Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look To Your Soul

for the answer

we men all lose love...girls come and go..I like it when they come but sometimes they go...now some folks blame me that their girlfriends left them but that's a stretch...I am not to blame..I am simply a go-between...look to your soul, for the answer


I hate mulch...it's everywhere supposedly giving nutrients to plants or conditioning soil...and so people gather the mulch in piles and wait..well when you stack the mulch piles high, the organic content decomposes and creates heat..and the mulch piles can get so hot in the center, they combust..so you need to monitor your pile...stick a long thermometer into the center and move the contents around. or aerate..

mulch piles are not like haystacks...you can't find a needle in a haystack but you may find fire in a mulch pile

now the County of SB wants to fancy-up Santa Claus Lane with a lone beach access point with a guard and ICE agent to catch illegals, for "safety"...they say the other access points are illegal..but this is not true..the county built a wooden fence after removing the old rusted spikes in the sand..the fence runs parallel to the tracks and there's at least three or four access points...I've provided a picture

this is a tacit approval of an access point by the County of Santa Barbara to Santa Claus beach...they are encouraging you and me to cross the railroad tracks, go thru the fence opening and enjoy a day at the beach

and that's the way it should be

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