Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweet Leilani

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower oh. / I dreamt of paradise for two. (My lovely Leilani)


censorship.. I hate it..esp in film when some idiots take out all the good stuff and leave me with some inane version of the original...it's fuckin' infuriating!! oh excuse me, I meant to say it's fruitfully infuriating

so I was in Heaven watching Footlight Parade with James Cagney and Joan Blondell..a pre-code 1930s film that is raunchy funny and the girls are gorgeous... pre-code films are now my new hobby

this film is very much a fun gag

first part, Cagney is running around while everyone forsakes him except Blondell

then the Honeymoon Hotel sequence which is hilarious with the brilliantly annoying Dick Powell singing and running from a weird little kid..and scantily clad women everywhere!! awesome

then the visually stunning sequence of the Water Nymphs sequence doing stuff I've never even dreamt of..in black and white

then Shanghai Lil...I have no idea why she was there but I'm glad she was!

"Made when the New Deal was new and fertile, the chemistry between the immortals Cagney and Blondell produces three classic prologues. Berkeley pairs rapper Dick Powell in bed with newlywed Ruby Keeler at the Honeymoon Hotel. Then a supernatural Keeler and a blond aquatic assembly line are employed as geometric designs. Finally, Cagney, the producer, falls onto the stage to become a sailor and to retrieve Keeler from an opium den. Together, Keeler and Cagney merge with dozens of sailors marching in formation, who turn over a collective face card, FDR's portrait, trumping Depression and Fear Itself, as well as all those individual flaws and failings personified by the minor characters and ourselves"

then the "code" was instituted...

anybody who claims to have the corner on public morality and decency is not to be trusted!!

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