Thursday, May 19, 2016

And When I Die

and when I'm gone, there'll be one child born in a world to carry on

geez, no sooner than I write about one booze calamity, another one pops up

what's up wih these soap opera actresses? look we're all actors on the stage of life but if you can't get through the day to day without booze, then you should commit yourself to an institution....if you want to drink for a living, move to Scotland

what? are they re-making Valley of the Dolls? you soap gals can't hold a candle to Patty, Barbara and Sharon!

now I mentioned some pickup truck drivers were crashing into things while drunk and now I hear about an actress crashing her Mercedes into a Ford (ironic!!) on the Chumash Highway of Death, fondly known in old westerns as San Marcos Pass..

but this actress chick was ID'd as Jensen Buchanan and she was arrested for DUI...KEYT said that not me so don't go suing me for repeating it here....and EDHAT gots a story on her too so sue Ed

I've never heard of Jensen Buchanan because I don't watch soaps because I'm not brain-damaged but her pic ain't so bad..kinda pretty but apparently separated from her wealthy Hollywood hubby..

then there's another soap actress from Montecito has some issues and her name is always on the criminal court calendar for probation violation or something..she starred in the soap "Santa Barbara" and got death threats about playing some character...

hey I get death threats all the's murder!! deal with it!

I think this is where Santa Barbara went wrong...all these silly soaps and fading pretty faces..

and death threats

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