Friday, November 30, 2012

break on through

to the other side...

it's nice to see the heart and soul of the real Montecito is still intact but unfortunately there's the "other" Montecito that's giving the real Montecito, the place I grew up in, a bad name...I'll have more on the real Montecito later!

but the "other" Montecito is inhabited by itinerant dwellers that I call fluffballs....fluffballs that make the news in publications like the Montecito Journal where I learned from gossip writer Richard Mineards (what an odd job for the old dude!!) that "other" Montecito fluffball Rob Lowe and some other chick from the Desperate Housewives TV show were at the opening of a new fluffy store in "other" Montecito.. I can't recall the name of the store and I don't want to because I would never shop there and Rob Lowe is starring in a new movie about Casey should be a gripping drama with some serious acting talent!

and hey does this "other" Montecito fluffball Richard Mineards look happy to see me?? no he doesn't!! and that makes me very of my goals is to get rid of this "other" Montecito...and that day shall come right soon

and besides, any friend of Wendy McCaw is a dweller in the "other" Montecito

now I've been preaching love lately and for good reason but I guess I can thank Wendy for teaching me how to love to hate her...Wendy, I love to hate you...I love to hate you.. I honestly love to hate you (like the Olivia Newton-John song!)

speaking of the News-Press
when Travis Armstrong left his cush job as Wendy's mouthpiece/publisher/editor/houseboy, in his last editorial he wrote of how much he appreciated the opportunity given to him by Wendy to lie about public workers on the editorial pages..

now we see Doctor of Thinkology and pot-house-head Lanny Ebenstein doing the same this Lanny's last hurrah? he says in an open letter to the BOS: " Dear Board of Supes, in the three years I've been given the opportunity to blah blah blah"...yeah well whatever Lanny

...I could be wrong but I think Lanny's leaving becuz Wendy's new pet Andy Caldwell blasted the UCSB teachers for their retirement issues and perks...Lanny of course draws a pension fron I'll remember Lanny and all his vain attempts to bust the public unions and blame public service workers for all the ills of society...actually, Lanny was lying alot and just got caught which is why he now spends all his time in shady nonprofits....

and what about Terry Tyler?? he used to write guest opinions for the New-Press last year-

what happened to him?? he just disappeared and now I hear that the cops are dragging the Bird Refuge for his body....which could explain alot of things!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

sweet soul music

some sweet souls gathered to say good-bye in a place where love always abides...

The Road Not Taken
By Robert Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


go ahead and jump!!

well there's the fiscal cliff, the cyber cliff and then there's the mental cliff...which one are you gonna jump off??

I've been waiting patiently for the fat lady to sing.....the big gal in the valley, Nancy Crawford-Hall... Nancy spent about $500000 to get image consultant Steve Pappas elected but he always loses even with all those barrels of ink!!!

Nancy owns the freebie paper Santa Ynez Valley Journal and I've been waiting for her to provide some real proof of voter fraud in Isla Vista and everywhere else where Republicans lost big...Nancy's been on a conspiracy rant for years now about voter efforts to stop the fraud this past election, the anal conservatives have gone to great lengths to try and suppress the vote of students and minorities or those who might vote Democratic....

but Big Nancy doesn't think the vote is being monkeyed with, at least not by her conseravtive pals:

As far as people trying to "suppress" the vote, get real, jerk. The only vote that is being suppressed these days is one that honors the Constitution we were founded on and the values that the majority favor. College students are being used to skew the vote toward the progressives when they aren’t familiar enough with what they intend to do with our society.

Don’t think that those of us who have fought hard to maintain or restore the sanctity of our vote will stop until it is once again not being stolen by the likes of you. We will not live under your tyranny, and we will do whatever is necessary to preserve our Republic, not the democracy you envision. We have now taken our case to the California Supreme Court and, in fact, have spread our facts and information around the country.

then the white supremacist skinhead Governor of Florida Rick Scott tried to shorten the early voting period thinking it would benefit the Rush Limbaugh conservatives...

Jim Greer, the former head of the Florida Republican Party, recently claimed that a law shortening the early voting period in the state was deliberately designed to suppress voting among groups that tend to support Democratic candidates, the Palm Beach Post reports.

"The Republican Party, the strategists, the consultants, they firmly believe that early voting is bad for Republican Party candidates," Greer told the Post. "It’s done for one reason and one reason only...‘We’ve got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us.’"

The HB 1355 law, which was passed by Florida's Republican legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) in Nov. 2011, cut the number of early voting days from 14 to eight. It was publicly sold as an effort to reduce voter fraud and to save money, but Greer says that this was simply a "marketing ploy."

Greer served as Florida's GOP chairman from 2006 until 2010 when he was forced to resign after allegedly stealing money from the party. He was arrested and his case is pending...

but the story is very twisted and Greer says he was set up....

Orlando, Florida --The 10 News Investigators have learned of yet another proposed secret agreement with the Republican Party of Florida and its former Chairman, Jim Greer.

The state GOP, which is claiming Greer stole money from it, wants to pay Greer hush money to keep quiet.

This is a major victory for Jim Greer. Last year we told you about a secret severance agreement the party signed with Greer. Party leaders first denied its existence, and then, when it became public, the party refused to honor the agreement, saying Greer stole money from the GOP.

Now we've learned of another proposed secret agreement, and it is something only the highest level people in the Party know about.
Greer says it makes the party look like it is talking out of both sides of its mouth, saying he stole money from them, and then wanting to pay him hush money so he won't reveal party secrets.

I think the fat lady and skinny skinhead would make a lovely couple!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Scarlet Ribbons

she wore scarlet ribbons for her hair....

well there's lots of ribbons...I always loved Scarlet Ribbons..a beautiful and rather spooky old song and Dolly Houston's version is my favorite

Ribbon of Darkness..a Gordon Lightfoot song that Connie Smith sang really nice...

but lately I've seen her ribbons and her bows have fallen from her curls...oooohhh...Dylan's Just like a Woman...can't ever forget that one

Tie a Yellow Ribbon....Tony Orlando's song...catchy and annoying

and this one Help me Make it Through the Night: "take the ribbon from my hair, shake it loose and let it fall" sang Sammi Smith...Kris Kristofferson wrote that song and I didn't know Kris wore ribbons in his hair..well whatever dude

and whatever you do ..DO NOT put ribbons in your dog's hair! just don't...

and then of course there's the Ribbon of Shame...remember that one...all the folks at the News-Press were so worked up over that ribbon...they kept declaring in editorials that if the Ribbon of Shame was cut, one of their ultra-conservative candidates could finally beat ol' Lois finally the ribbon was cut with re-districting and still Lois won! sorry Abe

and Blue Ribbon panels....oh I hate those...what kind of an idiot would be on a Blue Ribbon panel? conservatives always call for Blue Ribbon panels to study an issue when they lose an election!! ahaha

now I've made some excellent points today and it's clear that ribbons have no place in politics, but in your hair, tied back or slightly falling, well that's another story altogether...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

sugar sugar

ah honey honey, you are my candy girl...

well I've been watching the Twinkie thing....I went to Vons yesterday and these gay guys were staring at me like I was a sweet Twinkie treat..well I'm not! I am all for equal rights but that doesn't mean I'm on the menu!! geez, just relax and let me go on my way....or I'll go all Chik Fil A on ya!! you gays better watch it now!

ok so with the demise of Twinkies, the Hostess junk food icon, some folks are predicting the end of capitalism-

the unions busted the company and so the company went bankrupt...first of all I don't eat Twinkies anymore cause I get weird after eating them..I do...I get weird...I won't go into details but if you pack a cakey-sugary high on a creamy sugary high, things get off kilter a bit...remember the guy who killed the gay politican from SF, Harvey Milk and then blamed Twinkies for his urge to kill...well, I felt almost like that after my last Twinkie, so I don't eat them anymore..I coulda wasted those gay dudes at Vons if I was on Twinkies, you know...

and Hostess started all this gay stuff with names like Sno-Balls, Ding-Dongs, Cup-Cakes, Twinkies and Fruit-Pies..people aren't born gay, it's all related to diet...and if you eat enuff Twinkies or Ding Dongs, you turn gay...that's my theory

but anyway, what really killed Twinkies?? the union that has been there since the beginning, or something else....well yeah, it wasn't the unions...

As the final Twinkies, Sno-Balls and those glowing orange cupcakes were stuffed with cream and wrapped in cellophane on Friday, the business world and much of the news media knew who was to blame for this dying American icon. It was the unions.

But the story is far more complicated than that — and in some ways, the exact opposite of the tale pushed by those on the right. It’s the story of two bankruptcies, hundreds of millions of givebacks from Hostess unions and hundreds of millions of debt piled onto the company by venture capitalists. It’s a story of management that boosted its own salaries, while failing to make agreed payments into workers’ pension funds. And it’s a story of changing tastes and diets.

To begin with, when was the last time you ate a Twinkie or chose spongy Wonder Bread over an artisanal or organic load? The company simply hasn’t been able to adequately compete due to a stodgy, moribund management that did not act to diversify a product base that hasn’t changed with the times (unless you count 100-calorie Twinkies packs). As the New York Times reported way back on Sept. 23, 2004, "People are still eating Hostess Twinkies and Wonder Bread, but the problem for Interstate Bakeries is that they are eating less of them.

the rightwingers always blame the unions when a business fails, and never put the blame where it belongs..on management..or mismanagement....

and why would I, in 2012, eat a Twinkie when I could eat a bowlful of yummy red grapes picked by hardworking illegal immigrants who rightwingers want to ship back to Mexico..

the lesson to be learned in all of this is- you can't have your cake and eat it too

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I wish I had a river

ok so it's coming on Christmas, they're cutting down trees, they're chopping up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace...

well maybe they used to do that but nowadays they are just cutting down trees...some trees need to go due to disease or root intrusion, but other trees are being cut due to their immigration I checked out Carpinteria I see some big messy native pines are being saved even though they did some damage to the sidewalk and street, while others doing less damage are being cut down because they are not native, altho the excuse is they are doing damage to the sidewalks!

these trees on 7th Street are nice big pines that are messy when they shed..and the giant roots did some sidewalk and street damage, but the city of Carp just blocked the roots and repaved the street and redid the sidewalk...while other foreign trees were just cut down..

in Carp at the beach, the State Park has cut down many trees and is on a native only theme..I'll explore this later but the point is they are mucking up a nice little area in Carpinteria and wasting money to boot..but oh they did have a private slush fund of $54 million they forgot to tell anyone about until they were audited....state parker goofball Rich Rozelle and a few others are responsible for re-making the park into a gaudy, unnatural, treeless BBQ pit with a Tsunami Evacuation Route!!

sycamore on a wire
the eucalyptus at the south end of the park have been clear cut leaving a weird bombed out look....they want to plant sycamores here because they are native, but a big sycamore can drop limbs and damage sidewalks too..this awesome sycamore is about to take out a power line at a local creek....the state and county and city simply don't do timely tree maintenance, instead they wait until the last minute and then start chopping....just another example of poor planning...

and piss poor management!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

When black Friday comes, I'll stand down by the door And catch the gray men when they dive from the fourteenth floor

OMG!! anti gay Christian lawyer was busted for child porn....yeah, that sounds about right..

well I guess since UCSB doesn't call COLAB's God -fearing Christian News-Press editorial writer Andy Caldwell anymore to lecture to the students about life in the conservative reaches of Santa Maria, the Wendy has allowed Andy to give us these little itty bitty mini-lectures about life via the editorial page!

so Thursday I learned the true, true meaning of Thanksgiving.. shopping and gambling at the Chumash Casino! and of course I got a little history lesson from Caldwell about Joseph from the bible and a dude named Squanto, the helpful Indian who was sent to the pilgrims by God to teach them how to hunt and fish and care for their crops..and of course create Thanksgiving!

uh, excuse me..I'm raising my hand here...what Andy left out is that Squanto was Tonto's grandpappy!! and I'm the Lone Ranger..

but in reality Squanto speaky with forked tongue...
Likewise the myth of Squanto, the friendly Indian guide and interpreter who helped the Pilgrims through their first New England winter. Samuel M. Wilson, in an article in Natural History, credits archaeologist and ethnohistorian Lynn Ceci with debunking the Squanto myth. Not only didn't he teach the Pilgrims to fertilize their corn with fish (Ceci found this practice to be of European origin), but he was far more worldly than his 'noble savage' image implies.

Squanto had, in fact, been kidnapped from Cape Cod and sold into slavery in Spain in 1614, Ceci claims. He lived in England with the treasurer of the Newfoundland Company, worked for the merchant who later financed the Mayflower, accompanied Capt. John Mason to Newfoundland and eventually returned to New England, where he found his entire tribe obliterated by slavery and European diseases.

His village was now occupied by the Pilgrims, and in his savvy he found it advantageous to befriend them and represent them (or mis-represent them) to other tribes. Squanto did in fact invite the Wampanoag tribe to the first Plymouth thanksgiving - but then he also told them that the white settlers kept the plague in the ground and could release it at will.....

ok kemo sabe, so Squanto gave us Thanksgiving, but who gave us Black Friday.... Hopalong Cassidy??

Thursday, November 22, 2012

on her way to the sun

on this Thanksgiving Day, I remember Dani..

she was only a child and she ran all the way....
on her way to the sun..on her way to the sun...

the first California girl I fell in love with...she was friendly and smart... and Santa Barbara Junior grade above me..although she never knew I liked her...but maybe she did....I checked the Torchbearer and saw her sweet picture...and shed a tear or two...and that's good

on her way to the sun...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Thanksgiving Eve tips from the law offices of Darryl Genis

Demanding Your Rights as a Sober Drinker

The most damaging evidence in a DUI case is usually that provided by the citizen who is afraid to exercise his right to say no to a police officer.

Perhaps the most difficult part of American citizenship is learning to assert the rights that our Constitution guarantees. The Constitution is a passive document—it only works when we stand up and shout its name.

And shout we must, for two paramount reasons. First, we owe a debt to honor the memory of the men and women who died to ensure that we enjoy the freedom we have today. And second, we will lose our freedoms if we do not stand up to protect them.

Things Change When You're Accused
There was no one left to protest when they came for me.

The problem is compounded in DUI cases because the citizens accused of it are almost always law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. These citizens have been trained to think of police officers as their friends—the public servants who keep their homes safe at night.

While LEOs are undoubtedly the citizen's friend, the relationship changes when the blue lights go on behind your car. Your friendly public servant has just set into motion the process that will aim the guns of society at you. And no matter what that officer says to you, you have to remember that it is her job to use whatever deception is necessary to get the evidence to convict you.
You are not being asked for information to help the officer determine whether or not you are sober!
You are being asked to provide evidence against yourself that the officer can use in court later!

yes... by all means demand your rights as a sober drinking drunk driver!!!


 take off your rainbow shades
Arizona have another look at the world

Texas dumbass Gov Rick Perry tried it and now Arizona is trying..trying to lure California businesses to the desert because they say California is tax heavy and anti-business....

...well it's true that some folks leave California to retire in Arizona....the only problem is they can't go outside in the summer because it's too hot so they have these elaborate indoor cooling machines...but I think the Arizona folks who are complaining should move to Israel and hobnob with that worthless jackass terrorist Netanyahoo...a certified child killer

the story:

An Arizona business group is reaching for one of the oldest plays in the book -- offering to help California companies avoid higher taxes by leaving the state.

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council said it will fly 100 chief executives to Arizona for a grand tour of all the Grand Canyon State has to offer.

"If I were running a company in California, I would have a deep internal debate about the direction of the state," said Barry Broome, the group's president. "You just have an environment in California that isn’t good news for people who build and run companies."

California voters approved Proposition 30 last week, raising the sales tax by a quarter-cent for four years and income taxes on high earners by one to three percentage points for seven years.

The Arizona group expects to spend about $200,000 on the program after expanding it from 50 to 100 chief executives because of strong initial interest.

Broome himself has some experience choosing between California and Arizona. He almost took an economic development job in San Diego last year before deciding to stay in Phoenix.

Gil Duran, a spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown, dismissed Broome's overture.

"Anybody who tries to convince you to leave the best and richest state for some parched desert outpost should be regarded with extreme suspicion," he wrote in an e-mail. "Scam alert!"

and what if Meg Whitman was elected Gov of California..Meg's having a tough time at HP driving the stock to new lows!!

nice place to visit, but....

When life might have become uncertain, gloomy, too expensive, or stagnant, people have turned to Arizona hoping for a brighter future and brighter days. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, plenty of people are easily convinced that a move to the Phoenix area is the right thing to do. And on just about any relocation website you will come across, Arizona sounds like a pretty damn good choice. You will come across countless claims on the affordable housing, an expanding and prosperous job market, terrific year-round weather, and a million other reasons why you should join the millions of lost souls spread throughout the state of Arizona.

It is not until you pack up the family, all your belongings, the golden retriever, and actually make the move to Arizona that you will realize life out here is drastically different than what your Realtor had told you. You will encounter life forms you were sure only existed on other planets, a job market that appears to be severely misplaced, and a housing market that may never fully recover. Everything you had ever worked for essentially thrown away in that snap relocation decision, and now you must live out your sentence melting away in an extremely over-priced stucco dwelling in the Arizona summer heat. You will go from having your own office to working your own drive-thru window – you will go from having equity in a nice house in an established neighborhood to paying down a mortgage which is hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the home is actually worth – you will go from having real, valued friendships to locked away in your house to avoid these people, all the crime, and the temperature extremes. It won’t take long until you realize you have become just another one of the many trapped in this discouraging, dusty, densely packed desert called Arizona.

Anyone with two brain cells left to rub together will know that Arizona is known for low wages and that the mainstream careers out here include retail and call centers. It is unfortunate that the job market in Arizona is so piss poor, but to say that it is anything else would be a straight up lie. Since there are so few places to further your career in Arizona, many people end up working the drive thru window or retail just to support their families. Plenty of people in Arizona are stuck in jobs where it becomes next to impossible to put away any money or acquire any valuable skill sets for a real chance to get themselves out of this mess. It is hard enough to land an out-of-state job, but it is increasingly more difficult if your recent work experience was polishing urinal mints at an Arizona fast food chain. Employers want experience and there aren’t too many jobs in Arizona where you can gain this experience unless you always dreamt of maximizing your number of plates washed or outbound calls per hour. Those stuck trying to move out of Arizona often realize that any time spent in Arizona has done nothing to build their resume or expand their professional network and this makes it increasingly difficult to leave. Arizona will not help you further your career and even if you do manage to get out, you will be stuck all the way at the bottom once again.

So many people bought into Arizona’s bogus housing market and are now stuck with mortgages they will spend a lifetime paying off. It is frightening how many people in Arizona are paying hefty mortgages, are upside down on their mortgages, or are just a month away from foreclosing. The Arizona housing market is not rebounding anytime soon, and many people who buy out here really have no idea what they are potentially in for. You would be surprised to find out just how many people are stuck out here just because they have a mortgage on a house they couldn’t dream of selling and can’t find any qualified renters for. In a real estate market where there are already so many available homes, more developments going up for some reason, and so few buyers, it really gives those buyers and potential renters the upper hand. Many people cannot afford to take the several hundred thousand dollar hit by selling their homes right now, so they end up stuck living in Arizona even though it is often not by choice.

Countless others arrive in Arizona and just let themselves completely go. Just a few months in Arizona and it is understood that ambition means nothing out here. Look at the people around you – so many people out here surround themselves with beers, double cheeseburgers, and chrome wheels they are just renting.

Arizona...why doncha go my way!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

shakin' all over

James Bond has been ordering his vodka martinis "shaken, not stirred" for 50 years now. But some experts say 007's order may be ill-conceived and a bit cloudy -- literally.

"Traditional martinis have a higher mix of vermouth in them and should not be shaken, as it will make it cloudy," says Ted Mills, cocktail aficionado and writer of Drink of the Week at Santa Barbara NewsPress. Martini makers have evolved their recipe over time to include much less vermouth, essentially turning the drink into simply vodka or gin in a glass. "If it's just vodka or gin, shaking won't make any difference," Mills contends.

but Mills is wrong: Shaken is indeed correct, and if the reporter would read Ian Fleming, she would soon notice that Bond's martini is a concoction of his own design, one that does not involve Vermouth, but rather Gordon's gin, Vodka, and Lilet Kina, which is not vermouth.

well, without any news on Peter Lance to write about, Scott Steepleton writes little blurbs about booze parties..apparently, two News-Press guys who like stiff drinks will give a guided booze tour where they visit bars and get drunk! how fun...

from the News-Press...November 18, 2012:
A toast marking the repeal of Prohibition SANTA BARBARA A pair of Constitution buffs who also happen to like a good stiff drink — not to mention a shot, a cocktail and even a microbrew — are hosting a guided tour of downtown drinking establishments to honor the event that made them all possible: Repeal Day, Dec. 5, 1933, when Utah ratified the 21st Amendment, repealing Prohibition. Joining a growing number of people getting in on the Repeal Day fun, Ted Mills, who writes the Drink of the Week column among other features for the News-Press, and Joe Andrieu have designated Dec. 5 as the second annual Santa Barbara Repeal Day.

We celebrate Repeal Day because December 5th marks a return to the rich traditions of craft fermentation and distillation, the legitimacy of the American bartender as a contributor to the culinary arts, and the responsible enjoyment of alcohol as a sacred social custom.

drunk plows into car
drinking alcohol a sacred social custom?? yeah if you're a dumbass hillbilly moonshiner, like this guy who crashed into a car near my neighborhood at 8:00 AM a few years ago!

There are no outfits to buy, costumes to rent, rivers to dye green. Simply celebrate the day by stopping by your local bar, tavern, saloon, winery, distillery, or brewhouse and having a drink. Pick up a six-pack on your way home from work. Split a bottle of wine with a loved one. Buy a shot for a stranger. Just do it because you can.

pick up a six pack on your way home from work??? buy a shot for a about you guys GROW THE FUCK UP and realize that alcohol is the #1 abused drug..all you haver to do is look around and you'll see..

What is it?Alcohol is a depressant derived from the natural fermentation of fruits, vegetables and grains. These are brewed and distilled into a wide range of beverages with various alcohol contents.

drunk gets arrested
The Risks
You may hear that it will loosen you up and help you relax. What you may not hear is that it can damage the part of your brain that controls coordination, memory, judgment and decision-making.1 Straight up, drinking makes you dumber—you may slur your words and lose coordination, and your reactions will become slower.

Straight up, drinking makes you dumber....just look at the News-Press!!!
Thanks for reading about what we hope will become a celebrated day in this country. Please help spread the word about Repeal Day, and tell a friend.
what a stupid idea esp considering all the drug issues the News-Press folks have...and all the DUIs that keep happpening...

Ted Mills and Joe Andrieu are pushing this day to celebrate alcohol consumption..these two ignorant jerkoffs are now on my radar....

Monday, November 19, 2012

the logical song

watch what you say, they'll be calling you a radical

now when President George Bush left office, we were blessed to finish two wars/invasions, the DOW was at 8000 points, the auto companies, banks, insurance industries were receiving tax payer funded bailouts due to fiscal mismangement, greed and fraud and when America was under the 9/11 attack in New York, Pres Bush was reading nursery rhymes to children...not a winning plan or strategery....I think the Republicans suffer from illogical thinking..if they were more logical, none of that shit I just mentioned would've happened.... it all comes down to logic..

Andy Caldwell writes editorials for the NewsPress and Andy also suffers from illogical thinking

the line that righties use most often is public schools are indoctrinating students in liberal thought because Obama won two elections and the students at UCSB are responsible for that!

this is the weakest argument I've ever heard and it's illogical is a right and an exercise of free will

but Andy has proof that the commie teachers are indoctrinating public students.... it seems UCSB doesn't invite him to lecture the young folks anymore..

Andy has stated in previous editorials and in his usual tortured English that the average voter is "neither a critical or a deep thinker"..then he goes on to say we should all watch Dinesh D'Souza's film exposing Obama as a colonialist who wants to redistribute wealth...

first Andy , the correct grammar is "neither, nor" not "neither, or"...

think the reason UCSB doesn't invite you to lecture anymore is because you're a illogical dude..

but let me help...public schools teach logic..I think SBCC teaches a course and Andy, you should avail yourself of this socialist'll set you back about 50 bucks..get Wendy to pay for it!!!

let's start with a simple example, with a sylogism, the basic building block to logical thinking..

Republicans are morons
Andy Caldwell is a Republican
therefore, Andy is a moron!

there's a major and minor premise and a conclusion and they are all true.....when the Republicans try to analyse things, they screw up the sylogism making the conclusions false...for example

Democrats are commies
Obama is a Democrat
therefore, Democrats are lemmings!

see, nothing follows or flows in a Republican argument....and do you know why?
because all Republicans are imbeciles!!!

class dismissed

Sunday, November 18, 2012

land of a thousand dances

Cannibal and the Headhunters...

well, according to the News-Press cub reporter Jordan Ecarma, Harding School recently welcomed a new principal and everything is hunky dory...what Jordan forgot to include in the story brief was the school put the prinicpal they hired in July, Nuh Kimbwala on paid leave for some undisclosed this dude another refugee from Uganda? David Cash brought his pal Uganda refugee Ben Drati from Fresno to fill a high paid administrative position.. I've covered Drati before and the troubles he had in Clovis, but is the problem that these Uganda guys are cannibals? Idi Amin remember him? maybe Superintendent David Cash has a thing for Uganda guys??

and Jordan, you need to dig deeper for stories dude(ette)!!


Following the recommendation of an 11-member panel comprised of teachers, classified employees, administrators, parents, and a UC Santa Barbara representative, the board approved Nuh Kimbwala to serve as the principal of Harding University Partnership School...

here's some more on Drati
Drati claimed a Facebook parody of him by a student amounted to identity theft!! but that was not the case..there's difference between parody and felony ID theft...believe me, I know!!! and the student didn't even create the parody page!!

another free speech and opinions issue which are guaranteed by the First AmendmentIn December 2010,
On Point reported that Pembroke Pines Charter High School (PPCHS) in Florida had agreed to settle a (federal) free speech suit brought by former student Katherine Evans. Evans was suspended by PPCHS Principal Peter Bayer after she used her home computer to write, "Ms. Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I’ve ever met!" in a Facebook posting. As part of the settlement, PPCHS will expunge Evans’ three-day suspension from her disciplinary record. The school has also agreed to pay Evans $1 in nominal damages and $15,000 in attorney's fees.

Although Bayer had argued in federal district court that the suspension was justified on the grounds Evans’ online rant was not protected speech in part because of its "potentially defamatory content," the court, in February 2010, denied his motion to dismiss the suit. The court found that Evans expressed an opinion about a teacher that "was published off-campus, did not cause any disruption on-campus, and was not lewd, vulgar, threatening, or advocating illegal or dangerous behavior."

and the Santa Barbara school district was on the verge of hiring a convicted child killer Raymond Gularte to mentor at risk youth in Gularte and his wife's shady Smiling Faces Youth Program at San Marcos High....the program did not happen and the
Smiling Faces people sued the school district for breach of contract, but then disappeared after we busted them on this blog for their criminal past!!

and now I hear a member of the board of the nonprofit Carpinteria Education Foundation was busted for DUI in Santa Barbara!
Organization’s history and accomplishments:

The Carpinteria Education Foundation (CEF), a nonprofit organization of volunteers formed in 1993, provides financial assistance and support for public schools in the Carpinteria Unified School District (CUSD). CEF’S Mission is threefold: 1. To Promote Excellence in Education; 2. To Channel Private Sector Resources to the Carpinteria Unified School District; 3. To Inform and Involve the Community in the Needs of the School District. Since its inception, CEF has distributed over $700,000 in funds towards the enhancement of educational opportunities for Carpinteria and Summerland students.

I think instead of unleashing the drug sniffing dogs on the students, we need to focus on the administrators who are in leadership roles guiding the kids, but who are doing a dismal job of providing any real leadership...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the Trouble with Harry

and the latest trouble with our neighbors...

Inge Voulade looking for something from John Forsythe's will/estate..don't know what but loved John in the "Trouble with Harry"

Stephen L Berman 07/13/2012 1402760 Defendant: Tokase Properties LLC being sued by Montecito Bank and Trust....hmmmm, the name sounds familiar and I love the Cabo ads!

Defendant Michael Stinchfield 10/30/2012 1414186 Person to be Protected-Harassment: Eileen Mira 10/30/2012 1414186 Person to be Protected-Harassment: Shay Muneio 10/30/2012 1414186 Person to be Protected-Harassment: Tommy Muneio 10/30/2012 1414186 Plaintiff/To be protected-Harasmnt: Thomas Alan Muneio ....oh the Stinchfield dude..stop harassing people!!!

Ampersand vs EVERYBODY!!! Wendy is a sick bitch!!!

11/27/2012: 8:30 am  Jessica Fabing vs Joe Costner et al Thomas P Anderle SB3 1) Case Management Conference Civil-SB 03/12/2013:
8:30 am  Grimm Investments LLC vs Kevin Costner et al...the hedge thing couldn't be resolved peacefully!!!

DefendantJoe Costner 07/5/2012 1402620 Defendant: Kevin Costner 07/5/2012 1402620 Plaintiff: Jessica Fabing .....  don't know why Jessica is suing Kevin and son Joe but she's on Facebook

Cross Complainant: Randy Campbell 02/11/2010 1341942 Cross Defendant: Joseph L Cole 02/11/2010 1341942 Cross Defendant: Marianne Partridge 02/11/2010 1341942 Defendant: Randy Campbell 02/11/2010 1341942 Plaintiff: Marianne Partridge ..GO RANDY!!!

Montecito Water District et al vs Price Postel & Parma etc..the Ortega Reservoir is still leaking????

Cross ComplainantMaria's Holding Corp 11/23/2009 1340720 Cross Complainant: Maria's Kitchen Number Eight Inc 11/23/2009 1340720 Cross Defendant: James Craddock 11/23/2009 1340720 Cross Defendant: Olivier Deroo 11/23/2009 1340720 Cross Defendant: Mohammad Khosrawipour 11/23/2009 1340720 Cross Defendant: SB California Pasta LLC 11/23/2009 1340720 Cross Defendant: VH&M Corporation 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: Madelyn Alfano 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: James Craddock 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: Olivier Deroo 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: David R Fox 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: Maria's Italian Kitchen Number Eigh 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: Marias Holding Corp 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: Marias Kitchen Number Eight Inc 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: SB California Pasta LLC 11/23/2009 1340720 Defendant: VH&M Corporation 11/23/2009 1340720 Plaintiff: FW CA-Five Points Shopping Center L

geez and all I wanna is soma spicy meatballs!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

what a wonderful world this would be

don't know much about history, don't know much biology...

is the GOP the Party of Stupid?

the Party of Stupid
conservative Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal says yes and that's my conclusion as I read Lanny Ebenstein's latest editorial about the benefits of the Reagan Ranch Center and the Young Miss America Foundation...oh it's a wonderful place says's educational..they've extended the hours, there's luncheons and even Lanny has "taught" there a few times....

I find it ironic that Wendy and the YAF have never invited Reagan's real son, Ron, to the center to give talk..they always invite the bastard son Micheal...look Mike, Reagan wasn't your "dad"....I think he loved Ron more and was really embarrassed by you because you were such a dumbass suck up...

but I digress....Lanny has always been a shill for Wendy and now is her lapdog, promoting the Reagan Ranch Center in light of Obama's re-election....they've extended the hours of the Ranch Center in hopes of winning the next election...

I can almost guarantee Ronald Reagan would not be too happy about all this Wendy McCuckoo influence and using his name to promote ultra-conservatism...

now I voted for Reagan in the 1980s and he seemed like an ok guy....then the shit hit the fan..the Iran contras, the arms deals, the bombing of the Lebanon embassy killing 200 American soldiers (the rightwingers, led by senile John McCain, are trying to use Bengazzi to get back at the libs!)

I liked Jesse Ventura's idea..he's a former Navy seal who says shut down all our embassies...
Jesse Ventura: I think we should shut down our embassies, stop all foreign aid, and get the hell out of there. Let me go back to the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan was President, and of course he’s the icon of the Republican Party. If you recall our marine barracks in Lebanon was attacked and over 200 marines were killed. Did Ronald Reagan go to war? No, he got the hell out of there. I mean if these people don’t want us there, why are we there?

so the Reagan Ranch Center promotes a rosy Reagan legacy that is mostly mythical and not based in reality...the president of the YAF Ron Robinson has been writing letters trying to explain the election drubbing..he's begging donors for more money and promising more lectures from the likes of Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Rand Paul and Michelle Bachman..the Party of Stupid...I'll have more on Ron later

now in stark contrast to Ampersand's loopy publishings, I 've been happy with a new publication called Pacific Standard...after the second issue, I looked at the particulars and it is published by Sarah Miller McCune with stories by Nick Welsh and Ann Bardach among others..and a cool old pic of Hendrix looking rather preppy!

I used to buy magazines until the book stores closed...the Utne Reader, Earth First and many others which offered juicy subversive stuff..the kind of stuff Wendy would censor..

the Pacific Standard carries on the tradition of real writers with real stories...interesting magazine I hope to see more of...

Thursday, November 15, 2012


ain't got no bark or bite...

domesticated dogs make good pets because all they want is food which is readily available from you..some of you even feed your dogs gourmet food because you're a bunch of pussies..I'll speak about cats later..

and wild dogs don't wanna talk, they would just  rather rip your throat out!!

but let's us talk about what brought this post on...PETA and Wendy did!! and generally women in their 60s..dried up old bitches as it were..I wouldn't fuck one of these gals with a ten foot dildo!! neither it appears would four star generals!

but the thing is Wendy had the head of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, in her paper...and the column was titled "animals speak, let's listen to them"..she cited some unsubstantiated instances where some animals were actually bilingual...and she assures us dolphins would love to speak with us

when your cat or dog looks at you, you can tell what they might want to feed me or whatever...this is nonsense...animals don't talk and you don;t know what they are thinking....but if they could talk, you may mistake that "how do" for a "fuck you" depends on the animal

Wendy likes these types of women..these women in their 60s..these old bitches..they are Todd Akin crazy...

they use irrational thought to replace rational thought..Dr. Laura used to write a column in the News-Press and she's a quack; Wendy endorsed Orly Taitz last year; and now she's got this PETA nut...PETA wanted to erect a memorial to dead fish in Irvine and other places so you know the gals are mental!!

and then there's the will..Ingrid's will...she wants to be a martyr for animals
The Bizarre Will of Ingrid Newkirk

Here's an abridged list of Newkirk's directions for PETA to follow with her body:

a. That the "meat" of my body, or a portion thereof, be used for a human barbecue, to remind the world that the meat of a corpse is all flesh, regardless of whether it comes from a human being or another animal, and that flesh foods are not needed
b. That my skin, or a portion thereof, be removed and made into leather products, such as purses, to remind the world that human skin and the skin of other animals is the same and that neither is "fabric" nor needed.
c. my feet be removed and umbrella stands or other ornamentation be made from them, as a reminder of the depravity of killing innocent animals, such as elephants, in order that we might use their body parts for household items and decorations;

all this animal rights frenzy is called a pathetic fallacy, or anthropomorphic fallacy.. when people study animals, they need to be careful not to attribute human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals...anyone who does this is a that Pet Psychic chick at the Independent, Laura Stinchfield..she's a quack, a nut job...Marianne Partridge should be ashamed of herself for carrying Stinchfields's column...

now what all this means is if you're gonna kill an animal, say for Thanksgiving or some other holiday whack the stupid ones and leave the smart ones alone, morons!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the Bold and the Beautiful

like sands thru an hourglass...

of course I don't watch soap operas on TV because I feel like I'm in the middle of one big soap opera surrounded by a bunch of drama queens..and you know's kinda fun!

we got the David Patraeus soap and now a new lady enters the scene and her name is Jill Kelley..and boy oh boy is she pretty...she likes dirty emails from important military men in uniform so I just sent her a dirty email!! then I find out she ran a shady non-profit and is millions in debt so I sent her another dirty email! Dear Jill, I wanna swim up your Eerie Canal.....

then there's the constant News-Press soap opera with Wendy trying to dodge the union and the law...she needs to pay her debts but she's too much of a drama queen...she's silly and frivolous, like a soap opera

Darryl Genis
then we got the other soap..the real one on TV called the Bold and the Beautiful...apparently the star of this soap is married to loser Alex D'Andrea who is loser Stephen Baldwin's business partner and who was recently found guilty of impersonating a cop..he was sentenced to jail and fined..and he had DUI queen Darryl Genis from the law firm Loser, Loser and Loser Ltd as his lawyer..Genis defended losers Peter Lance and Tony DeNunzio too!

now that's pretty soapy by itself..but the gal, the actress is
Katherine Kelly Lang and she just filed for divorce from D'Andrea...

from TMZ:

This isn't a soap opera storyline ... "The Bold and the Beautiful" star Katherine Kelly Lang has filed for divorce from her hubby ... TMZ has learned.

According to the divorce papers filed earlier this month, Lang cites irreconcilable differences for the split with hubby Alex D'Andrea. She is asking the judge to block his right to be awarded spousal support.

Lang and D'Andrea had been married since 1997. The couple has a 15-year-old daughter together.

Read more:
 D'Andrea wants spousal support?? geez, what man would want spousal support?? oh yeah, a Stephen Baldwin kinda man...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

gilded palace of sin

it'll swallow you in...
well I never did trust Elmo...Big Bird and Kermit I figured were beyond reproach morally, but Elmo is just flipping everyone off...I just never trusted that creepy muppet....the only animated figure I trust now is the GEICO gecko!!

geez first we got the Patraeus scandal now we got the Elmo scandal! then I hear that Elmo is carrying on a relationship with a 16 year old boy?? it seems everyone is gettin' laid except me!!

I look at Holly and Paula and I'm going for Paula everytime..I don't care if I'm married or she's married, sometimes things happen...they are called affairs and they are not that big of a deal...oh, I know there's some hurt involved but if you understand human sexuality and psyche, any opportunity to plug someone should not be missed..if the

desire is there..sorry, but that's the way it is..

so long Dixie...

it appears that residents of some states have petitioned the gov't to secede from the USA... among them is Texas:
The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government's neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it's citizens' standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government

Texas has been trying to secede for years so I say let em go..but no protection from the gov't when Mexico comes in to reclaim the territory....

and who is this dude Grover Norquist who got almost every conservative candidate to sign a pledge for no tax increases?? some tax increases are necessary so a pledge against taxes is absurd!!

but who is he? I've never heard of him til this election..
he's a nob basically..a search turns up all sorts of bad stuff on him..helped Arnold try to privatize (steal public workers' money) CALPERS, was involved with criminals Ollie North and Jack Abramoff and on and on...his daddy was VP of Polaroid which got buried in the digital age...and Mitt signed Grover's pledge!! that's not freedom...

it seems some folks enjoy living in cages and don't know what will truly set them free...but we know..don't we Mr. Gull

Monday, November 12, 2012

tell her no

don't hurt me now for her love belongs to me..ah

ohhh and I love these cold blustery days in California! I took a little hike at the Carp Bluffs and saw this giant oil rig erected in the middle of the trails...oh that must be the fracking thing?? no Conocco-Phillips is dong some testing at the bluffs....hmmmmm...dirty energy...

later that night as I watched I watched the same news report as everyone else on KEYT, things got really dirty

Sharin was talking about the porn industry possibly moving to Santa Barbara to escape the new condom rules...yes I watched and my mind raced as racey images kept popping up...Sharin's ruby red lips pouted and her shadowy eyes got intense and dark as she talked about sexy dirty things... I wore a condom once and I still broke thru!!

and speaking of dirty, have you seen General Patraeus's mistress, Paula Broadwell..she's hot! an Army gal...I salute all you lady veterans on Veterans Day!!! how could any man in the General's position resist Paula?? how could anyone tell her no?? these Army girls are sexy!!!

so everyone on the right is drooling over the Benghazi attack on 9/11 and the killing of four American diplomats by Libyans....and many believe that's why Patraeus quit the CIA so he wouldn't have to face the questions in a few days from the House Intell Committee....I don't think a Four- Star General would be afraid of's possible but I'll wait to find out what really happened...the other problem is did Paula get to see any top secrets??

the reality is having diplomats in unstable nations is asking for trouble....the guys should have left Libya until after 9/11

as I said before, you can get killed in Libya or in Colorado watching a Batman movie..there's no shortage of crazies out there!!

feel the wasted energy flying by....

now back to porn.. I would not be thrilled to see the industry come to Santa Barbara or Carp...this type of business, like gambling, appeals to the addicts, the quick-fix crowd..of course there's alot of money to be made but when I see the Casino give back some of the gambling money profits to non-profits, I cringe...will the porn folks do the same thing to curry favor? these industries just waste so much energy and I say the fewer the better....

but again... just try to tell her no..just try

Sunday, November 11, 2012

don't worry, be happy!

 what, me worry?

it has come to my attention that Wendy and Nipper and Don Katich have blocked access to my blog from the News-Press computers!! geez, how the hell else are these folks gonna learn anything about real life??

so I see the old GOP leaders had a meeting this week at Wendy's Reagan Ranch Center with the GOP kids at the Young Miss America Foundation and all are sad that Obama won...they say next time they will need more young folks voting, then they'll win...

but immediately I spot a problem: off in the corner of the the room is a giant picture of Scott Walker -the punk rightwing governor of Wisconsin!

who else has giant pictures of their leaders on the walls?? the Reds!! the commies! Chairman Mao! not to be confused with Ho Chi Minh...or that Ho I was with last night!

the only person who deserves a big picture on the wall is Alfred E Neuman!!

ok so listen small fries, Scott Walker is an idiot, not a hero who deserves a giant picture that you should worship....Scott Walker wanted to balance the budget on the backs of working class people and give his billionaire donors giant tax breaks..he tried to end collective bargaining and break public unions in Wisconsin....conservatives all around the country thought he was the Republican version of Chairman Mao, hence the big picture..

after awhile, when judges took a look at what Walker was doing, they struck down his anti-union initiatives as discriminatory...Walker should have known this but was too eager to please his sugar daddies, the Koch Bros..

MADISON, Wis. -- A Wisconsin judge struck down nearly all of the state law championed by Gov. Scott Walker that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most public workers...

now need to get out to the bubble and earn your own way....stay out of other peoples' business, stay out of their pockets and bedrooms and doctor's offices, and for
Goodness Sake,  don't worry, be happy!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

(I'm not) Your Stepping Stone

somebody's dog....

is afraid to go down the new steps to the beach at Mesa Lane..

in Santa Barbara...what??

and they want the steps re-designed????

are you fucking kidding me???

Friday, November 9, 2012

nobody knows you

when you're down and out..

and the Republicans are down and out right now..poor babies! but it seems that nutjob Ted Nugent is alive and hiding out in a bunker in Michigan...Ted's tweet was full of rage about the pimps, whores and welfare brats who voted for the old days rocknrollers could sing about social issues and put it on the radio...but no one wants to hear ol' Ted anymore...

and then there's wanker Stephen Baldwin the least of the Baldwin bros...tweeting about God's wrath is upon the USA and his hope is in Jesus and not Obama...Steve's business partner,

  Alexander D'Andrea was recently found guilty of impersonating a police officer and causing some mayhem in Ojai and has to serve time in jail...

Florida of all places went for Obama...I think and hope that great state will purge the Gov Rick Scott and Buckwheat (Allen West) from the political landscape....the voter suppression movement by the Teabaggers failed miserably...imagine waiting eight hours in line to vote...I'm so glad to live in California and the local election process went smooth as a baby's ass...

now the guy who replaced non-profiteer Joni Gray will be fun to watch...his name is Peter Adam and he is supposedly a Tea Party guy...I'm not against the Tea Party as much as the teabaggers who are killing it..the extreme anti-gov't pro-God nitwits..if Peter turns out to be one of them, he'll have a short run as supervisor...

speaking of appears that conservatives are confusing Him with Santa Claus....that's why they are always begging for money and praying for expensive gifts....but Jesus was a working class guy..a man of nature...a spiritual's got nothing to do with money!!

and if someone sent a drone over our airspace, I would hope that we would shoot it Iran tried to do to ours...we need to stop the drones nonsense...any sanctions against Iran hurt their children too!!

just some observations as I bask in the afterglow of the elections.....