Sunday, May 3, 2009

Radio Nowhere....

is there anybody alive out there??

spotlight on:
KZSB-AM 1290 kHzSanta Barbara, California"Santa Barbara News Press"
LISTEN! to Nipper's show on AM 1290..Around the World.. where he extols the wonders of whiskey, drinking, alcohol with a guy from Scotland, speaks with lady about how to pack a suitcase for travel, and gives us tips on living the good life!
Listen to Travis' show... Travisty with guest City Council candidate John Thyne...both have a DUI in common...the show's engineer must be drunk too because the sound is garbled and I can barely hear Travis ask Thyne a question! Listen to this as Travis wanks about "nasty" blogs while he hides behind Wendy's dress and gloats about his DUI!! Travis says he stopped reading blogs because everybody who reads or writes them has an agenda.. well duh..yeah...and the NEWSPRESS doesn't have an agenda?? In other words, blogs have become the successor to newspapers and he and rich Wendy can't control them... no wonder he's afraid to read them....what a jackass this guy is!! Thyne, you did yourself no favors by appearing on his show...
or listen to Andy COLAB (more on them later) rant about gays and Mexicans!! ANDY
and listen to Andy's new theme song!!
Listen to mayor candidate Steve Cushman host his business week show...BORING!!

now, for your listening pleasure.. here are the radio station ratings in SB....
1. KTYD-FM Rincon Rock ...good ol' rocknroll!
2. KIST-FM Rincon Regional Mexican.. ole!Jose!
3. KVYB-FM Cumulus Rhythmic..rap
4. KSBL-FM Rincon AC
5. KTMS-AM Rincon News/Talk..Dr. Laura??
6. KSPE-FM Rincon Spanish bamba!
7. KJEE-FM Montecito FM Alternative...pimple rock
8. KRUZ-FM Cumulus Hot AC ..huh?
9. KDB-FM Pacific Broadcasting Co. Classical ...long hairs
10. KIST-AM Rincon News/Talk...bring back the local music... KIST 1340!!
11. KCAQ-FM Gold Coast Broadcasting Rhythmic
12. KMGQ-FM Cumulus Smooth Jazz...Kenny G!!??
13. KZER-AM Lazer Regional Mexican..gang radio
14. KNX-AM CBS Radio News
15. KRAZ-FM Knight Country..redneck radio
16. KSSE-FM Entravision Latin..latinas are hot!!
17. KFI-AM Clear Channel Talk ..clear as mud
18. KFYV-FM Gold Coast Broadcasting Hot AC
19. KHAY-FM Cumulus Country..a Ventura legend!
20. KLOS-FM Citadel Classic Rock ..elderly music
21. KOCP-FM Gold Coast Broadcasting Classic Rock
22. KRTH-FM CBS Radio Classic Hits..a legend!
23. KSPN-AM ESPN Sports
24. KXLM-FM Lazer Regional Mexican
25. KZSB-AM Santa Barbara Broadcasting News/Talk ..NewsPress radio
26. XPRS-AM Broadcast Company of the Americas Sports
27. KBBY-FM Cumulus Hot AC
28. KDAR-FM Salem Religious...rightwing witchhunts
29. KVTA-AM Gold Coast Broadcasting News/Talk

talk is cheap...

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