Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dead Skunk

in the middle of the road....

Crossin' the highway late last night
He shoulda looked left and he shoulda looked right
He didn't see the station wagon car
The skunk got squashed and there you are!

You got yer
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
You got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road
Stinkin' to high Heaven!

Take a whiff on me, that ain't no rose!
Roll up yer window and hold yer nose
You don't have to look and you don't have to see
'Cause you can feel it in your olfactory

You got yer
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
You got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road
Stinkin' to high Heaven!

Yeah you got yer dead cat and you got yer dead dog
On a moonlight night you got yer dead toad frog
Got yer dead rabbit and yer dead raccoon
The blood and the guts they're gonna make you swoon!

You got yer
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
You got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road
Stinkin' to high Heaven!

C'mon stink!
You got it!
It's dead, it's in the middle
Dead skunk in the middle!
Dead skunk in the middle of the road
Stinkin' to high heaven!

All over the road, technicolor man!
Oh, you got pollution

It's dead, it's in the middle
And it's stinkin' to high, high Heaven

Friday, November 29, 2013

born a woman

It makes no difference if you're rich or poor
Or if you're smart or dumb
A woman's place in this old world
Is under some man's thumb

Kelly enjoys one of her PIO perks-free Starbuck's!

ok now wait...I'm trying to figure all this sext stuff out...we've established some truths about the Valerie and the CATO Institute..the CATO Institute is a place where libertarians gather to think about there's a Libertarian Party in SLO and one of the guys wrote a piece about conserving water..he says water conservation doesn't work in a drought...he says in a drought we should all use more water so entrepeneurs can come in and find more ways to get water to us...

An example of a missed opportunity was when an earthquake hit Paso Robles. Reports indicated the city lost 25 percent of their water storage capacity. The city instituted water restrictions. This was an excellent chance for AMWC to offer water to Paso at a premium and use the profits to develop other sources of water for the next drought. Water companies should compete with each other for more customers. With competition comes innovation, such as use of water trucks or putting in more pipelines from their water companies. This gives customers a choice. Gary Kirkland SLO Libertarian Party

well, ok that's an example of a thinking libertarian...pipe water in from the Great Lakes!

now I'm guessing that Valerie is a libertarian maybe she's got a poster of Ayn Rand on her ceiling, above her bed.......oooooh, being under those two would be a trip....but some say Ayn was not a libertarian, she was an objectivist...well what is it Ayn, libertarian or objectivist?? well who cares, all I know is she was crazy...
ok now we know that Valerie, from her published claim, wanted to be the sheriff's PIO....that job went to the other blonde Kelly Hoover (sucks like a Hoover??? haha)...

that's what it boils down to: which blonde would get the PIO job! is this just a cat fight between Valerie and Kelly??? RRRRROOOWWWRRRR!!

but the Sheriff likes Kelly:  Kelly Hoover was chosen from the pool of candidates for her “energy, enthusiasm and desire for the job,” Brown said.

Kelly's only black mark is she free-lanced for the News-Press for a few years...I forgave her

hmmmmm...Valerie, did you get that? “energy, enthusiasm and desire for the job,”....that's what put Kelly in the PIO the question you need to ask yourself Valerie is did you have those three qualities??
honey, I don't think you did.....but it appears that the men in charge screwed things up so bad that I have to step in to render a decision between Kelly and Valerie and who's more deserving the role as PIO -Public Information Officer- for the county sheriff's dept...

and my decision is the two of you, Kelly and Valerie, will have to face off in a semi- naked wrestling match...

because if you're born a woman 
You're born to be hurt 
You're born to be stepped on, lied to, cheated on 
And treated like dirt 
Ah if you're born a woman 
You're born to be hurt 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I beg your pardon...

I never promised you a rose garden....

Happy Thanksgiving!!

a Thanksgiving plea from PETA, Wendy and Mick: STOP THE KILLING!!

WTF is the matter with you people?? sitting around a big table with your family members, many of whom you hate, stuffing your fat bellies like gluttons...what are you teaching the children? that killing turkeys should be part of a day meant for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest.

"The first Thanksgiving was observed in 1621 in a place that is now known as Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA by the Pilgrims, or English settlers, and the indigenous people from the Wampanoag Nation. During this time of appreciating loved ones and life, there are sadly some beings that suffer horrible atrocities due to a tradition of eating turkey and other animal products on this auspicious day. A Thanksgiving family reunion with meat on the table cannot be called joyful when it comes at the price of the anguished death of our fellow beings.

We've got one thing very, very wrong about this day of Thanksgiving and that's – the turkey. Turkeys are our friends, they're not our food. These are amazing animals who are very swift-footed, they’re used to running fast distances, they're highly intelligent, they look after their young and we've reduced their lives to utter misery in these appalling factory farms. Thousands of turkeys living horribly cruel life, they’re confined indoors, they're bred so they’re so heavy they can hardly walk, they can’t even breed naturally anymore.
Every year in the US alone, 40 million turkeys are butchered for Thanksgiving, 20 million for Christmas and 19 million for Easter. To keep up with demand during the holiday season, some slaughterhouses employ temporary workers to wring the necks of turkeys in order to kill more turkeys per hour.

Birds feel pain and suffering just like you and I. Their beaks are sensitive. They care about their families. But in the turkey industry, just like the chicken industry, what we say is from “shell to hell.” From the time that they were born and come out of the shell until the time they die, it’s miserable.

One behavior shown by turkeys that clearly demonstrates their deeply caring, loving nature is “the great wake,” in which a group of turkeys mourns the loss of a companion, with some being so overcome with grief that they also die due to shock. The barbarous treatment of these affectionate, intelligent animals on factory farms demonstrates the enormous insensitivity of humans."

turkeys care, why don't you????

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I can see for miles

and miles and miles and miles

well Thanksgiving is coming up and don't we all have lots to be thankful for! well  I do anyway...we got all this entertainment from people in town who can't seem to do the right thing!

I suggest we all go do the right thing!

and speaking of that, I see in the News-Press and elsewhere that Dr. Laura's friend and Vietnam veteran Levi Saks got clobbered in Malibu by a drunk driver...back when Harley had their religious Jesus this Jesus that shop in Carpinteria by Santa Claus Lane, they held war rallies disguised as charity one event they bought Levi a new Harley trike...a nice gesture and great PR for Harley and Dr. Laura...but one good turn does not always deserve another and the Harley shop folded and Dr. Laura's nonprofit Operation Family Fund was shrouded in fraud...Dr. Laura's radio show was canceled when she started raging about "niggers"...well who can blame her..way too many niggers in Santa Barbara, in my opinion!

Malibu Times pic

now this story about the drunk lady hitting Levi was tucked away on page 6 of the News-Press a few weeks ago...and the reason is because DUI lawyer and drunk driver protector Darryl Genis was on the front page..the News-Press efforts to protect Darryl from his State Bar trial are patheic...and it's no secret that the News-Press is pro drinking and driving....

is it Anna???

anyway a fund is set up to help Levi recover...but as a vet, I 'm sure he gets something from the gov't. or he should..we got forced into the Vietnam War by stupid politics and it was a disaster...Agent Orange, the My Lai massacre with all those dead kids lying on the ground, little bodies torn to smithereens..America has nothing to be proud of with theVietnam was madness...and what does Bush do thirty years later? invades Iraq for no reason!!

but I got a problem with blonde drunk women in Malibu with fake boobs and weird smiles....from the Malibu Patch: Anna Caldwell of Malibu was arrested at the scene on suspicion of driving under the influence and felony child endangerment, Johnson said. A child was in the car, he said.
from the Malibu Times [Update, Thursday:] The motorcyclist who was seriously injured in the crash is expected to survive. The driver of one of the SUVs has been arrested for suspicion of DUI. She was identified as Anna Caldwell, 47.

ok so DUI and felony child endangerment for Anna and her victim lying in a hospital in LA..
but if this is the wrong Anna, she's just another pretty blonde that has a facebook page!

it seems to me if we had attacked drunk driving in the 1960s instead of Vietnam, we'd be better off today for it...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dances with Wolves

wakes up with fleas

I just had to clear my head on Sunday....I felt like someone slimed me..some slimy someone....I felt I burned some sage and cleansed my computer...

what's wrong with people today??? where are their morals? what happened to self control...what happened to American decency??? we're not rabbits as my pal Ross Perot used to say..

so I headed out to nature,  to some of my favorite places and see some action on the beach....some chicks doing something...looks like they're lying down and kissing or...then they get up, one chick's top is falling off..they are frolicking...I think there's a guy lying with them...this must be  a Search and  Rescue training exercise! put your clothes on Valerie!

there's a panga boat with some guys speeding away...Mexicans running drugs in Summerland... pick up and drop off point at the beach!

then I go over to Padaro and check for butterflies....I see a few then I see a big ass beautiful hawk take off  out of a eucalyptus tree as I approached....swooping low..then I see a dead hawk by the railroad tracks...another spirit has flown

Kevin's busy

then I see Kevin's house..someone put up an ugly wall on Padaro....was that you Kevin..look at the contrast between the beautiful carved stone wall next door and the funky plain cement a little class, would ya Kev?? this is Padaro Lane not Santa Rita Hills....geez...

Mr. Costner..tear down that wall!!!

oh so the Chumash have a foundation and they give money to non-profits..they always make a big deal out of it...they hold the awards ceremonies at their AAA Award winning restaurants and hotels....meanwhile people are getting stabbed and robbed in the casino parking lot while others are blowing their dough on craps and one-armed bandits..all this gambling equals huge profits for the Indians who then claim to be benevolent beings by sharing the wealth with the lowly community members, ie nonprofits.....geez, talk about a Ponzi scheme!!

I wonder if the Chumash ever gave any money to the Santa Barbara Search and Rescue Team?? 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

don't make promises you can't keep

it seems the songs we're singing, are all about tomorrow

as promised I was able to get the lurid transcript from the affair between Sweet Briar and the Dimwit

Jim: Valerie, I wanna lick your pussy
Valerie: Jim I wanna suck your dick
Jim: sext me a pic of your pussy, all wet and red
Valerie: Jimmy, here's pic of my pussy, as you described!
Jim: I just jerked off!
Valerie: lick me!
Jim: meet me behind 7/11 in Goleta and bring a rescue dog
Valerie: why??
Jim: so I can fuck your ass like a dog
Valerie: ohhhhhh!! Bill Brown! Bill Brown!!

well, that's all I could decipher....

Keep Searching

We gotta keep searchin', searchin', find a place to hide
Searchin', searchin', she'll be by my side
If we gotta keep on the run.... we'll follow the sun-ah, wee-ooh

so I've opened up a file on one Valerie Walston, the chick who joined the nonprofit Search and Rescue Team after a hike that found her lost...and she is suing a former county undersheriff for sexual harassment....suing the county..I will later look into the nonprofit Search and Rescue Team to see wut up wid dem, too

make no mistake, the Independent broke the story but I'm  gonna break it bad... this story has got legs!! nice legs!!!

now you remember Rosemary Banko, who sued the county fire dept and union for taking dues from her? she's a rightwing teabagger tryng to get a county payday via the courts...With the help of free legal aid offered by the anti-union National Right to Work Foundation, Rosemary will try to get some cash from the the taxpayers

you recall the John Birch Society and Claire Conners book "Wrapped in the Flag" ...and of course the Koch Brothers...The Koch brothers have enormous personal fortunes, somewhere around $40 billion dollars each in net worth. They are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in their favorite causes, right-wing, libertarian, anti-government ones... their daddy Fred founded the John Birch Society..the Kock Bros inherited his money

David Koch identified himself as the wallet behind Americans for Prosperity, the big umbrella for Freedom Works and the Tea Party. Charles Koch founded the Cato Institute, a powerful think-tank specializing in selling right-wing policies on everything from taxes to entitlements....a profitable non-profit

so let's focus on the Cato Institute and Valerie Walston....

from the Cato Institute/ 2001
Valerie Walston joins Cato from the
Republican National Committee, where
she was assistant press secretary. Before
that she served as press secretary to Lamar
Alexander during his presidential campaign
and as assistant press secretary to
Gov. Pete Wilson of California. Walston
is a graduate of Sweet Briar College in
Sweet Briar, Virginia, with a degree in government....

the Cato Institute??? where Lanny Ebenstein spends his time!

Sweet Briar College???  an all girls school??
yes, it's the same Valerie Walston that joined the Search and Rescue Team in Santa Barbara..after a hike that found her in need of rescuing (she had her cell phone), she was so impressed with her rescuers from the S and R Team, she joined them to become a rescuer herself and launch her that plausible, or part of her plan to infiltrate the sheriff's office??

she was recently "honored" as the “the social media queen of the county”
SANTA BARBARA, CA, September 5, 2013, Valerie Walston, Public Information Officer for Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue, has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in public information.
Walston has more than 15 years of experience in services to the public, with two years as a public information officer for Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue. Her areas of expertise include all aspects of public information and specialties, including media relations, social media, copy writing and editing, graphic design, pitching, booking, media training, news monitoring, research, events management and spokesmanship. In the course of her daily duties, she develops crisis communications plans and issues management guidelines that can be used in both emergencies and times of peaec. (??) Additionally, she coordinates external communications and facilitates community partnerships
She has taught courses on social media, appeared on various local and national television programs, and published numerous articles in local and national newspapers. She is a former producer at Fox News Channel. As a career public information officer, she has served in, among others, the California Governor's Office, the Republican National Committee, and the University of California. The Santa Barbara County Executive Office has referred to her as “the social media queen of the county.”
She attributes her success to the in-depth training and mentorship she received from Sean Walsh, the nationally acclaimed professional communicator and then-Press Secretary for the California Governor’s Office. Walston became involved in in search & rescue because she was rescued on a hiking excursion, which made her aware of the importance of the services offered by the response agency.
Walston holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Sweet Briar College. In order to stay current in her profession, she holds affiliations with Mountain Rescue Association Marketing Committee, California Association of Public Information Officers, and the Public Relations Society of America. Outside of her busy professional career, she enjoys playing piano, going to the gym, hiking, and writing short stories.

so, I think Valerie is a Rosemary was a plant..both planted by operatives of the John Birch Society, the Cato Institute, and other nefarious rightwing organizations to try and topple local gov't using sex and being all girly girly....well at least in Valerie's case...she saw a dimwitted undersheriff and planted herself under him and now look what happened....I think Sandra Brown, a conservative herself who's running against Sheriff Bill Brown, may have tipped Valerie off about the dimwit undersheriff, who if caught with his pants down, could also bring down Bill Brown!!

instead of bullets, the John Birch Society is using boobs to take over gov't  and Valerie has the potential to knock out half the county sheriff's dept, the saucy little bitch..

can you dig the magnitude of that??? 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

life in the fast lane

they had one thing in common, they were good in bed / She'd say, 'Faster, faster... the lights are turnin' red."

body to read her
I saw some pictures in the News-Press on page 3 and I noticed the body language of these ladies and thought it might fun to put words to the music so to speak..guys you may want to read this closely so you can stay out of trouble

here's my take..
the 1st lady is saying "come one come all!!"
the 2nd gal's all over for her
the 3rd chick is ...look at her hands..the left thumb is in the hole of the fingers on the right hand! awesome!!
the 4th no no
the 5th babe..."try if you dare and you won't regret it!"..the lone left hand placed seductively on the right knee with the little finger between the legs......

She held him up, and he held her for ransom in the heart 
of the cold, cold city 

ok.... now I see something about the county Sheriff's office involved in a sex scandal! this is a biggie!! this could make it to TMZ!!

do Bill and Kelly have a safe word, too???

the Independent of all places  has the involves another blonde, a Search and Rescue angel of the morning named Valerie Walston suing former  undersheriff Jim Peterson-the 2nd in command under Bill Brown-for sexual gets complicated but bodily fluids were exchanged freely between the two love birds...and the gal appears to be a little wildcat!!! and the undersheriff Jim Peterson sounds like a real nitwit!

but the story goes that Jim and Valerie would rendezvous in Isla Vista parking lots, drink wine cocktails in the car and fondle and grope each other! and their safe word was "Bill Brown"!!! WTF???

geez, I got fondled and groped in a car before...back before we had "safe words"'re driving down the road and all of a sudden you're gettin' a blow job! the only responsible thing to do is pull over...

and  it looks like Sheriff Bill Brown will be looking for a new job after Sandra Brown beats him at the next election!!

ok you can get the details at the Indie but the chick involved and suing Peterson used to work for FOX news like the  current sheriff's PIO Kelly Hoover, a blonde, used to work for the News-Press....

is Kelly next? is she involved with a sheriff? with THE Sheriff??

I don't know but  it appears that the sheriff's office is getting more pussy than Frank Sinatra!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Letter

gimme a ticket for an aeroplane, ain't got time to take a fast train....lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home, my baby, she wrote me a letter...

oh News-Press, you made my day!! when I pointed out a few weeks ago that COLAB evangelical Andy Caldwell is a poor communicator, I didn't think that Wendy would hear me..when I pointed out that Andy, who writes editorials for the News-Press, also writes letters-to-the-editor to explain those editorials, I thought Wendy would stick her fingers in her ears!

when I pointed out that Andy's letters-to-the-editor, sometimes twice a week, are a violation of the News-Press letters/editorial policy, and that Wendy was playing favorites, I thought she might ignore me!

but when I read this morning's News-Press online edition,  the Editor's note, I almost choked on my coffee!

Letters : Editor's note
On Monday, a letter to the editor written by News-Press guest opinion writer Andy Caldwell was published in Voices, a violation of News-Press editorial policy. The newspaper regrets the error. 

I will teach the News-Press ethics no matter how long it takes...and I see we've made some headway!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yankee Lady

so good to me, yankee lady's just a memory

ok so Peter Adam, the 4th dist supe guy who thinks we're living  in the Civil War era with the mustache, THAT DOG MUSTACHE!!! he wants the north county yankees to secede from the union...he calls the confederate south county supervisors "radicals" after they denied the Santa Maria Energy oil project until the emissions are reduced....

Beth from Santa Maria Energy

I had heard that Adams was a teabagger but the choice was between him and Joni Gray...Joni would have won except for her involvement in skimming from a Lompoc non-profit...and she probably could have brokered a deal among the supervisors...

well, nobody's perfect, especially in Santa Maria...they always act like just a bunch of ignorant Mexicans and white trash up there so why would we here in the south county want to be like them?? it's sooo pretty down here and so ugly and polluted up there, except for Beth...

Beth is you know why? because that's what God wants.....

and at least down here our Mexicans are somewhat educated..
but the only way to beat the confederates is with diplomacy, not letters to the News-Press!!

besides, Santa Maria already has a bunch of oil companies
Be Conway Energy Inc, Chevron Texaco, Gato Corporation, Greka Energy Corporation, Sierra Resources Inc, Unocal and Vintage Oil to name a few..

ksby\2011: A rancher near Los Alamos is outraged after he says a local oil company is leaving a mess on his property. Robert Fulton says oil from B.E. Conway Energy is mixing with water on his land, killing livestock and wildlife. B.E. Conway Energy says it's following all the rules.. 

and we know all about Greka Oil, don't we?

but to prove my point there's a place up there called Doggy Do Good that is suing in civil court one gal named Beth...not Beth Marino, another Beth

some reviews of Doggy Do Good: my border collie, Addie, is wonderful, but she had a few issues that I just wasn't able to solve.  The worst was getting her to walk calmly on a leash and since I recently had a hip replacement, I really needed to be able to walk with her safely.  Doggie Do Good was recommended to me for training by several people, so I called and talked to Sandy, the owner, and she recommended their Doggie Boot Camp. 

My husband and I enrolled our dog Twitch in their 3 week training camp, and today got her back. We both missed her badly, but it was worth it. Twitch had behavior problems: she had started to exhibit escalating aggressive tendencies. Because she's a large dog, this meant we were limited in trying to re-socialize her on our own... We decided to call the professionals.
Initially I had found some bad reviews online (mixed in with some really, really positive ones), but I had vetted DDG through a trustworthy dog rescue organization prior to going forward (Stella's Hope). Doggie Do Good is a certified/licensed/insured set-up, but it is based out of a house. At first that kind of surprised me and made me nervous, but after seeing the property thoroughly, it doesn't matter.....

Beth Marino of Santa Maria Energy needs to decide who she's gonna listen to.... teabagger dog-mustachioed Peter Adam or me...

Beth?? I'm your huckleberry, babe

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

eight miles high

and when you touch down....

so somehow I found myself eight miles high in Santa Barbara again..well I didn't actually find myself because I'm not lost, but there I was at the dealer again..not the poker dealer or the drug dealer but the Chevy dealer....yesterday they said my battery was dying but the new dude misread the meter a breathalyser I guess! so today we read it together and my battery is strong!!! proper training on these meters is the key...

ok so that's a relief so I heard about a 17-year old chick who stole the family's car and sped thru the Mesa night at about 100 mph....and she crashed but survived....I assume she was drunk but if the young lady wasn't drunk then she can make an ass out of me..that's ok

so I went over to the Mesa and the city council is looking at putting some traffic calming device at the intersection near Hendry's beach...oh geez, please just leave it alone it's fine..I like the floating signals!! and nothing is gonna stop an angry teen from doing whatever

sidewalk scenes

so  I swing by the Lighthouse place on Meigs and never noticed it's gov't this where they spy on us, I wonder?? this spot where  I park, across from the school, is like the edge of the universe as I'm gazing out at the sea and rain is out there somewhere.... then a bunch of girls come jogging by...some armed with dogs... and speaking of ass, this one chick Miss Universe, a super-duper-special Mesa Amazon woman...geez!! look at the butt on her!! 

and one of her dogs takes a crap right on the road there...normally I would be repulsed but girls like this can do anything they want anytime anywhere...

if I had one wish it would be to spend an hour naked with her...
or 45 minutes......15 would be ok, too

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

did you ever have to make up your mind

say yes to one and let the other one ride....

C-Section of the brain

well I told you last week that Gerry Fall was promoted to Sports page Editor after  I saw  his name up there on the mast...well the next day the former editor's name, Eddie Harbour, was up there as Sports  Editor so Gerry must've got demoted after a day on the new job..then today I see Gerry's name is back up there but as "Interim Sports Editor"...the key word being "interim"...

so what 's going on Wendy??

it's not often easy and not often kind, did you ever have to finally decide????

Mustang Sally

all you want to do is just ride around Sally..ride Sally ride

what is up with Whole Foods?
I found myself on my bike, standing in front of the Whole Foods market, taking cell phone pictures and I see a lady pulls up in  her new red Mustang ..she stops... gets out and starts hollering into her cell phone "where are you???"  I can't find you!!"

cell phones suck!

she walks around, out of her car..her car is just sitting there in the middle of the road, not parked in a parking's just sitting there and cars are going around her and her brand new idle bright red Mustang....she's getting all upset and people are staring at her and she stands next to me and starts sobbing...then someone asks her if she's ok and she says ..well she mutters something, then gets in her car and speeds away....These things don't happen in Vons parking lot..or Trader Joe's!!

have mercy!!

now the reason  I took pictures with my cell phone is because I didn't bring my camera to the car place to check the "service engine soon" light...I check the Corvettes and Camaros out..pretty they replace some emissions control valve but  I had a few hours to I ride around on the bike...I like upper State Street..

but cell phones take bad pictures... they have thousands of functions I never use and don't need and in an emergency, if you dial 911 you get routed to Bolivia!! dint Wendy or Craig invent theses things??

a Wendy-type

so I'm hanging out at Whole Foods and I see these ladies drive in..blondes that look like Wendy in Land Rovers, brunettes in Lexus's, some came in BMWs and some arrived in Mercedes, blondes that look like Marie Antoinette....I looked at these gals and they had a pained  look on their faces, like they were constipated..I got a cure for that, ladies!

but some of these babes were high maintenance and weirdly gorgeous....all dressed up like models and then I peered into  Whole Foods and I see apples...tons of apples bins... outside bins inside bins...apples on the floor...everywhere... Whole Foods is lousy with apple bins!!  I guess apples can make you pretty...

I didn't go in but  I may come back later.....the whole Whole Foods concept is a mystery to me...I need to find out why

Sunday, November 17, 2013

don't let your deal go down

Well, I've been all around this whole wide world / Been down to sunny Alabam / My mama always told me, Son / Never let your deal go down / Don't let your deal go down....

today, let's talk about three guys..Dennis Miller, Darryl Genis and Gerry Fall...

is Nipper courting Dennis??

first Miller.. I have heard rumors that Wendy and Nipper like threesomes when they are sailing on the Calixe...they were content with using Michael Douglas until he got tongue cancer (from Wendy's pussy??) so they're looking for a new punk..and Dennis may fit the bill! but if I'm comparing bad pussy and it's between Wendy and Catherine  Zeta- Jones, I'd say Wendy was the culprit!! maybe that's why Nipper drinks so much, to keep some disinfectant properties in the mouth??? maybe that's why all these guys on Team Wendy drink so much..maybe she's banging the lot of 'em!!!

Wendy does have an infectious smile and an infectious I'm thinking she's got an infectious pussy, too!! will Dennis go for it? will he join AM 1290? stay tuned

next we got Darryl Genis who shares a padded cell with Scott Steepleton of the on Sunday's front page was Scott's long rambling incoherent plea by the News-Press to the state bar to provide statistical information about a case somehow related to Darryl Genis, who is on trial for his life for mocking the courts in court....Darryl's case apparently has been upgraded to a "major case"....hmmmmm....

geez Scott what's the big fat deal? Darryl's got some legal professional issues and he's a big boy and he's gonna have to deal with them, like that handwriting expert he used at Peter Lance's hearing...James Blanco...the guy had ethical issues and he dealt with guys got lots of ethical issues!!

third guy is Gerry know, I use the Sports page as either a place mat or a spittoon..sometimes both- you eat you spit- arrrrgggh!!! ptoooeee!!!

but the sports page has always been a little dry and without personality...the Sports Editor, a guy named Eddie Harbour might be the problem or maybe Gerry Fall...Gerry Fall is the chain-smoking, sports writing clown for Nipper and Wendy and when  I looked at Sunday's sports section, I see his name has supplanted Eddie Harbour as the Sports page Editor! so I guess that Eddie got demoted for something or other and Gerry finally got promoted (after five or six years as a sports writer!!) for brown-nosing Wendy's anti-union fantasies!

maybe Eddie liked booze too much and although Gerry like cigarettes and stinks of stale cigarette smoke, if you blow enough smoke up  Wendy's ass, you'll get a promotion!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I say a little prayer

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you

I see that Carlos Ruano, 67, was sentenced for felony false imprisonment of a little girl...Ruano was the grounds keeper at All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Montecito....Ann Symington the deacon of the church supported Ruano along with some other members.. the Montecito Journal freebie chimed in with their support of Ruano...

and Symington and her pals continue to support a guy who pled to false imprisonment of a 7-year old girl..

what is that, felony false imprisonment? remember this dude, Former San Diego mayor Bob Filner, who was driven from office by an avalanche of sexual-harassment allegations, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of felony false imprisonment....The felony charge alleges false imprisonment, which refers to illegally detaining someone against his will in a private or public capacity, “by violence, fraud, menace and deceit”

False Imprisonment (Penal Code § 236)
False imprisonment prohibits wrongful restraining, confining or detaining a person without that person’s consent (Penal Code § 236).  The most common context of this that our office sees is when someone transports someone in a car, against their will, usually during an argument after the person asks to be let out of the car.  Such conduct could also be charged as the more serious charge of kidnapping or even carjacking, depending upon the circumstances and especially the length of the confinement.  
False imprisonment can also happen when one holds someone’s arm or arms and does not let go of the person, such as during a domestic violence situation or during a sex offense.  In other words, false imprisonment can be charged when the restraint, confinement or detention lasts for only a very short time.
A violation of Penal Code § 236 can be charged as felony or a misdemeanor.  When defendant uses actual or implied threats, violence, fraud or deceit, a felony is usually charged. 

geez.. being guilty of falsely imprisoning a 7-year old girl is not exactly a badge of honor..and the more I hear about this guy Ruano, the less I like.. that's FELONY FALSE IMPRISONMENT OF A 7-YEAR OLD GIRL!!!

this pisses me off to no end....
I went over to the church Saturday morning to check it really is the coolest someone is doing something right....

but there are problems I gazed around the grounds, I said a little prayer...

now, the next thing I noticed was the plaque of reverends and deacons at the front door and there's Ann Symington's I don't belong to All-Saints but I'm gonna get Symington out of there if it's the last thing I do..she is bad news!!

right below the plaque is a little black box on the's a rat trap..If you look in the trap you'll find three rats:.Ann Symington,  and two rats from the Montecito Journal, Bob Hazard and Jim Buckley..

these are the enemies of the church..GOD IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!!! GET RID OF THEM!!!

but it appears that  Ruano, being from Guatemala, close to El Salvador, has some previous immigration problems and that he was one knows yet for what...I read conflicting stories from the News-Press and Noozhawk.....and of course the Montecito Journal...

as far as I'm concerned, Ruano molested the little girl so he's on my shit list and my radar...any man innocent of these charges would not cop a plea deal

a google search turns up another Carlos Ruano, 23, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, who raped a 4-year old in 2010...
September 2010Carlos Mauricio Ruano, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for the rape of a 4-year-old family member in Leesburg, Virginia. He entered the country illegally in 2008. (Leesburg Today, September 1, 2010)

my question is are these two guys related.....father and son, grandfather and son?? I don't know..but the mug shots might give a clue....eerily similar and they are both here (illegally or otherwise) from El Salvador/Guatemala......the younger Carlos also spent time in California then wound up in Virginia where he commited the rape...

too many red flags to ignore and we'll see what happens..this story is NOT over....

Friday, November 15, 2013

wooden ships

on the water very free and easy....

who do they think they are, Greenpeace? geez! as much as I hate those Princess Cruise liners, I see Princess Kira from Channelkeepers is using the boat you donors bought for her to harass the big ships dropping anchor in Santa Barbara...the Channelkeeper (name of the boat) putters around the ship trying to detect illegal dump, an overflowing toilet, some chick barfing over the side of the Princess Cruiseliner or some similar circumstance....

silver eagle on the shoreline...
Hail to Princess Kira for protecting our waters!!! and remember she got the citizens of Santa Barbar to pay more taxes to make the City hurry up its sewer pipe cleaning program, a program that was already in place and has been since the you all will pay more to keep Princess Kira happy! well, she is a piece of ass so I'd pay more know Princess Kira, Guinnevere had green eyes, like yours, m'lady like yours!

the ocean waters are heavily monitored and the sea is safe, we don't need Channelkeepers doing things the City of Santa Barbara already does...the pollution issues are controlled by technology....we pay taxes to fund the sewer plant operation and maintenance...

study after study indicates birds are responsible for most of the beach warnings!!

A $265,000 watershed study that San Clemente commissioned in 2010 to trace the source of ocean pollution at Poche Beach lays most of the blame on birds.

Bacteria from bird droppings is the main source of high bacteria in the surf zone that prompts repeated postings of health advisories, said Tom Bonigut, San Clemente's assistant city engineer.
Those continual health advisories have made Poche Beach – a strand of sand on the border of Dana Point and San Clemente – famous statewide for appearing yearly on the environmental group  Heal the Bay's list of "Top 10 Beach Bummers" in California.

so I would like to see Channelkeepers go after the birds...

but I have a suggestion for the cruiseliners, install a gun turret on board and the next time a little Channekeeper boat buzzes the bow, go take a sister then by the hand, lead her away from this  foreign land!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

too hot

it's too hot baby, gotta run for shelter gottta run for shade

Nathan Alley-EDC lawyer
there were a few things I didn't understand while I was watching the Board of Supervisor's meeting in Santa Maria yesterday.. the issue was the appeal by the Environmental Defense Center of the Santa Maria Energy oil project...first of all the EDC's lawyer was a bald guy with oil smeared on his head.. for affect. for a little street theater...

I put two and two together and realized to my horror that Megan, dear sweet maiden, is married to I shaved my head...and even though the EDC nonprofit keeps sending me literature and propagnada, I will never send them a gift unless they send me a gift, like Megan!

next some of the things I heard from the supes and speakers about economic suicide and catastrophic global warming if the project is approved or either way, we lose...either we'll all be poor or all be dead! managing pollution is essential and so is managing money..these folks need to get it right

then when you line up the anti-union News-Press, the cops, the SEIU  like marbles, it's easy to knock them all out with one well-paced aggie bull's eye...Lanny and the News-Press all of sudden pro-union?? c'mon!!

cars melt on 101 in November heat
that's kinda what happened when the day ended and  after many speakers spoke their passions, supervisor Farr, Wolf and Cabajal beat Adams and the other guy at a game of marbles

the Santa Maria Energy Project needs more stringent emissions standards according to the south county supes and the EDC...

I used to love going up and down Highway 101 between Santa Barbara and Ventura and seeing the giant grasshoppers drilling for oil across from the beach...there was something about those oil fields I liked...

and being that I drive a truck that uses gas, I'm pro oil...with a caveat: the industry needs to align with better people than the News-Press, COLAB, and the SB County Taxpayer Association..all who've tried to protect COLAB members like former supe Brooks Firestone and Cowboy Willie who leased land to Greka Oil when Greka was spilling on a regular basis..poor management and dumb operator cost the taxpayers money..all the while, Mike Stoker, Brooks Firestone and their pals were blaming everybody else!!

pollution is a problem that needs to be managed...and as I gaze out my window, I see cars melting in the hot November sun on Highway 101...sumthins not right..and using the bible to justify polluting the planet as evangelicals like to do is stupid!!

solar energy is good enegy.. I use it to dry my clothes and agriculture uses it in greenhouses.. thus greenhouse gases!

get the shady characters out of the picture and Santa Maria Energy might have a chance at drilling...but business as usual among the oil players ain't gonna cut it

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

snow bird

The snowbird sings the song he always sings
And speaks to me of flowers that will bloom again in spring

I was haunted by the lttle birds  I saw at the beach last week.. I can't tell you what beach but whatever beach  I told you  I was at  it wasn't that beach no how...

now the birds seemed friendly and cool...and I was amazed at that..usually when I get close to a bird mate they fly away!

but anyway, I think I stumbled upon some nesting plovers.. I thought they were sandpipers but later discovered they weren't..what bird pipes sand, anyhow??

don't you dare tell the Feds or any environmentalists about my little friends, ok??

So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go
To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

human touch

Tell me in a world without pity
Do you think what I'm askin's too much ?
I just want something to hold on to
And a little of that human touch
Just a little of that human touch

Stray's Prayer
Dear God
Please send me somebody who will care!
I'm tired of running
I'm sick with despair

My body is aching
It's so racked with pain
And Dear God I pray
As I run in the rain

That someone will love me
And give me a home
A warm cozy bed
And a big juicy bone

My last owner tied me
All day in the yard
Sometimes with no water
And God that was hard

So I chewed my leash
And God I ran away
To rummage in garbage
And live life as a stray

well, I'm starting to think all these animal rights gals are all going berserk...first it was Laura Stinchfield, the Pet Psychic at the Indepedent..chick talks to dead animals!

then the Animal Rescue Team's #69, Julia and her sick sordid affair with Joe (I'm still not over it)....

then Wendy McCuckoo with her donkey and her  party for USHS CEO Wayne Pacelle a few years ago, and now the lady that heads Animal Rights Foundation (ARF!!)  in OHIO, Sandra Lertzman  kills herself and takes 31 puppies with her! and Wayne Pacelle knew her and now she's gone..Wayne's got puppy blood on his hands! Wayne? what's the matter, cat got your tongue???

Wayne?? puppy killer?
I know these ladies are pretty twisted, often confusing animal behavior with people traits...and substituting animals for the human touch.... and this poor gal Sandra was depressed, but looking at her website, I never thought she'd do something like that...apparently she was tortured over the loss of her son, so she snapped....but prescription drugs were found at the site and I think that's what did it...she was crazy on drugs and murdered those pups then offed herself...not because she was depressed but because she was drugged out and her relationship with reality was Spotty..anthropomorphic fallacies are common among animal rights zealots

the question is is this a common trait among animal rights ladies, often called animal hoarders? are they pill poppers, too??

will  I read in the News-Press that Julie Di Sieno hanged herself in a fit of auto-erotic asphyxiation and took some bobcats with her??? I hope not of course...

but I always wonder what happened to these ladies when they were little girls...something bad...
maybe they were traumatized by idiots like Steve King, the conservtive rep from Iowa:

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), who has been under fire from animal welfare advocates for his recent remarks on animal fighting, tried to salvage some political traction on Friday by suggesting that his words were "distorted".

King made the remarks during a tele-town hall meeting last month, in response to a constituent who asked why King had voted against a legislative measure that would make it a federal crime to allow a minor to attend an animal fighting event. In his statement, King likened watching animal fighting to sports such as boxing, and said:

When the legislation that passed in the farm bill that says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.

After receiving several complaints from animal rights groups and hundreds of negative comments on his Facebook page, King tried to explain his previous statements in a rambling video released on August 10, 2012, saying his stand was “a moral stand”, and attempted to draw a bizarre correlation between rape and forced abortions of under-age girls, and anti-animal fighting legislation.

Just a little of that human touch???

Monday, November 11, 2013

Halls of Montezuma

CAUTION: Armed Force-use wisely

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of Tripoli;
We will fight our country's battles
In the air, on land and sea;
First to fight for right and freedom
And to keep our honor clean;
We are proud to claim the title
Of United States Marine.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze
From dawn to setting sun;
We have fought in ev'ry clime and place
Where we could take a gun;
In the snow of far-off Northern lands
And in sunny tropic scenes;
You will find us always on the job--
The United States Marines.

Here's health to you and to our Corps
Which we are proud to serve
In many a strife we've fought for life
And never lost our nerve;
If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

the beat goes on

drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain.....

are DUI lawyers mentally retarded? (Binet IQ 36-51)

now the reason I'm interested in all this is DUI lawyers..they protect the trustfunder booze-soaked evil spawn of old white men from taking responsibility for drinking and driving...a lowly profession if they ever was one...why, I caint' think of a more lowly profession than a DU I lawyer so I think amyone who practices this stuff must be a mental defect...

apparently lots of lawyers suffer from mental illness and Melvin Belli complexes!  my theory is they, the DUI lawyers, suffer from FAS, or fetal alcohol syndrome..their moms drank booze while pregnant with the little lawyers-to-be and that's why DUI lawyers protect drunk's like a womb their minds, they are protecting mom!!

ok so I heard that prominent DUI atty Darryl Genis was on the witness stand in LA last week crying like a little Chinese girl, pleading with the judge and telling all who'd listen that he was gonna change his ways and that some of  his courtroom antics were mistakes...well,  I got that from  News-Press and Scott's stories about Darryl's state bar problems..

and some of the issues were up in San Luis Obispo...hmmmm, SLO...nice place SLO...

there's a lawyer in San Luis Obispo named Scott Whitenack whose dad was a singer who knew Sonny Bono...Scott knows Darryl Genis, too...

from NewTimes:
Scott Bryan Whitenack, 55, sat behind reinforced glass in an orange jumpsuit at the San Luis Obispo County Jail visiting room. His eyes were bloodshot, and his beard was flecked with gray. As he picked up the telephone, his mouth was already moving:
“I’m an attorney,” he said, “and I believe all of this is retaliatory.”
Over the course of an hour on Oct. 4, Whitenack spun an elaborate story about how he ended up in jail. Originally charged with three felonies and three misdemeanors on Sept. 9, Whitenack said he was targeted by a vengeful former employer and falsely arrested by several SLO County law enforcement agencies.

life is a zoo, my friends

Whitenack used to work for Genis up until Jan 2013...

trouble in Pismo Beach
For his part, Whitenack accuses Genis of having “a lot of animosity” against him and being “vindictive.” Whitenack claims Genis intimidated clients and witnesses of his, and also had a private eye follow him around.
“It’s not paranoia if you’re actually being followed,” Whitenack said.
“I never hired a private eye to follow him, nor would I ever do that,” Genis responded. “That’s utterly ridiculous.”
The main conflict between the two attorneys was over the DUI case of Robert Scott Sproston. The case, currently mired in appeals, is an ongoing, hotly contested legal dispute over whether or not the Pismo Beach Police Department systematically suppressed evidence for DUI arrests.

so now we have Genis accusing the Pismo Beach Police Dept and DA's office of corruption..sound familiar?? trombettas..that sound familiar, too?? should drunk drivers have rights???

the story is  in the New Times and it is fascinating:

the other story which I'll get into later is this DUI case in SLO which is eerily similar to the Peter Lance/Kasi Beutel case... the drunk guy's  lawyer  was Scott Whitenack who was working for Darryl Genis at the time..then apparently  Darryl took over the case when Whitenack left...

way to go New Times for reporting UNBIASED accounts of these DUI matters..the News-Press could learn a thing or two..

now let's see where all this leads...