Sunday, May 22, 2016

For All We Know

love... look at the two of us... strangers in many ways

I gotta be real dang careful about emails I get...I'm cautious by nature but if you're too cautious you miss things so you gotta be a little reckless too.. I get emails from girls, real pretty girls, then they disappear into the moonlit outback!

for all I know the folks who send me emails may all be just one joker trying to make a fool outta me which actually is pretty easy

but anyway I got an email about Ty Warner..I read about Ty alot in the court calendars and the guy who is suing him in small claims for unlawful eviction or something...and I got no real issue with Ty other than he's a tax cheat and totally femmed-out Channel Drive and messed up the Coral Casino...Ty wouldn't know a cabana from a banana

so the email links me to this: Clubhouse on Wheels: TY WARNER & THE BILTMORE


so I check it out and the Biltmore bar seemingly has turned all Van Gogh in the throes of Vinnie's's a ghostly vision where the only patrons are indeed ghosts with one or two fleshy beings drinking some wine trying to figure out what happened

well I'll tell ya what happened...this is can get rich selling stupid little bear dolls and then buy all the properties in Montecito and turn them into fancy crappers..the Montecito County Club is wasted, the San Ysidro Ranch is unrecognizable...

the Ty Warner Sea Center was a joke...

it's enough to drive a guy insane

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