Monday, May 11, 2009

the daisy stands, a bastard flower..

like flowers that bear an honest name...

brush clearing near Jesusita trail may have started the why would anyone clear brush with power tools in the back country? because they are stupid, that's why..they may be members of the native only cult, "weed warriors" they call themselves..they waste time and money trying to remove non-native species that have been here for eons to satisfy a species cleansing mindset where alien and impure species will not be allowed to grow anymore (of course, they always grow back as nauture intends)...this is a reactionary movement that devalues certain plants and animals..and now these zombies have spread to the back country to do their damage..I need your help to stop them!!! Stop wasteful non-native and invasive species eradication programs, bring back controlled burns administered by professionals, and let nature dictate what plants and animals belong where, not some jerkofff biologists...non-native and native plants have lived together in peace..and are important to the whole as shelter for many animals......
Intolerant, so cut down the tree, the weeds, the branches out of line,
Eradicate the mouse that squeaks,
Alter the stubborn lime
To sweet from sour, and the beast
That howls, that sends a chill
Through the heart – tear it apart---
Until it’s safely still.

Then when all has been destroyed
That bothered, or was strange,
Tool and fool with the human race
Until it’s wrapped and weighed.
for the wild.....

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