Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blue Skies

nothing but blue skies

well I hear reports of flash flooding and thunder storms but not here...not in Carp...dry as an old lady

I've never felt threatened by a tree or a group of trees... I like a kid we'd drive home on the dark road, the Buick headlights shining on the the huge old Magnolia was awesome...

and a tree has never hurt me...but it seems there's some terrorist trees in Montecito, along Highway 101 that need to be chopped down so wimpy Americans can feel safe...CALTRANS is removing some trees in Montecito to make me safe..I hate it when people try to make me safe against my will...I determine what's safe, not CALTRANS...

now of course the eucalyptus tree is demonized as a killer tree which is nonsense if you look at the facts...tree branches fall and sometimes they's not just eucs, but sycamores, pines and oaks...but less than 100 people are killed in a year so statistically, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than bonked by a euc..or any other big tree...of course there's no lightning in Carp

Two young people were killed early Friday after a limb from an oak tree fell on ... falling tree limb while camping in Yosemite ... branch from an oak tree ...

In August of 2013, 30-year-old New York woman Yingyi Li was sitting on a park bench in Queens when she was crushed and killed by a falling oak tree. "There was just so much blood," said one horrified witness. "The tree just crushed her." Li was five months pregnant at the time.

A sycamore tree fell on two people in a New Jersey campsite early Tuesday, killing one man and injuring his wife

so you see, any tree can kill ya!

but I checked out the tree sitch on Highway 101 between Sheffield and San Ysidro..I see some big beautiful appears dead so they take that down but I sure hope they don't cut them all down

if they do it won't be for safety as they claim, it'll make the widening of the highway easier with the big trees out of the way...the 2020 you can get to SB from Carp a few minutes quicker in the morning

concrete and cars..that's what CALTRANS wants...

they really don't like trees

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