Friday, November 29, 2013

born a woman

It makes no difference if you're rich or poor
Or if you're smart or dumb
A woman's place in this old world
Is under some man's thumb

Kelly enjoys one of her PIO perks-free Starbuck's!

ok now wait...I'm trying to figure all this sext stuff out...we've established some truths about the Valerie and the CATO Institute..the CATO Institute is a place where libertarians gather to think about there's a Libertarian Party in SLO and one of the guys wrote a piece about conserving water..he says water conservation doesn't work in a drought...he says in a drought we should all use more water so entrepeneurs can come in and find more ways to get water to us...

An example of a missed opportunity was when an earthquake hit Paso Robles. Reports indicated the city lost 25 percent of their water storage capacity. The city instituted water restrictions. This was an excellent chance for AMWC to offer water to Paso at a premium and use the profits to develop other sources of water for the next drought. Water companies should compete with each other for more customers. With competition comes innovation, such as use of water trucks or putting in more pipelines from their water companies. This gives customers a choice. Gary Kirkland SLO Libertarian Party

well, ok that's an example of a thinking libertarian...pipe water in from the Great Lakes!

now I'm guessing that Valerie is a libertarian maybe she's got a poster of Ayn Rand on her ceiling, above her bed.......oooooh, being under those two would be a trip....but some say Ayn was not a libertarian, she was an objectivist...well what is it Ayn, libertarian or objectivist?? well who cares, all I know is she was crazy...
ok now we know that Valerie, from her published claim, wanted to be the sheriff's PIO....that job went to the other blonde Kelly Hoover (sucks like a Hoover??? haha)...

that's what it boils down to: which blonde would get the PIO job! is this just a cat fight between Valerie and Kelly??? RRRRROOOWWWRRRR!!

but the Sheriff likes Kelly:  Kelly Hoover was chosen from the pool of candidates for her “energy, enthusiasm and desire for the job,” Brown said.

Kelly's only black mark is she free-lanced for the News-Press for a few years...I forgave her

hmmmmm...Valerie, did you get that? “energy, enthusiasm and desire for the job,”....that's what put Kelly in the PIO the question you need to ask yourself Valerie is did you have those three qualities??
honey, I don't think you did.....but it appears that the men in charge screwed things up so bad that I have to step in to render a decision between Kelly and Valerie and who's more deserving the role as PIO -Public Information Officer- for the county sheriff's dept...

and my decision is the two of you, Kelly and Valerie, will have to face off in a semi- naked wrestling match...

because if you're born a woman 
You're born to be hurt 
You're born to be stepped on, lied to, cheated on 
And treated like dirt 
Ah if you're born a woman 
You're born to be hurt 

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