Sunday, May 29, 2016


gotta have Jones for this, a Jones for that

dog lovers are conservative do I know? when a dog takes a crap, they call it his daily constitution...many conservatives are constitutionalists who walk their dogs and rejoice when the constitution is delivered...strict's sick but true

ok so we got another dog story on the front page of the News-Press and over at EDHAT which is sounding more and more like the News-Press: DOGS AND BOOZE AND HIGH PRIESTESS WENDY

first of all a dead dog is not a body, it's a carcass because dogs are not human as some of those News-Press/EDHAT readers mistakenly think..cats however do have little people inside them

then the nuts try to blame the County Animal Services for the dog's demise because some guy adopted it and allegedly killed proof just rumors and yet the guy is guilty??? animal abuse is no joke so get your facts straight before you act as judge jury and executioner...but there can be no doubt that the mass killing of animals on the Channel Islands by the Parks Service and Nature Conservancy was animal abuse yet the perpetrators are cast as heros... instead, they should be in jail with Wendy

now, you don't adopt dogs, you buy do adopt children however but we know Wendy hates kids and loves dogs-how else do you explain thousands of images of child porn on her News-Press computer??? still waiting for justice for those kids on this Memorial Day weekend

now back to the dog story and all the rumors and gossip being spread by crazy #69 who now is an EDHAT contributer and racist, comparing Mexican immigrants to "invasive species"...EDHAT has hit new lows nowadays...

but this recalls the story in the News-Press about the dead dog in Marina Del Rey..well at least he died in a nice spot..the News-Press thought the dog was killed maliciously because some bimbo from FOX News saw it lying in the sand tied to a shovel...supposedly there was a note on it as a warning to reality the dog was hit by a car and the homeless dude took it to the beach and tied it to the shovel to anchor it until he came back

and because everyone is a busybody nowadays, they ALL assumed foul play

some of these dog lovers are just cuckoo with the pitchforks, dog autopsies and dog eulogies

and anthropomorphic fallacies

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Anonymous said...

So some groups raised several thousand dollars toward finding the supposed killer of the supposed drowned dog. Poor homeless guy just wanted to bury his pet. His belongings were stolen and his dog taken away. Did anyone think to give HIM the money?