Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Walking The Dog

Mary Mac dressed in black Silver buttons all down her back Hello tipsy toes She broke the needle and she can't sew. Walking the dog Just a walking the dog

there are two sides to every story, every coin, and every woman...the woman has the front side with her tits and face and jelly roll and the back side with her ass, her back, her shoulders and the long soft hair..the legs and ankles.. I would start at her ankles and work my way up and take a big bite out of her ass and...I ...oh sorry this is a blog post about dogs not a romance novel and sometimes I get carried away!

whew...but anyway I would never hurt a dog unless it was a big dog biting my ass then I 'd slit its throat no problem...

but the little dogs I would never hurt...I understand when people get upset over some idiot torturing a little dog but the marches and crazy ideas about more laws and adoption counselors...I can't figure out who is crazier, the dog lovers or dog torturers!

most people don't go overboard about their dogs and if their mutt comes over and says "Hi" I got no problems with that...

but these two non-profits Davey's Legacy and Davey's Voice are run by some pretty weird gals..I'm sure even Davey would agree with me if that crazy Chinaman hadn't killed him...so people need to be held accountable when they do wrong by dogs, but there's too many cases where the law just looks the other way

these two nonprofits seem not to be able to get along with each other as they compete for nonprofit dollars and donations...it's a downright catfight between Julia and Gretchen and both these chicks are tied up with Wendy somehow or other and we know Wendy is not exactly grounded in any legitimate reality..so taken all together you got some crazy-ass chicks looking out for the dogs..

the bigger issues are why are there so many dogs in shelters..and what of these nonprofit shelters who cry so loud when the County Animal Services does anything

so maybe it's time to investigate the dog nonprofits that squeal so loudly... they seem to have an irrational hatred of County Animal Services and folks who work or volunteer there..volunteering is hard work because people tend to dump all their issues on you..

except except

let's start with a nonprofit called K-9 Pals.. from their Website:


Although most of the shelter volunteers providing daily care of shelter dogs are volunteers with K-9 PALS, K-9 PALS is not the supervising entity of the on -site operations the Goleta shelter. The on - site management at the County Shelter in Goleta is under the management of County Animal Services. Therefore when K-9 PALS volunteers are performing tasks for the county shelter they will be referred to as SBCAS volunteers and have to abide by SBCAS shelter rules.

Does K-9 PALS support euthansia of dogs for shelter population control?
NO. K-9 PALS believes that no dog should be euthanized for shelter population control, and advocates for shelters to elminate euthanasia except for reasons of irremediable health or very serious behavior problems
K-9 PALS does not accept strays or owner surrenders...

so this is interesting....the dog women have nothing but scorn for County Animal Services yet praise the nonprofit K9 Pal... but on the K9 Pal's own website they say they are managed by County Animal Services in Goleta... and K9 says they don't support killing dogs EXCEPT for health or serious behavior problems..and they don't care about strays or owner surrenders!!

so my theory is proved true..these crazy gals dish dirt on the County Animal Shelter because it is a gov't entity (and Wendy hates the gov't) and the gov't competes with the nonprofit donation machine..

nonprofits don't survive without donations....these folks don't work for a living so they beg for money like a dog begs for a bone!! and rich divorcees like Wendy support them

what a bunch of hypocrites!! they are now on my RADAR

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