but SOPA seems like an over-reach...

there are many distinctions on line...and when folks cross the line, deal with them on a one by one basis...

if they take stuff you copyright, in some cases it's ok to use...like my pal Bill McFadyen over at Noozhawk who got all uppity when I borrowed pic from his website..he complained it was copyrighted material, the pic of the two yuppiemuppies who witnessed the DeNunzio murder, he emailed me and asked me how I felt about copyrights and how much we both loved the Frist Amendment blah blah blah..then he tells me to remove the picture..so of course I did..I didn't have to, but I did...now I guess if SOPA were law, the powers that be could have tried to shut down my blog for using a little picture..that's silly and not necessary...and McFadyen is against SOPA..

most social websites and for-profit websites have terms of service and if you violate those terms, they can terminate you ...but there's no need to shut down the entire website because of a few idiots..

now one idiot in particular tried to fraudulently portray me as the host of his website on the Ning network a while back...of course I have no problem with any smartass doing a parody of me or anyone else....his website was called the Santa Barbara Heckler and he stole my identity to use for his blog...what a freakin dumbass...he paid to sign up on NING to try and bird dog me!

I called the NING team and they had me sign a sworn declaration that I had no affiliation with the Heckler site and they shut him down....they agreed with me that the Heckler was committing fraud...there's no reason to shut down NING just because of one little jerkoff!

that's how to handle online piracy....I have no issue with NING at all as they were very helpful...
use the law to keep the idiots in line but don't mess with true and protected free speech rights!!

Well, you can do anything
But lay off of my blue suede shoes

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Chance Texaco

Peter Lance could lose driver's license for drunk driving arrest...

ok so after I do a story on purifying the soul, the News-Press does a story on purifying the soul...

then when I did a story on Officer Kasi Beutel getting a promotion, the News-Press does a story on Sunday about it.....only they twisted it into a fiction like Scott Steepleton likes to do....

Scott claims that Chief Mannix told him that Beutel didn't technically get a promotion, just a raise in pay, an assignment for four years and was chosen among other applicants..that is what's known as a promotion in my book!

and of course he got his facts wrong again and a correction was issued the next day! this the Last Chance Texaco for the News-Press and Lance and Genis as they apparently try to convince a Ventura court that a public worker out on injury should somehow be bound and gagged and not allowed to talk to anyone.....good luck with that fellas and I scooped you Scott!!

now the real headline should be "Peter Lance could lose license for drunk driving arrest"....oh I hope so and let's also hope the Ventura judges are smarter than the Santa Barbara judges!

and hey where's Terry Tyler? after I did a story on his changed DUI position, he can't be found on the pages of the News-Press..doing guestatorials...hmmmm..did he get fired???

well, I think someone over at Team Wendy is reading this blog and taking notes...so I guess that makes me the new editor of the News-Press!! congratulations

Monday, January 16, 2012

dream on

well today is Martin Luther King Jr day and I thought I'd check out some civil rights issues....

Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.

can you think of anyone in 2012 who would want to deny a class of Americans their civil rights? sure you can.....it's a little power struggle.... a little tug of war... some want to deny working people the right to organize into a union, or bargain collectively because the collective power of the working class frightens them;
then there's others who would want you not to marry because your love ain't like their love..or something....either way you slice it, it's discrimination
some countries don't allow women to vote or drive cars!! some folks in the USA are still trying to stop freedom of speech, the press and assembly!!

remember America back in the 1930s in the deep south.....the pathetic racism that still exists today was addressed in the 1960s...

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed segregation in schools, public places, and employment. First conceived to help African Americans, the bill was amended prior to passage to protect women, and explicitly included white people for the first time.

strange fruit...
Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black body swinging in the Southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

"Strange Fruit,” the haunting song about lynching in America that was written more than 60 years ago, was first recorded by the famed jazz singer Billie Holiday in 1939. Since then it has been recorded by some three dozen other performers, including black folk singer Josh White, the great jazz artists Abbey Lincoln, Carmen McRae and Nina Simone, pop performers Sting and UB40, operatic soprano Shirley Verrett, and contemporary vocalists Tori Amos and Cassandra Wilson.

“Strange Fruit” was played only rarely on the radio. This was a period in which the segregationist Southern Dixiecrats played a leading role in the Democratic Party as well as the Roosevelt administration. It would take a mass movement to finally dismantle the apartheid system that played a key role in setting the stage for lynchings. There were, by conservative estimates, at least 4,000 lynchings in the half century before 1940, the vast majority in the South, with most of the victims black. There was little outcry over these pogrom-like activities. Socialists and communists were in the forefront of the struggle against lynchings.
Anticommunist politicians generally agreed with the Southern racists that the fight for racial equality was basically a left-wing plot, and anticommunist crusades certainly did not begin with Senator Joseph McCarthy in the postwar period. In 1941, Meeropol was brought before the witch-hunting Rapp-Coudert committee, which had been set up by the New York State legislature to investigate alleged Communist influence in the public school system. He was asked if “Strange Fruit” had been commissioned by the CP, or whether he had been paid by the party to write it.

The Dixiecrats (or southern Democrats) were predominantly conservative, but the movement also included many racists and seemingly morphed into the anti-civil rights Tea Party of today....
can you imagine if all we had were white people like Sarah Palin or Wendy running around in America....I would go fucking crazy!!! you betcha....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

silver threads

and golden needles...

every now and then a person needs to purify the soul..sometimes I burn sage to smoke out the condo demons, but the best way is go out for a hike or bike ride...there's just nothing better...

it's especially important since the wide open spaces are disappearing being infilled with untoward stuff...but it's Saturday and I'll go check out the Bluffs since I haven't been in awhile....it's winter so I'm wearing a swimsuit...oh look, there's a well dressed lady in heels putting up "for sale" signs....Lagunitas hasn't been built yet and they're holding open house! just what we need more houses in Carp to replace agriculture....more crowds...I don't like it a bit...

but my goal today is to check out some of the native plantings the city of Carp did..see, they planted a bunch of natives, supplied them with their own irrigation system, and it seems after years of grow time, the little sycamore hybrids they planted look like twigs!! the salt cedar however is thriving I'm happy to say....they cut it down it grows back..it's good sign there's a healthy water supply below...

ok so I'm walking along and I see a big bird ahead...taller than me..it's about six and a half ft tall! gee, am I in Jurassic Park?? it looks like a pre-historic bird maybe brought to the Bluffs by all the new native plants!! COOOOOL!

anyway I watch the bird who's walking along and then he hangs a left onto the trail ahead of me..he's about twenty feet away....so I inch a little closer, he flies away then lands... I try to catch up but it flies away again always just in the nick of time..then I asked myself why am I chasing a giant bird instead of brunching with cultured women and drinking complex wines....

hey look over there someone carved someone's name in a tree! I ponder the love these two may have enjoyed...hey there's a stop sign on the beach..only in Carp would someone do that...that sign is a warning to coyotes not to kill the seals...but everyone knows coyotes can't read....

and on I go.. I check out the awesome coastline and off shore storms....they impart a spooky light from heaven above to the water below...like Mother Nature knitting me a sweater with silver threads and golden needles....paying attention to devine intervention...


Saturday, January 14, 2012

all is fair

in love and war

well who can blame our young Marines for pissing on the Taliban...that's what the militray is there for..they teach you how and who to kill and you can fill in the details as you go..if I were a soldier now I 'd take one of them Taliban chicks and rape her, then I'd kill her then rape her again and pee on her..then I'd cut her head off....then I'd eat her! that's how you protect America's freedom!!

now of course we shouldn't be in Afghanistan but it's a fact they don't have any plumbing so where's a guy supposed to take a leak?

and if we were serious about terrorism or women's rights we would have bombed Saudi Arabia but we didn't because President Bush liked to hold hands with their princes... most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia....and I didn't know our former prez was gay!!! he kissed a guy and he liked it!!!

and Israel...been terrorizing Palestine forever!
and Whole Foods is abusing chicks!!! I never shop there anyway

ok so the Tony DeNunzio DUI trial is being moved up north at taxpayer expense because media whores like Noozhawk and the News-Press keep doing biased stories, sensational stories about the cops and relying on yupiiemuppiewuppies as witnesses when someone gets arrested....

I saw the KEYT story and Darryl was a few pounds heavier and Tony was nervously pacing outside the courthouse, dressed like a mafia dude waiting for a drug deal...oh yeah, Tony's on trial in SB for a domestic violence case....and whoa Nellie.. the News-Press had a great report on Denunzio....yes the News-Press because Scott Steepleton didn't write it ..Angel Pacheco did and acccording to the report Tony's girlfriend was supposed to testify on Friday but she couldn't be found..and on the night of the alleged domestic violence incident, there was a strong alcohol odor in the house, some chick was on the floor in the fetal position, some kid got shoved by Denunzio..and on and on....

geez, this Denunzio character is a flake!!!

but I don't think a change of venue is a good idea..and the DA screwed up....even with all the publicity, juries are smart enough to separate fact from fiction and render the proper judgement.... at this point, I can't say the same for Santa Barbara judges....

Friday, January 13, 2012

I kissed a girl

and I liked it....

the first girl I kissed was Katy Shimataro in Massachusetts..we were about 11 and hung around around alot and found ourselves alone in my aunt's house one warm summer's day..so we pecked each other's cheeks...she was Italian with big brown eyes and a lovely smile..she was the reason I was living and Bobby Vinton was singing "roses are red my love, violets are blue, sugar is sweet my love, but not as sweet as you" on the transistor radio... I'll never forget her...

Friday the 13th

ok so after my post yesterday on Scott Steepleton, the News-Press assigned a reporter to help him get his facts straight..the tutor is Nora Wallace.. and as you can see, Scott has been demoted to staff writer from city editor! good luck, Nora!

so I go into SB for some things at Tri County Produce and to wash the truck and I see a bunch of movie trailers and people milling about by Fess Parkers Hotel...naturally I don't have my camera but find out Katy Perry is doing a music video at the carousel..I think she's so cute and talented and a damn smart business woman...

and the mystery of how nonprofit Joe and #69 got together was solved by a reader...the sick doggie brought them into each others' lives which is ironic and touching....thankfully the dog is ok..but I don't know about the other two!

all this reminds me of that great old song by the Hollies... "On a Carousel"..round and round and round and round we go.....and where it stops, nobody knows.....