Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paranoia Strikes Deep...

into your life it will creep, it starts when you're always afraid...

Obama is to blame for all our problems...he's turning America into a socialist country...
taxes are too, they aren't..they are simply not levied justly
we're losing our freedoms: I am free to do whatever I want if I follow a few basic common sense rules, so I don't know WTF they are talking about
government is in the pocket of unions..and unions represent the taxpaying working class!
swine flu: illegal alien curse
rocknroll: Eric Clapton and three members of Buffalo Springfield (Neil Young, Richie Furay and Jim Messina) are busted at Stephen Stills’ L.A. home for "being in a place where it is suspected marijuana was being used". Stills escapes the authorities by jumping out of a window
Greka Oil: DeVegvar also said the Company's security consultant, former FBI agent Tom Parker, is continuing his investigation of the sabotage that caused the Dec. 7 spill at the Bell-Palmer Road facility and the Jan. 5 spill at the Zaca-Davis facility. Parker is also expanding his investigation to look at previous incidents and determine if they were caused by sabotage as well.
Global Warming..then why the fuck is it so cold in Carp in May???
ACORN & Spongebob: they must be investigated beacuse there's so many black and gay people there: Before Obama, of course, the assertions were made that it was the enemies of the administration that were threatening the fabric of America. It's not enough to declare that you are against gay marriage: such relationships must represent an imminent danger to straight marriages. It's not enough to not believe in evolution yourself: the mere mention of it is turning children against God. Spongebob is gay. Liberals want the terrorists to succeed.
ACORN fills a vital role in this conservative sphere of constant, imminent destruction -- but not as real danger. Instead it is a catch-all bogeyman, an avatar representing an unseen and generic enemy. The reason it is "ACORN" that is going to surreptitiously disrupt conservative Tea Bag festivities is because "ACORN" is the only nefarious bogeyman most conservatives know. Nobody would seriously believe Muslims, homosexuals, or space aliens will interfere with the protests -- or maybe they would, considering the audience -- but it is a given that some group must stand in opposition, and ACORN is simply a convenient, predetermined name for that group. It could be any name, because the name is unimportant, only the narrative of all-powerful, omnipresent enemy. Before ACORN, it was the ACLU. Before the ACLU, it was McCarthy's invisible Communists.
This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days. FDR

Saturday, May 30, 2009


and broke...

conservatives, who elected Arnold and got California into a big financial mess, are now supposed to solve our electing guys like Stoker?? Arnold failed because he couldn't cut waste or raise taxes when needed! How hard is it to raise taxes on wine or cigs or gamblers, or stop wasteful programs like the Channel Islands restoration scam... WE NEED TEDDY ROOSEVELT CONSERVATIVES, not these punks! The election is a long way off, still time for Stoker to start getting honest and start making sense, but he looks too much like a puppet for wealthy interests and trust fund babies..
making excuses
from Santa Maria Times:
Greka spokesman Mike Stoker said that he believes the Jan. 4 spill might have been the result of tampering from someone outside the company.
"Either there is a ghost out there, or someone is intentionally doing things to the equipment," he said.
Equipment failures aside, County Fire Department Capt. Eli Iskow said that regulations require that there be containment ponds or tanks in place to capture any spills. In this case, Stoker said, the pond put in place to capture a potential spill was full of rainwater.

from USA TODAY....
Brooks Firestone, whose family leases land to Greka, was one of two members of the county Board of Supervisors who blocked an emergency hearing on Greka in December. He said the staff needed more time to prepare, and warned board members not to become hysterical.
"To me, a huge event involving oil was the Kuwaiti oil fields that were fired by the Iraqi army in the first Gulf War, the 1969 oil spill in the channel, the Valdez tanker and the Normandy tanker," Firestone said at the time. "What is the meaning of this incident?"
Days later, on Jan. 5, Greka spilled more than 190,000 gallons of oil and contaminated water on the land it leases from the Firestone estate. Since that spill, Firestone has withdrawn from deciding matters related to Greka.
Firestone, an heir to the tire fortune, said it would be too difficult to calculate how much income he receives from Greka. On political disclosure forms, he said he owns only 9 percent of the vineyard land on which the Greka installation sits. Officials have to own at least 10 percent of a business to disclose income from it.
A former county supervisor, Mike Stoker, has served as a Greka spokesman and said he was hired last year as a consultant to improve the company's relationship with local regulators and help Greka become a "better corporate citizen." He would not say what Greka pays him. Stoker is also the $60,720-a-year district representative for state Sen. Tom McClintock.
now is this an improvement ??

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet Cream Ladies..

forward march....

I get an absolute kick out of some of our local luminaries...they put themselves in the spotlight, then do the dumbest things, then I get to make fun of them! A great big thank-you to all you knuckleheads who try try try to be other than what you really are: opportunists..
Gina Perry..where you at, mystery girl? cutting a deal with FOX News? out on the border? I miss your enlightened columns at the Daily Sound..does the editor got you tied up somewhere? who could blame him!
Mike Stoker...Mikey has announced he's a candidate for state assembly...EASY MONEY! Apparently the folks are getting hip to his other gigs as Greka Oil CEL..chief executive liar, or his role on the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association...counting the non-profit profits! So, you run for state assembly, build some quick cash from donations, appeal to the innate fear of conservatives..and you'll be rich soon...hey man, just get a real friggin' job!
Dr. Laura...our skinny binge and hurl girl has been banished to the bottom of the sea..for cheating at yacht racing events.. she tried to take sailing, the coolest sport in the world, and spread her toxic cooties all over the harbor....thank god for chlorine!!
Cameron Benson..makes tons of money and spends tons of your money removing "invasive species" from creeks...leave the fennel alone, punk!!
again..thank-you for the continual displays of disturbing conduct....

Friday, May 22, 2009

some days you eat the bear...

some days the bear eats you...

if a bear shits in the woods, apparently the NewsPRess will be there to clean it up, put diapers on the bear, and read it a bedtime story...that is the conclusion I drew after reading the latest editorial. It was about the bear that visited a Montecito neighborhood...according to the NP, the responding officers were " idiots" for answering the homeowners call. That is what the police and Fish and Game do..that's what you pay taxes for..PUBLIC SAFETY! IF people don't call, the cops won't come..simple. So the officers showed up and corrraled it..but it slipped away..end of story. The NewsPress said the officers "chased it and then went looking for's not a good idea to make a bear run"...WTF..of course it is...that's how they get away! dumbass Wendy! This is just another lame attempt to take a shot at the feds...Manning Park is close to a school...if a bear is running towards children, you must detain it.... make it unwelcome...send it back to the hills...and kill it if needed..not fret over its rights...
chances are bears won't harm anyone and just want to be left alone to be's people who create the problems..and Fish and Game is often left to do the dirty work, with jackasses like the NewsPress calling them idiots..if Fish and Game do something really stupid, ok..but this litany of editorials is due to the Animal Rescue Team's foul-up of the mountain lion cub incident..instead of owning up to their bungling, they ran and cried to the NewsPress and blamed the Dept of Fish and Game....what a bunch of pussies!! incidently, the ART is being booted out of their Solvang base..any wonder why?
Wendy is the biggest phony when it come to animal rights..she doesn't understand the predator-prey relationship, and gets all weepy when nature gets bloody....maybe she thinks all bears are like Ty Warner's Beanie Baby bears??
the woman is a dunce

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pet Sounds

Wendy's pet politicians get free publicity...

now I would never try to link such a beautiful thing as the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album with such an ugly thing as the News-Press...but times being what they are, I make an exception today.. in Wednesday's paper, Cushman and Joe the Councilmember pose hoping that Wendy's golddust will fall on them someday...Joe was at an election day Tea Party..I heard he was carded at the door for immigration status...."I ain't no ignorant Mexican" claimed Joe.
Cushman was selling art stuff to raise money for the Children's Museum..a warm and fuzzy thing to do before an election. Local businesses are folding and the head of the Chamber of Commerce is out selling baseball cards!

I had an idea: don't vote in the special election to protest Gov Arnold's poor leadership..but, alas, I voted. How about next election: no more actors... Arnold has been wandering around the state hand in hand with Rob Lowe, embarrassing me to no end! You represent Carpinteria now too Arnold..remember that...
now, why did Californians recall Gray Davis, a seasoned, intelligent but somewhat goofy politician? Why did we allow that spectacle to happen, with every freak under the sun running as a candidate? Why did we let a criminal like Darrel Issa lead the charge?? Why did they replace Davis with an actor who doesn't know WTF he is doing, who was cheering ENRON on while they were stealing from California during the "energy crisis"?
Arnold should be working on solving government/private industry problems..not holding more unnecessary elections... the special election was a bust....a waste of time and money..the people of California should stop pretending they are not part of the problem... their irresponsible voting record helped create this budget problem!
and yet all these pet politicians are the ones who voted to recall Davis.. Read the NewsPress editorials in the past..all they did was gush over Arnold and all his buddies...really, these people are pathetic and no friend to California... TAX THE SINNERS: gamblers, drinkers and smokers!! oh and golfers!! regulate Wall Street and private corps like health care and insurance who defraud Californians and Americans with absurdly high premiums and stop blaming the wrong, the streetsweeper...
we need a better breed of investor (no more daily house-flippers) and business person (no more Wendys)....
foodie booty...
hey how many restaurants does Santa Barbara need? it seems there's at least 5 per everyone really that hungry? why are they all all that food spoiling..give it to the homeless! how about some variety in Santa Barbara for once...most neo-SB women go home and purge after dinner anyway, don't they??
lifestyles in 805 land!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hippie Hippie Shakes..

hey man, you people are like

Every now and then, I go into Santa Barbara for fun...sometimes I look for a fight with a 9 year old gang luck yet, but one of these days I'm gonna kick one of these little asses, cut his ears off and deliver him back to his pathetic parents....I'd like to do the same for Jesse James Hollywood and his faggy pals..
I'm not afraid of these little monkies like Chief Sanchez is!
on a mellower note man, I like to visit Paradise Found. Here, I get in touch with my inner hippie...the metaphysics, the incense, the sage bundles which I burn to cleanse my space from toxic people like you...I may have conservative tendencies, but my inner hippie balances out any silly neocon thoughts....I like to pick up a Buddhist mag and read about enlightenment..suckers, I was enlightened years ago! Her name was Melinda..and she enlightened the shit outta me! Today, Saturday, I will vist Paradise Found..I haven't been in a while, so I hope the vibe is still there....
Marine Mammal Protection Act
that's kind of a hippie thing...but sealriously, the seals at the Carpinteria Bluffs are being harassed by off leash dogs and owners...the Bluffs is an unofficial off leash dog park..not at all what was intended...The City of Carp doesn't enforce the leash law/ordinance and may be in violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which clearly states: The Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits the taking (hunting, killing, capturing, and harassing) of marine mammals.
I suggest the city start enforcing the law and fining folks, much like Seattle does: Fines for off-leash, license and scooping violations range from $54 to $162, and can be up to $500 at a beach. You can end up in jail for violating the MMPA....can you imagine the city council in jail? I they better get on the ball and clean this mess up.....I don't blame the dogs as much as the stupid motherfucking owners, unless you're really pretty like these two babes, then you and your dog can do as you please...peace brothers and sisters...
groovin' is easy, baby...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves....

money money money's what the world runs on, so give me some, and watch me me run with it 'til it all runs out..

if you walk around town and see a bunch of people with black eyes, chances are they belong to a non-profit. Some non-profits do legit work, but far too many need to be scrutinized due to shady dealings and members....any entity that takes money and doesn't pay taxes is on my radar..from churches to casinos and now nonprofits..we got a few in Santa Barbara that I've exposed as really murky..the boards make alot of money, but nobody knows what they really do..the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association sounds more like a country club where the free market is worshiped as savior..just look at its top execs like Joe Armendariz and Lanny Ebenstein...these guys are hucksters, carnivals barkers, News-Press underlings...TIN MEN!!
The Botanic Garden sustained some damage in the Jesusita Fire, but most of the damage has come from the board of directors, which is comprised of gypsies, tramps and thieves! Secretive and smarmy, these folks have tried to turn the SBBG into a big and bigger buildings, more social events, building without permits and other criminal-type behavior....lofty development plans in high fire areas like Mission Canyon is stupid..there should be a moritorium for at least a year..
the SBBG Board of Trustees has failed Santa Barbara while making a few members rich....the question to ask these folks if they ever open their meetings is: what is it exactly that you people do?
the governator's new bright ideer is to sell off California's historical assets like the Ventura County Fairgrounds, the Cow Palace, the LA a buyer's market no less..the state owns these properties so the people can enjoy them..if he sells them, private buyers will destroy them...guaranteed...
Miss California
here's a picture of Carrie Prejean....a California girl without a brain, but who cares...I needed a picture to balance the other one!
The Wizard of Sara...
Hey.. I wonder if Sara De La Guerra looks anything like Miss California??? she kept us guessing right to the end....and helped to expose the News-Press owners for what they are..con artists!
justice is a lady.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got me da wetback blues...

illegal alien Mexicans are stealing my truck!!!
Gina and KKK appear on same site..oldvet
Disease brought by illegal aliens
We will all die. How we die is somewhat dependent on where we live.
In third world countries, premature death by disease is much more common than it is in the United States. When people from third world countries enter the United States illegally, they bring diseases heretofore unknown (or previously eradicated) with them.
Following is a list of diseases known to be carried into the U.S. by illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico. (Immigrants who enter the U.S. legally are screened for disease.) The origins of swine flu are still being debated....

hey, how about we replace all the Texas clodhoppers with Mexican illegals and then see if things git better!
A reclusive East Texas couple, Gale and Sheila Muhs, both 45-years-old, stand accused of opening fire on an off-roading family group they mistakenly thought were trespassing, wounding four, including a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. The victims briefly stopped their two vehicles on a public dirt road, by a levee near the Muhs’ house, so one of the children could go to the bathroom.
The Muhs, known by neighbors for their unsociable behavior, came out of their house armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, shouting at the family group to get out of their vehicles and immediately opened fire.

Terry Tyler, the guy who is on the non profit JOBSMART board has had 3 letters printed in the News-Press since April 27..that's a violation of the one-every-30-days policy for everyone else! One of the reasons I started this blog is because the News-Press won't print my letters to them because they are pussies!
Cage Fighting coming to Earl Warren Showgrounds..
A bunch of skinny gay white guys from Fresno trailer parks will converge on Santa Barbara to pummel each other while apparently trying to have weird sex in the ring..this is the dumbest sport in the world..I like a good fight, but this is least boxing is an old art form and any blood drawn is like paint on canvas....the Showgrounds deserve better...
from Nipper's site....
readers appear to be dwindling....
Bulldog..Come on, nipperites, time to put aside your novel and post more often. Even the regs are off their pace. What, is FB the only game in town?
We have this forum to ourselves, locals who are interested in local happenings. Buck up! I want to hear from you.
I propose that we have a Nippers off-line, either in a home or at a park. Maybe putting a face to a screen name will get us out of the blahs.
Are you with me, matey's?
Nipper...Administrator 494 Posts Posted - 05/10/2009 : 09:08:08 AM
Maybe it is time to rethink the forum altogether. If this format has lost appeal to our members should we look at other formats?

okie dokie..I got me some chores to do out on de farm rightcheer wid dis cute little chicken.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

the daisy stands, a bastard flower..

like flowers that bear an honest name...

brush clearing near Jesusita trail may have started the why would anyone clear brush with power tools in the back country? because they are stupid, that's why..they may be members of the native only cult, "weed warriors" they call themselves..they waste time and money trying to remove non-native species that have been here for eons to satisfy a species cleansing mindset where alien and impure species will not be allowed to grow anymore (of course, they always grow back as nauture intends)...this is a reactionary movement that devalues certain plants and animals..and now these zombies have spread to the back country to do their damage..I need your help to stop them!!! Stop wasteful non-native and invasive species eradication programs, bring back controlled burns administered by professionals, and let nature dictate what plants and animals belong where, not some jerkofff biologists...non-native and native plants have lived together in peace..and are important to the whole as shelter for many animals......
Intolerant, so cut down the tree, the weeds, the branches out of line,
Eradicate the mouse that squeaks,
Alter the stubborn lime
To sweet from sour, and the beast
That howls, that sends a chill
Through the heart – tear it apart---
Until it’s safely still.

Then when all has been destroyed
That bothered, or was strange,
Tool and fool with the human race
Until it’s wrapped and weighed.
for the wild.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Diary of a Mad Housewife....

Gina Gina Gina....

I read Gina Perry's Daily Sound column Thursday evening it was gone..did the Sound pull it, I wondered to myself...
it had a quaint little title:
Disease Brought by Illegal Aliens...of course she was talking about Mexicans...actually the dirty disease- infested ones..the ones who come to America "illegally" and ruin it for us white folks...the ones who have been here since forever when we asked them to come over to help us during the wars.. and pick our crops...yeah, those bastards!!
she went on to expose us to her racist silliness...this woman is a piece of work...first of all, there's no indication the swine flu started in Mexico, so attempts to tie it to illegal aliens is pretty pathetic..and symptomatic of what is wrong with ultra conservative Republicans like Gina....they are muy loco! but the Sound should have kept it on the website..I'll have to check the paper version to see if it got published...
Manny being Manuela...
I got no problem with baseball players using steroids..a cortizone shot now and is hard on the body..but when players use steroids and other drugs to regulate hormones, then you gotta stop Manny was busted for using a women's fertility drug, which is supposed to help regulate hormones after a steroid use episode.. whatever Manny..just clean up your act and play ball after your 50 game suspension...
Fish and Game eyeing Carpinteria for no fishing zones??
over-protecting the marine environment is a psychological issue..
When we first moved to Santa Barbara , a favorite new thing to do was go to the beach and watch the grunnion run...we'd head out at night under a full moon, take some sleeping bags along and hang out for a few hours at Ledbetter or by Stearn's, that was fun...nobody got arrested for being beach bums for a night...Santa Barbara was designed for families back then, instead of tourists..
today, the grunnion still run, but they are running in the opposite direction of psuedo-environmentalists?
some of the issues that threaten the ocean..human caused pollution from trash, litter, untreated runoff, dogs at the beach, and a host of other concerns. People work around the clock to make sure our impact is not more than the ocean can handle..more should be done. The ocean is in good shape, despite what many interest groups will tell you..some are non-profits that collect your money while they claim to "save" the ocean from threats...I get that fact that everyone who lives here loves the sea, the sand, the culture...but there's no need to prevent people from enjoying resources in the name of "conservation"....beach fishing on Santa Claus Lane is not going to deplete marine reserves one little bit...
I'll be watching you Fish and Game!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Radio Nowhere....

is there anybody alive out there??

spotlight on:
KZSB-AM 1290 kHzSanta Barbara, California"Santa Barbara News Press"
LISTEN! to Nipper's show on AM 1290..Around the World.. where he extols the wonders of whiskey, drinking, alcohol with a guy from Scotland, speaks with lady about how to pack a suitcase for travel, and gives us tips on living the good life!
Listen to Travis' show... Travisty with guest City Council candidate John Thyne...both have a DUI in common...the show's engineer must be drunk too because the sound is garbled and I can barely hear Travis ask Thyne a question! Listen to this as Travis wanks about "nasty" blogs while he hides behind Wendy's dress and gloats about his DUI!! Travis says he stopped reading blogs because everybody who reads or writes them has an agenda.. well duh..yeah...and the NEWSPRESS doesn't have an agenda?? In other words, blogs have become the successor to newspapers and he and rich Wendy can't control them... no wonder he's afraid to read them....what a jackass this guy is!! Thyne, you did yourself no favors by appearing on his show...
or listen to Andy COLAB (more on them later) rant about gays and Mexicans!! ANDY
and listen to Andy's new theme song!!
Listen to mayor candidate Steve Cushman host his business week show...BORING!!

now, for your listening pleasure.. here are the radio station ratings in SB....
1. KTYD-FM Rincon Rock ...good ol' rocknroll!
2. KIST-FM Rincon Regional Mexican.. ole!Jose!
3. KVYB-FM Cumulus Rhythmic..rap
4. KSBL-FM Rincon AC
5. KTMS-AM Rincon News/Talk..Dr. Laura??
6. KSPE-FM Rincon Spanish bamba!
7. KJEE-FM Montecito FM Alternative...pimple rock
8. KRUZ-FM Cumulus Hot AC ..huh?
9. KDB-FM Pacific Broadcasting Co. Classical ...long hairs
10. KIST-AM Rincon News/Talk...bring back the local music... KIST 1340!!
11. KCAQ-FM Gold Coast Broadcasting Rhythmic
12. KMGQ-FM Cumulus Smooth Jazz...Kenny G!!??
13. KZER-AM Lazer Regional Mexican..gang radio
14. KNX-AM CBS Radio News
15. KRAZ-FM Knight Country..redneck radio
16. KSSE-FM Entravision Latin..latinas are hot!!
17. KFI-AM Clear Channel Talk ..clear as mud
18. KFYV-FM Gold Coast Broadcasting Hot AC
19. KHAY-FM Cumulus Country..a Ventura legend!
20. KLOS-FM Citadel Classic Rock ..elderly music
21. KOCP-FM Gold Coast Broadcasting Classic Rock
22. KRTH-FM CBS Radio Classic Hits..a legend!
23. KSPN-AM ESPN Sports
24. KXLM-FM Lazer Regional Mexican
25. KZSB-AM Santa Barbara Broadcasting News/Talk ..NewsPress radio
26. XPRS-AM Broadcast Company of the Americas Sports
27. KBBY-FM Cumulus Hot AC
28. KDAR-FM Salem Religious...rightwing witchhunts
29. KVTA-AM Gold Coast Broadcasting News/Talk

talk is cheap...