Monday, May 30, 2016

If You Gotta Go

go now

so the big question today in 2016 on Memorial Day is which bathroom I should use when I gotta go..the Men's Room or the Ladies Room...or the little Girl's Room or the little Boy's Room
if you are transgender you can go to the little Girl's Room, whip it out and take care of business and no one is ever the wiser..unless you're a little girl

but I must admit, although I'm a man I have used co-ed bathrooms to pee..they got one in Carp but the door locks so you can have some privacy..the last thing I wanna see is some big guy dressed like a girl peeing next to me....or on me....or whatever


but is this what American soldiers have fought and died for in war? so guys could dress up like girls and prance around like Caitlin Jenner, nee Bruce Jenner..and it seems we're all just pissin in the wind

well according to the News-Press and Christian Preacher Brother Caldwell, if the 1960s hadn't happened, then the sex issues wouldn't be so mixed up today...the 60s were full of hippies, hedonism and debauchery or so I'm told and that's why we got all these little sissies running around today...

but I remember the 1960s as pretty cool and Santa Barbara was innocent as can be...things were a'happenin' all around from riots to marches to civil rights movements to wars to music on the Sunset Strip...I just loved the 60s!! Beatles, Stones, Dusty Springfield, Blue Cheer, Hendrix Dylan...geez..TURN IT UP!!!

I am a hedonist..I like pleasure, not pain and when I sees a girl on the beach all pretty and shiny, I wanna fuck her!! a red-blooded hedonist American am I

but Brother Caldwell (as Sister Janet called him) is woefully ignorant of history..even the bible was full of dens of iniquity and transgender gay dudes like Mark and Matthew...either you are a disciple, a hedonist or Bourgeois...

"and the 1920s illicit alcohol trade introduced the Mafia to thirsty Americans...The First World War (1914-1918) had wiped out an entire generation of young men, the horror of trench warfare, mustard gas attacks and aerial bombing of civilians had made people feel that the world was a horrible place and they should enjoy themselves whilst they could. As a result the "Roaring Twenties" was a period when suddenly girls wore short skirts, smoked and drank in public, flirted and necked and generally had a Hell of a time! The men of course were not slow to join the partying. At that time recreational drugs such as cocaine were not illegal so they were also a frequent stimulant of choice amongst the wealthier partygoers, even sniffing "laughing gas" was considered a cool thing to do.

In a large part, the reaction to this period of abandon was a backlash by staunch Christians which ended with the introduction of Prohibition in 1929 - the unintended consequence of which was a rise to power of the bootleggers and organised crime"

so in fact it was the Christians who started all this American debauchery by trying to outlaw booze and short skirts on women..or men..and then they tried to censor movies in pre-code Hollywood...

if a kid wants to wear his babysitter's bra and panties, let him get it out of his system...for the record, I've never worn a bra and panties..well, not at the same time anyway

when you deny people what they want and need, you create odd fixations, disorders and fetishes and backroom deals and conservatives groping each other in bathrooms..and the DSM-III-R

sex is a very dirty thing...

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