Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Walking The Dog

Mary Mac dressed in black Silver buttons all down her back Hello tipsy toes She broke the needle and she can't sew. Walking the dog Just a walking the dog

there are two sides to every story, every coin, and every woman...the woman has the front side with her tits and face and jelly roll and the back side with her ass, her back, her shoulders and the long soft hair..the legs and ankles.. I would start at her ankles and work my way up and take a big bite out of her ass and...I ...oh sorry this is a blog post about dogs not a romance novel and sometimes I get carried away!

whew...but anyway I would never hurt a dog unless it was a big dog biting my ass then I 'd slit its throat no problem...

but the little dogs I would never hurt...I understand when people get upset over some idiot torturing a little dog but the marches and crazy ideas about more laws and adoption counselors...I can't figure out who is crazier, the dog lovers or dog torturers!

most people don't go overboard about their dogs and if their mutt comes over and says "Hi" I got no problems with that...

but these two non-profits Davey's Legacy and Davey's Voice are run by some pretty weird gals..I'm sure even Davey would agree with me if that crazy Chinaman hadn't killed him...so people need to be held accountable when they do wrong by dogs, but there's too many cases where the law just looks the other way

these two nonprofits seem not to be able to get along with each other as they compete for nonprofit dollars and donations...it's a downright catfight between Julia and Gretchen and both these chicks are tied up with Wendy somehow or other and we know Wendy is not exactly grounded in any legitimate reality..so taken all together you got some crazy-ass chicks looking out for the dogs..

the bigger issues are why are there so many dogs in shelters..and what of these nonprofit shelters who cry so loud when the County Animal Services does anything

so maybe it's time to investigate the dog nonprofits that squeal so loudly... they seem to have an irrational hatred of County Animal Services and folks who work or volunteer there..volunteering is hard work because people tend to dump all their issues on you..

except except

let's start with a nonprofit called K-9 Pals.. from their Website:


Although most of the shelter volunteers providing daily care of shelter dogs are volunteers with K-9 PALS, K-9 PALS is not the supervising entity of the on -site operations the Goleta shelter. The on - site management at the County Shelter in Goleta is under the management of County Animal Services. Therefore when K-9 PALS volunteers are performing tasks for the county shelter they will be referred to as SBCAS volunteers and have to abide by SBCAS shelter rules.

Does K-9 PALS support euthansia of dogs for shelter population control?
NO. K-9 PALS believes that no dog should be euthanized for shelter population control, and advocates for shelters to elminate euthanasia except for reasons of irremediable health or very serious behavior problems
K-9 PALS does not accept strays or owner surrenders...

so this is interesting....the dog women have nothing but scorn for County Animal Services yet praise the nonprofit K9 Pal... but on the K9 Pal's own website they say they are managed by County Animal Services in Goleta... and K9 says they don't support killing dogs EXCEPT for health or serious behavior problems..and they don't care about strays or owner surrenders!!

so my theory is proved true..these crazy gals dish dirt on the County Animal Shelter because it is a gov't entity (and Wendy hates the gov't) and the gov't competes with the nonprofit donation machine..

nonprofits don't survive without donations....these folks don't work for a living so they beg for money like a dog begs for a bone!! and rich divorcees like Wendy support them

what a bunch of hypocrites!! they are now on my RADAR

Monday, May 30, 2016

I Remember You

you're the one

who made my dreams come true

If You Gotta Go

go now

so the big question today in 2016 on Memorial Day is which bathroom I should use when I gotta go..the Men's Room or the Ladies Room...or the little Girl's Room or the little Boy's Room
if you are transgender you can go to the little Girl's Room, whip it out and take care of business and no one is ever the wiser..unless you're a little girl

but I must admit, although I'm a man I have used co-ed bathrooms to pee..they got one in Carp but the door locks so you can have some privacy..the last thing I wanna see is some big guy dressed like a girl peeing next to me....or on me....or whatever


but is this what American soldiers have fought and died for in war? so guys could dress up like girls and prance around like Caitlin Jenner, nee Bruce Jenner..and it seems we're all just pissin in the wind

well according to the News-Press and Christian Preacher Brother Caldwell, if the 1960s hadn't happened, then the sex issues wouldn't be so mixed up today...the 60s were full of hippies, hedonism and debauchery or so I'm told and that's why we got all these little sissies running around today...

but I remember the 1960s as pretty cool and Santa Barbara was innocent as can be...things were a'happenin' all around from riots to marches to civil rights movements to wars to music on the Sunset Strip...I just loved the 60s!! Beatles, Stones, Dusty Springfield, Blue Cheer, Hendrix Dylan...geez..TURN IT UP!!!

I am a hedonist..I like pleasure, not pain and when I sees a girl on the beach all pretty and shiny, I wanna fuck her!! a red-blooded hedonist American am I

but Brother Caldwell (as Sister Janet called him) is woefully ignorant of history..even the bible was full of dens of iniquity and transgender gay dudes like Mark and Matthew...either you are a disciple, a hedonist or Bourgeois...

"and the 1920s illicit alcohol trade introduced the Mafia to thirsty Americans...The First World War (1914-1918) had wiped out an entire generation of young men, the horror of trench warfare, mustard gas attacks and aerial bombing of civilians had made people feel that the world was a horrible place and they should enjoy themselves whilst they could. As a result the "Roaring Twenties" was a period when suddenly girls wore short skirts, smoked and drank in public, flirted and necked and generally had a Hell of a time! The men of course were not slow to join the partying. At that time recreational drugs such as cocaine were not illegal so they were also a frequent stimulant of choice amongst the wealthier partygoers, even sniffing "laughing gas" was considered a cool thing to do.

In a large part, the reaction to this period of abandon was a backlash by staunch Christians which ended with the introduction of Prohibition in 1929 - the unintended consequence of which was a rise to power of the bootleggers and organised crime"

so in fact it was the Christians who started all this American debauchery by trying to outlaw booze and short skirts on women..or men..and then they tried to censor movies in pre-code Hollywood...

if a kid wants to wear his babysitter's bra and panties, let him get it out of his system...for the record, I've never worn a bra and panties..well, not at the same time anyway

when you deny people what they want and need, you create odd fixations, disorders and fetishes and backroom deals and conservatives groping each other in bathrooms..and the DSM-III-R

sex is a very dirty thing...

Sunday, May 29, 2016


gotta have Jones for this, a Jones for that

dog lovers are conservative mostly..how do I know? when a dog takes a crap, they call it his daily constitution...many conservatives are constitutionalists who walk their dogs and rejoice when the constitution is delivered...strict constitutionalists..it's sick but true

ok so we got another dog story on the front page of the News-Press and over at EDHAT which is sounding more and more like the News-Press: DOGS AND BOOZE AND HIGH PRIESTESS WENDY

first of all a dead dog is not a body, it's a carcass because dogs are not human as some of those News-Press/EDHAT readers mistakenly think..cats however do have little people inside them

then the nuts try to blame the County Animal Services for the dog's demise because some guy adopted it and allegedly killed it...no proof just rumors and yet the guy is guilty??? animal abuse is no joke so get your facts straight before you act as judge jury and executioner...but there can be no doubt that the mass killing of animals on the Channel Islands by the Parks Service and Nature Conservancy was animal abuse yet the perpetrators are cast as heros... instead, they should be in jail with Wendy

now, you don't adopt dogs, you buy them..you do adopt children however but we know Wendy hates kids and loves dogs-how else do you explain thousands of images of child porn on her News-Press computer??? still waiting for justice for those kids on this Memorial Day weekend

now back to the dog story and all the rumors and gossip being spread by crazy #69 who now is an EDHAT contributer and racist, comparing Mexican immigrants to "invasive species"...EDHAT has hit new lows nowadays...

but this recalls the story in the News-Press about the dead dog in Marina Del Rey..well at least he died in a nice spot..the News-Press thought the dog was killed maliciously because some bimbo from FOX News saw it lying in the sand tied to a shovel...supposedly there was a note on it as a warning to someone..in reality the dog was hit by a car and the homeless dude took it to the beach and tied it to the shovel to anchor it until he came back

and because everyone is a busybody nowadays, they ALL assumed foul play

some of these dog lovers are just cuckoo with the pitchforks, dog autopsies and dog eulogies

and anthropomorphic fallacies

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Good Morning!

default mode of County planners: when in doubt, roundabout

we have no roundabouts in Carpinteria because we don't need no stinking roundabouts in Carpinteria..but leave it to some idiot in the SB County Planning Dept to suggest a roundabout for Santa Claus Lane...this lane is less than a mile long but the planner thinks a roundabout is needed at the east end..the south end actually as you get on the freeway...

this is a really stupid idea..but considering all the stupid ideas the county has for the Lane, I'm not surprised...

first of all they want to make it safer on the lane but there's no evidence it is unsafe on Santa Claus Lane so why do they want it safer unless they are playing nanny...

secondly, they are building TOO MUCH with the new condo market place thing they shoehorned in..and they want MORE parking spaces!!

Santa Claus Lane history is agriculture..was an old lima bean field..then the brilliant Santa Claus theme during the car crazy era of the 1940s and 1950s

date shakes, sunflowers and coastal ag is where it's at and we got lots here with the flower growers and avocado anches...but if they start filling this area with wine tastings places and breweries, there's gonna be trouble I don't give a shit if millennials (God Love 'Em but they are aliens!) like craft beer...the only diff between craft beer and Bud or Coors is that Bud and Coors is mass-produced and craft beer is not..you can inject citrus flavor into a Bud, repackage it and you got craft beer with a citrusy tongue or whatever they call it...and the bottles always end up on the side of the road...


these kids have been duped by the Firestones and their stinky breweries!! Firestone Ale? fuck that shit...San Miguel!!

no..not here..I won't put up with this trendy nonsense..


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smooth Operator

coast to coast LA to Chicago...

... - - -... ---.. --- ..-.. -..-
... - - -... ---.. ... - - -... ---.. --- ..-.. -..--..-
... - - -... ---.. --- ..-.. -..-

.-.- .-.- ... - - -... !

Monday, May 23, 2016


be thankful I don't take it all

I'm with George on this one...


so I get a letter from the IRS saying they can't process my 2015 tax return...hmmmm...last year I got a call from the IRS saying they were going to arrest me if I didn't pay them over the phone..that was phone scam and the reason I knew is because the guy sounded like an Islamic terrorist..

but this new letter seemed legit...so the IRS claims they need more info or my refund will be less or my taxes will be more..a veiled threat...my blood pressure is rising as my anger swells...

so the IRS has an "input rejection team" now and I've never heard of that.. I sent my taxes in via postal mail and now they say they need more info on Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) and they want me to fill in lines 16, 17, and 18 for them

so I looked at the form and it's Gifts To Charity....I give tons of stuff to an Oxnard charity about four or five times a year..they send a truck and I give...Line 16 does not apply because I don't give cash; Line 17 clearly states if gifts over $500, attach Form 8283 which is what I did; Line 18 does not apply

so I don't know what the IRS wants and I guess neither do they because they are dumb motherfuckers!!

I will vote for ANYONE who abolishes the IRS.. I don't mind paying a small tax for basic services, but the IRS is outta control and another, smaller entity needs to replace it and stop wasting my time

and I want that on the record

Sunday, May 22, 2016

For All We Know

love... look at the two of us... strangers in many ways

I gotta be real dang careful about emails I get...I'm cautious by nature but if you're too cautious you miss things so you gotta be a little reckless too.. I get emails from girls, real pretty girls, then they disappear into the moonlit outback!

for all I know the folks who send me emails may all be just one joker trying to make a fool outta me which actually is pretty easy

but anyway I got an email about Ty Warner..I read about Ty alot in the court calendars and the guy who is suing him in small claims for unlawful eviction or something...and I got no real issue with Ty other than he's a tax cheat and totally femmed-out Channel Drive and messed up the Coral Casino...Ty wouldn't know a cabana from a banana

so the email links me to this: Clubhouse on Wheels: TY WARNER & THE BILTMORE


so I check it out and the Biltmore bar seemingly has turned all Van Gogh in the throes of Vinnie's madness..it's a ghostly vision where the only patrons are indeed ghosts with one or two fleshy beings drinking some wine trying to figure out what happened

well I'll tell ya what happened...this is America..you can get rich selling stupid little bear dolls and then buy all the properties in Montecito and turn them into fancy crappers..the Montecito County Club is wasted, the San Ysidro Ranch is unrecognizable...

the Ty Warner Sea Center was a joke...

it's enough to drive a guy insane

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Before The Deluge

Some of them were dreamers and some of them were fools who were making plans and thinking of the future

God grants one miracle each and Santa Barbara got one in the 1990s during the March deluge..this was after the drought when people were painting their lawns green and talking about tankering in water from Alaska

but before the deluge voters approved State Water and Desal....the desal plant was built at a pretty good cost and was on line for about a day, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, they handed out bottles of desal water and I got one somehow...then the March Miracle filled up the reservoirs and lakes and aquifers..and flooded the streets and roofs leaked after the deluge

so the desal plant sat idle for awhile and was allowed to fall into disrepair..then after some years some parts were sold off rendering the plant useless...it's like buying a  1960s Corvette and not driving it, then selling the parts for some spare change..nonsensical

so it's 2016 and we enter into another drought...this one started in 2010 approx...we've had a smattering of rain here and there and some parts of California have sufficient rainfall, but not here...the bright red Devil Joni sang about has moved here

ok so now they are resurrecting the desal plant at much more expense because Cachuma is really low and the wineries are overdrafting the groundwater basins to keep Valley folks drunk...

I used to live for wine women and song..and still do....fuck the drought!!

but as I passed by the desal plant recently, I thought what a waste..all the city of SB had to do was keep it primed until the next drought and then bring it on line as needed...instead they let it deteriorate and now they are rebuilding it...at triple the cost!!!

and I bet this winter will bring the rain we need

but will it bring any common sense??

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sunny Afternoon

I got a big fat mama trying to break me

ok so Texas conservatives hate California...Bush, Enron and Plains All American Pipeline...all conspired to harm the golden state...why? San Francisco I guess is too liberal for some Texicans...

so I see Plains All American is being sued by everyone for the Refugio oil spill last year...Plains is culpable because their pipeline was corroded to the point of springing a leak which turned into a big ass spill..on shore, then off shore fouling the coast line from Gaviota to Baja...an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

so I'm watching the news and KEYT has some good coverage...they are on top of it..they got a line on it...

but I see some old familiar faces of "environmentalists" standing in front of the cameras at the news conference...there's Princess Kira from SB Channelkeepers and that weird gal from the Environmental Defense Center... now if these two nonprofits were effective at protectiong the environment, why did they allow Plains Oil to spill and kill all those poor sea birds and sea lions and seals and so forth? Princess Kira likes to sue gov't agencies to keep her lawyers rich and so she can buy boats and keep her fat girlfriends supplied with cheeseburgers...but if the ciy sewer line spills a few gallons you can be sure that Princess will be at the city council meeting threatening a lawsuit and demanding money...for cheeseburgers for the fat chick

so the question is why don't these environmental nonprofits really do the hard work to actually protect the environment? why weren't they monitoring the PRIVATE oil lines that transport oil so close to the ocean? because it's easier to get money from the city taxpayers than from a private entity maybe...

well I think that Channelkeeper and EDC are pretty worthless...wannabe environmentalists, posers, and hacks..nonprofits whose only real concern is gathering donor and taxpayer money to perpetuate their uselessness..I would never send these bozos even a dime because it would only go to feed the big fat gal more cheeseburgers!! haha

but there they were in front of the camera a year AFTER THE FACT, saying they will be monitoring the coast..

but oh I feel so much better now that Princess, Channelkeeper and that fat blubbery chick, stuffing her big fat face with cheesburgers, will be monitoring the coast..


Thursday, May 19, 2016

And When I Die

and when I'm gone, there'll be one child born in a world to carry on

geez, no sooner than I write about one booze calamity, another one pops up

what's up wih these soap opera actresses? look we're all actors on the stage of life but if you can't get through the day to day without booze, then you should commit yourself to an institution....if you want to drink for a living, move to Scotland

what? are they re-making Valley of the Dolls? you soap gals can't hold a candle to Patty, Barbara and Sharon!

now I mentioned some pickup truck drivers were crashing into things while drunk and now I hear about an actress crashing her Mercedes into a Ford (ironic!!) on the Chumash Highway of Death, fondly known in old westerns as San Marcos Pass..

but this actress chick was ID'd as Jensen Buchanan and she was arrested for DUI...KEYT said that not me so don't go suing me for repeating it here....and EDHAT gots a story on her too so sue Ed

I've never heard of Jensen Buchanan because I don't watch soaps because I'm not brain-damaged but her pic ain't so bad..kinda pretty but apparently separated from her wealthy Hollywood hubby..

then there's another soap actress from Montecito has some issues and her name is always on the criminal court calendar for probation violation or something..she starred in the soap "Santa Barbara" and got death threats about playing some character...

hey I get death threats all the time..it's murder!! deal with it!

I think this is where Santa Barbara went wrong...all these silly soaps and fading pretty faces..

and death threats

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pick Up The Pieces

ah huh

pickup truck drivers are not generally drunk redneck hillbillies...some of us are poets, philosophers, writers, plumbers, plainsmen, road warriors..or guitar pickers adrift in the sea of life


but a few pickup truck drivers were recently involved in crashes that did some damage...and alcohol was involved (allegedly but we know that means the guys were drunk if you see the pictures)

if you get busted for DUI it doesn't mean you were DUI, just that cops had reasonable suspicion to pull you over and determine if you are drunk...the cops used to pull people over BEFORE they plowed into a tree, a house or knocked someone down and killed them..but now, we have to wait until the drunk hits someone or something...

did this change when Cam Sanchez left? the conservatives were upset that the cops were treating drunks unfairly?

possible the booze lobby in town pitched in to keep the cops focused on homeless folks instead of drunk drivers..and the News-Press and Peter Lance didn't help either with their cuckoo "expose" of the SB cops which was just a nonsensical hack job becasue ol' Pete got busted in 2011 and blamed the cops

ok but people are still drinking and driving and the Mesa is getting lots of incidents...are there some new bars or dives up there in Never Never land?

well the craft beer fad is still going on as new breweries appear on every corner now..and wine tasting fad encourages you to stop and taste wine in the middle of the day... and some people will never give up hard liquor...it's the alcohol culture...lots of alcoholics out there... still driving

the distillers and breweries and pro-drinking media like the News-Press and Independent got weak people by the balls and when the weaklings drive drunk the taxpayer cleans up the mess and pays for it too!

does that sound fair??

we need a booze calamity tax

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweet Leilani

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower oh. / I dreamt of paradise for two. (My lovely Leilani)


censorship.. I hate it..esp in film when some idiots take out all the good stuff and leave me with some inane version of the original...it's fuckin' infuriating!! oh excuse me, I meant to say it's fruitfully infuriating

so I was in Heaven watching Footlight Parade with James Cagney and Joan Blondell..a pre-code 1930s film that is raunchy funny and the girls are gorgeous... pre-code films are now my new hobby

this film is very much a fun gag

first part, Cagney is running around while everyone forsakes him except Blondell

then the Honeymoon Hotel sequence which is hilarious with the brilliantly annoying Dick Powell singing and running from a weird little kid..and scantily clad women everywhere!! awesome

then the visually stunning sequence of the Water Nymphs sequence doing stuff I've never even dreamt of..in black and white

then Shanghai Lil...I have no idea why she was there but I'm glad she was!

"Made when the New Deal was new and fertile, the chemistry between the immortals Cagney and Blondell produces three classic prologues. Berkeley pairs rapper Dick Powell in bed with newlywed Ruby Keeler at the Honeymoon Hotel. Then a supernatural Keeler and a blond aquatic assembly line are employed as geometric designs. Finally, Cagney, the producer, falls onto the stage to become a sailor and to retrieve Keeler from an opium den. Together, Keeler and Cagney merge with dozens of sailors marching in formation, who turn over a collective face card, FDR's portrait, trumping Depression and Fear Itself, as well as all those individual flaws and failings personified by the minor characters and ourselves"

then the "code" was instituted...

anybody who claims to have the corner on public morality and decency is not to be trusted!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Twelve O'Clock High

Don't make any plans for after the war, consider yourselves already dead


these big planes knocked the shit outta the Nazis in WWII...I'm in the flight path thank GOD and Buddha!! I watch the B17s rumble over the ocean, over the Salt Marsh, following the coastline to an unknown destination south..and the B24s following the horizon

through the sound barrier..through time and space...

back when the mission really was accomplished

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


you may find my window but you won't find me

the drought in my estimation is bringing out people who live in alternate universes..out they come, they spew incomprehensible illogical conclusions...the main players are the hippie pot head from LA and that Fedora-wearing dude who thinks terrorists are hiding at Mission and State, battling over a marijuana dispensary (head shop) on Milpas..

having been here since the 60s, I know pot is everywhere..esp on Mountain Drive they had these big pot gardens and everyone was high except me....I had a band called Backwash and we practiced up there but I was not a pothead, I was a drunk...took too much energy to sit there, get high and stone out for a few hours..you can get robbed that way!! so I left the band to become a folksinger..a drunk folksinger

getting high just delays the needed adjustments one must consider and I needed a semi-clear head to face all this day to day bullshit decisions like which song to sing while I was drinking beer

now once I did get high (16 years old) and the joint must've been dipped in Mescalito or some gal's pussy cause I was hearing little bells and chimes and birds chirping and seeing stars for an hour..and Mickey Newbury was singing "Sunshine" on the radio..god I love that song

but I don't have to be high to listen to music because music makes me high

I did have an open mind about marijuana being used for medicinal purposes mainly due to reading too many Carlos Casteneda books..

that dude needed peyote for everything!! what reality was he looking at??

a separate reality

Sunday, May 8, 2016


you left me but I never left you

I've been thinking of churches lately.... funny, altho a Catholic, I'm not a God-fearing man...I fear rats more than I fear God...rats are way icky little things...and God? well if there is a God where the fuck is the rain???

I checked the almanac and we should get showers around the 17th of May...not that it will do any good

so there's a little church in Carpinteria that I've always liked and it's for sale...almost a million bucks but it would be cool to own a church...

then there's the Bell Tower at All Saints by the Miramar...they are retrofitting it for an earthquake so they have to remove it and do all sorts of invasive work...this is a lovely church that was sullied by the Symingtons..Fife and Deacon Ann.. Ann supported the child molestor who worked at the church..I exposed Ann and Fife for the phonies they are and they fled to Hawaii...to another church...

but as I read the News-Press Real estate section Sinday morn, I see an Ann Symington has bought a house in Montecito on Olive Mill Rd for $1.4 million...so maybe they kicked her out of the Hawaii church..well, whaever you do, don't let her back into All Saints by the Sea 'cos she ain't no saint!! Ann's trust-funder I think...geez

be very careful who runs the church...it can withstand dishonor because it is inherently sacred..

and this church by the sea....I attended a sweet service for a maiden who lived in a kingdom by the sea...I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea....

Jesus declares that He is the light of the world, and the Son of God. Whosoever will embrace His gospel and follow Him can be freed from sin....

sin? God created these beautiful damsels, lying semi-naked at the beach, on a beautiful sunny day...

and he expects me not to sin?? there are good sinners and bad sinners...

and I'm a real bad sinner

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blue Skies

nothing but blue skies

well I hear reports of flash flooding and thunder storms but not here...not in Carp...dry as an old lady

I've never felt threatened by a tree or a group of trees... I like trees....as a kid we'd drive home on the dark road, the Buick headlights shining on the the huge old Magnolia trees..it was awesome...

and a tree has never hurt me...but it seems there's some terrorist trees in Montecito, along Highway 101 that need to be chopped down so wimpy Americans can feel safe...CALTRANS is removing some trees in Montecito to make me safe..I hate it when people try to make me safe against my will...I determine what's safe, not CALTRANS...

now of course the eucalyptus tree is demonized as a killer tree which is nonsense if you look at the facts...tree branches fall and sometimes they kill...it's not just eucs, but sycamores, pines and oaks...but less than 100 people are killed in a year so statistically, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than bonked by a euc..or any other big tree...of course there's no lightning in Carp

Two young people were killed early Friday after a limb from an oak tree fell on ... falling tree limb while camping in Yosemite ... branch from an oak tree ...

In August of 2013, 30-year-old New York woman Yingyi Li was sitting on a park bench in Queens when she was crushed and killed by a falling oak tree. "There was just so much blood," said one horrified witness. "The tree just crushed her." Li was five months pregnant at the time.

A sycamore tree fell on two people in a New Jersey campsite early Tuesday, killing one man and injuring his wife

so you see, any tree can kill ya!

but I checked out the tree sitch on Highway 101 between Sheffield and San Ysidro..I see some big beautiful pines..one appears dead so they take that down but I sure hope they don't cut them all down

if they do it won't be for safety as they claim, it'll make the widening of the highway easier with the big trees out of the way...the widening....in 2020 you can get to SB from Carp a few minutes quicker in the morning

concrete and cars..that's what CALTRANS wants...

they really don't like trees

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look To Your Soul

for the answer

we men all lose love...girls come and go..I like it when they come but sometimes they go...now some folks blame me that their girlfriends left them but that's a stretch...I am not to blame..I am simply a go-between...look to your soul, for the answer


I hate mulch...it's everywhere supposedly giving nutrients to plants or conditioning soil...and so people gather the mulch in piles and wait..well when you stack the mulch piles high, the organic content decomposes and creates heat..and the mulch piles can get so hot in the center, they combust..so you need to monitor your pile...stick a long thermometer into the center and move the contents around. or aerate..

mulch piles are not like haystacks...you can't find a needle in a haystack but you may find fire in a mulch pile

now the County of SB wants to fancy-up Santa Claus Lane with a lone beach access point with a guard and ICE agent to catch illegals, for "safety"...they say the other access points are illegal..but this is not true..the county built a wooden fence after removing the old rusted spikes in the sand..the fence runs parallel to the tracks and there's at least three or four access points...I've provided a picture

this is a tacit approval of an access point by the County of Santa Barbara to Santa Claus beach...they are encouraging you and me to cross the railroad tracks, go thru the fence opening and enjoy a day at the beach

and that's the way it should be

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hitchin' A Ride

the sun comes up, a car goes by


ok some weird shit been goin' down...donkey got killed up in Foxen Canyon...that's where the wineries are and people drive like they don't care..they drive up embankments, they drive down ravines, they are just outta control because they are outta the city limits... and I got a whole new set of assholes in my neighborhood and I don't know where they came from so I gotta monitor that too

I've watched the Parallax View many times and I still don't know what it's about..but that's ok..it relaxes me to watch a movie with no plot....it's like my life

so the SB Public Market is fishing for business with a new Beer Garden...what is a beer garden? do they grow beer? do they drink beer until they puke in the flowers?? I'm tellin' you these poeple who come to Santa Barbara from points north and try to set up camp here with businesses that have no meaning, no soul no nothing...they need to stop annoying me with their silly tricks..all you need to do is sell some burgers, chips and beer and business will pick up and so will the drunk driving arrests...

don't overthink this....


now a few days ago some joker was driving on Highway 101 going north and decided to veer off the road, plow through the chain link fence, fly over Via Real and smash into a retaining wall....finally coming to rest in the bushes..the wall being made up of cinder blocks, stopped him dead..

lucky no one was walking on the side walk...cops said they smelled booze on him and I'll check out when the investigation is complete...


of all the things he could have done that day, he decides to drive drunk...what a fucking idiot!

some say the road is littered with dead squirrels who couldn't make a decision, but that's not true...squirrels don't make decisions because they're animals...

but people, even if some of them are dumb as squirrels, can make decisions...

and driving drunk is a bad decision