Wednesday, September 30, 2015


won't you take me by the hand

now we know that the News-Press family and fans are racists... but it appears that they are also idiots and alcoholics..

first on the front page Peter Howorth, disgraced Marine Mammal guy is all hysterical with his stories about sharks..and the latest story is no different..a great white was sighted off shore in Carp and a hammerhead in Gaviota was involved with a the end of the article Howorth states that the hammerhead followed the kayaker back to shore, but "swam back and forth in three feet of water as if daring him to come back in"


sharks don't dare people to do can't attribute human traits to a shark!! Howorth is an idiot and thank God he lost his license to rescue marine mammals, or whatever happened to his license..these sharks are in their natural habitat looking for's a survival instinct

the other story in the Life Section was by Brett Leigh Dicks, another goofball Wendy sychophant

no doubt spurred on by boozehound Nipper, Brett does a story about pairing Yoga and beer!! if you need beer to do yoga, then it's not's stretching with beer..

alcohol and yoga..did the wandering ascetic Gotama awaken under the Bodhi tree drunk? no!

Yoga has absolutely nothing to do with drinking is a spiritual journey uniting mind and body with the universe (or something to that effect)..using alcohol to entice people into activities because they are too lazy or stupid to do otherwise

I know some Yogis and they do not recommend mingling enlightenment with drinking craft beer in the parking lot...

this is just an advertising gimmick for micro-breweries trying to pull these beer-swillling yuppie-hipster saps in...

but wisdom will never come from drinking brewskies all day...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Skies

Red skies at night Red skies at night Whoa oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ... Someone said we'll be dead by morning

I missed the moonrise thanks to an absurd cloud coverage right smack dab where it shouldn't be....the moon a phantom rose through the mountains although I couldn't see I waited out the night all set up with binocs, 3 bottles of vodka and cameras and finally , the heathen orb appears... the clouds painted a faint ghostly figure...a red face obscured by the eclipse or eclipsed by the obscure...


a super blood Moon dueling with the black Sun for the affections of Mother Earth ...when it was over, the full moon appeared the clouds disappeared the moon got even was freaky was so bright, I could see angels dancing on the Salt Marsh at full high tide...

and earlier in the day the marsh was was beautiful..and I saw this water bottle litter from the Chumash..nice touch...thanks amigos!!

for but a moment the moon shall rest on the sea drifting with the tide

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bumper To Bumper

i'll beep my horn for you, (bumper to bumper), give way i'm comin' through, (bumper to bumper), i'll beep my horn for you

I didn't go to the public hearing about the proposed Bluffs development where Tee Time is now, but I caught it on TV...Channel was interesting.. I think I saw the Spice Girls be there!!

the architect and Orange County developer pitched the project to the folks and of course promised the moon..remember Green Heron Springs, the housing project on Cravens that never was built..the guy promised the moon...sustainable and all that rot...


this project looked ok, but it's not appropriate for the Bluffs..pure and simple..the architect and developer offered the same moony promises..even a path under the railroad tracks to get to the Bluffs/ocean area...

the project would have houses, a little sustainable farm, gray water use, open space and even a restaurant at the ocean end of the property..

now with restaurants come liquor licenses...and I started to imagine what would happen if the project were approved...can you imagine?

here's my scenerio: the project gets built and people move in and the restaurant opens up and other folks from all over come to have dinner or sample food and wine whatever...but after a few hours of drinking and dining, the folks may want to take a they stumble under the new railway  crossing and make it over to the Bluffs and gaze out over the ocean...

but.... there's a big drop-off there..them bluffs are high and the rock formations below are can you imagine all the drunks that would go tumbling over the bluffs to the beach below after dinner.. and get stabbed on the way down..

it would be a bloody mess!!  it would upset the seals and it is not sustainable

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Birds And The Bees

when I look into your big brown eyes, it's so very plain to see, it's time you learned about the facts of life..starting fromm A to Z

I was watching the news last night on KEYT and buxom Beth was talking about the birds and the bees, with a come-hither look in her eyes...

it seems some bees were found dying in the parking lot at in Carp...their offices/ campus are across from the Bluffs...they showed some ladies crying about the dead bees and trying to save the staggering ones with sugar and water, feeding them with a spoon...but they couldn't say why the bees were dying in their parking lot

I told you before that the National Parks Service and Nature Con killed honey bees on the Channel Islands because they were non-native, but I don't think that's the case here..I was reading a story in the Coastal View News about the Whitney House.. it's the cool old gabled house by the highway/Casitas Pass Rd that CALTRANS recently demolished..they bought (confiscated) it for the (unnecessary, absurd and expensive) 101 widening project...but the CV story was about all the bees that had taken up residence in the house..half way through the demo, Caltrans stopped and called some bee guys to save the they came in and allegedly moved the hives to a ranch on Foothill Road..we're talking about roughly 40000 bees

BTW, I will never forgive CALTRANS for destroying this cool old Whitney house, an imporant part of Carpinteria's ag history...FUCK OFF CALTRANS YOU DUMB FUCKING INBRED MORONS!!!!

now, the Whitney House property is not far from the parking lot, as the crow I went over there and saw some guys were cutting up the trees...some pruning which could disturb the bees...but I'm thinking that the bees were also harassed by CALTRANS, then the shock of being sprayed with smoke and horse manure by the bee guys made some of the bees take off to Lynda's, where they died in her arms

Beth mentioned the BEE Removal Service and the guy said the bees probably died from pesticides or the drought..but that sounds like beeswax...why didn't this bee guy mention he had fiddled with a hive recently, and that's probably why and where the dead bees ended Lynda's...I smell a cover-up!!

I wouldn't use these bee dude looks like a hillbilly and the other dude is from France!!

now the other story was about the birds, the murres showing up on California beaches, malnourished...probably the Murres sipped some oil tainted water and it messed with their digestion..

California murre
and now we see that the Nature Con is saying a rare seabird called the murre is nesting on the islands, having been absent for 100 years...this is a common practice to supply these timed press releases to support the Channel Islands killing..."look we killed all the pigs and cats and poisoned owls and falcons and but we are seeing native murres return!!"

what they fail to tell you is the murre is the most abundant seabird nesting on the California coast, so if they haven't seen one since 1912 as they claim, they haven't benn looking very hard! gill nets and oil spills almost wiped them out, so restorations have been going on since 1986...

gill nets and oil spills are the biggest threat to the murres...and vultures

I wonder if the gals at wear fishnet stockings...hmmmm

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sunshine on my shoulders

makes me happy

what next, alligators at East Beach?? coming ashore on Santa Claus beach? it's been a wonderful summer alright, but plenty weird...the heat wave, the red water, the grocery store wars, VW

so Haggens and VW suffer from the same malady...bad management...Haggens had two CEOs and they finally fired the one guy who tried to invade southern California with too many stores, was soundly vilified for PR blunders, drove Haggen's into bankruptcy and now plans to leave town with a trail of broken hearts.. I was starting to like Haggen because their store brand stuff was really good..the black raspberry jam and chicken livers are yummy!! way better than Albertsons or Vons...but now they are going back to the Pacific Northwest to concentrate on core stores...the Pacific Northwesterners do not care about the stuff So Cal folks do...customer service and plastic bags....they only care about good food..maybe we can learn a thing or two from the Suburu set..

but we all care about air pollution.. I remember days when I 'd look out at the sea and see a yellow/brown polluted cloud layer on the horizon...LA was really bad but nowadays at least here, there's is virtually none..just blue skies and sunshine and smooth sailing

but VW has been trying to set back the efforts of so many..smog checks every other year are a hassle but I do it for the air...there's no excuse not to clean up after be conscious and evolved about our planet's health and our health by extension...but emissions from cars were a VW decides to bypass emissions standards in some of its diesel autos..they installed software that would allow the cars to pass a smog test, but afterwards, the engines would revert back to no standards/ or high emissions..

they cheated because Germans are all Nazis down deep and catalytic converters were invented by the Jews

but when I go outside, I want to see the clear blue ocean, the blue skies unfettered by pollution...and feel the warm sunshine on my shoulders..

because sunshine almost always makes me high

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dream Baby

Sweet Dream, long must I dream

so we got the Avocado Festival coming to Carp next week in October...unfortunately the theme will be craft beer, the new fad among the hipsters...the beer worshipers...introduce alcohol into any event and expect trouble..

look out, kids!!! dad's coming!!

and speaking of fads, we have American dads killing their families..they go room to room while mom and kids are sleeping, dreaming sweet dreams, and shoot them in the head... then the dads commit suicide!

I'm not sure of the reason for the disconnect, but, well, American dads are pretty strange..the family structure puts lots of pressure on them, then the bible demands only add to it.. and when they fail at work or marriage or maybe sign up with Ashley Madison and get caught, they flip out and kill their family...

so...when the Avocado Fest comes to town, I will be extra aware of American families strolling down Linden Ave..the dad, the mom, the kids...I will be looking at the kids faces to see if I can detect any fear..I will study Dad's face to see if I can tell when he's about to go off..then of course I will tip the family..

naturally, I will post some pictures as a public service, as a warning what to look for...Carp has lots of families and dads

we're kind of a sanctuary city for these types of folks..

and that concerns me

Monday, September 21, 2015

Strange Brew

She's a witch of trouble in electric blue. In her own mad mind she's in love with you, With you. Now what you gonna do ??

ok, let's talk about the Bird Refuge, ok? now I was expecting Nipper's to open here but it opened at the Montecito Events a pop-up bar/nightclub..for charity....

and it opened as 200 folks danced and drank champagne...and Nipper got to relive his glory days...thanks to Wendy's divorce settlement...


now if you think that is weird, I went to SB/Trader Joe's and stopped at the Bird Refuge and I stood there, tourists came up and asked me what was wrong with the water.. I told them some tales about algae, Jill's secret strange brew, the stink and the sheer neglect the body of water has suffered over the years..old beer bottles on the shoreline!!

one couple quizzed me and I told them that the city should open the sluice gate and let the ocean water come in, like a marsh....

another hip couple I was talking to were very nice and I told them I've never seen the water this color....I said it was pinkish but the gal corrected me and said it was "fuchsia"...of course she was's fuchsia...but we all stood there confused... not just about the Bird Refuge, but the City of Santa Barbara as a whole


fuchsia.. I had to look it up..what other language would have a word like that? that's why you need to learn Spanish and keep it real

then I feel some strong winds blowing..blew me back home to Carpinteria....warm and windy..awesome weather..

I've had five fans on since the beginning of this hot September..but this wind came in and cooled everything down in a few seconds...

Nature must do the same to the Bird Refuge...

water should never be fuchsia

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Better Man

She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man
She dreams in colour, she dreams in red, can't find a better man

so it seems the only way you get good press if you work for Wendy is if you're loyal and near seems that was the case with NP photog Steve Malone...Scott Steeplton did a glowing front page story about Malone's "retirement" with pictures of Ronald Reagan at the ranch...leading us to believe that Malone would be enjoying a healthy retirement but knowing full well that he was dying of cancer....then when Malone dies a few days later, News-Press socialite goofball reporter Erin Graffy writes a front page story about how the News-Press family mourns the loss of the photographer...geez

so off I go into SB again and what do I see? the Bird Refuge is blood red..the water is red..did Nipper's open and they poured some wine in the drink? I've never seen it red before..yellow, pukey green, brown but never red..or clear blue...Jill..explain please.. I took a picture but erased it by won't happen again

then to Big Five and got some cool Leopold binocs for $69.99...awesome clarity and I head for the Harbor and Leadbetter beach...I see the cats and City workers.....guys are working in the boat yards an I hear them talking about sharks...

I approach the's a gorgeous day....oh how I love these Sept days that whisper Fall is coming....

I see a girl lying on the beach..I pull out binocs.. and gaze, leer at her supple tan body and little teeny weeny bikini ...then I think of that art work in Santa Maria..the BUY SEXUAL $69.99..

I think I remember once being in a 69 (not #69!!) with a blonde chick was lots of work and we were drunk...

but I left her a better man...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dolly Dagger

here comes Dolly Dagger, her love's so heavy gonna make you stagger... 

an earthquake in Chile ...a Tsunami watch in California... a giant hotel proposal for the Carp bluffs..... and the Lompoc City Council being suckered AGAIN into building Space Center by some crazy Polish chick..think Orly Taitz! remember the Andrea Seastrand debacle? her big Space Center was a nonprofit money pit..she and her cohorts blew through 16 million dollars in public funds in less than a year with nothing to show for it except a facelift!!

I would much rather see Lompoc erect a statue to W.C. Fields

now after hearing about a tsunami, instead of heading for the hills, I head for the beach...the ocean looks wild..wilder than usual...the waves are not too big but I know something is brewing out there...I stand and watch...the water surges, two-toned

then I see a splashing, bubbling frenzy off shore. I see big dolphins ...the biggest I've seen and some were breaching or bucking...they had some palomino white markings on the sides and first I thought they were sharks...they almost looked like killer whales ...

like daggers flying through the ocean...

really a cool sight

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Turn to Stone

you can't last very much longer....

ok so the dirty artwork picture was removed from the gov't center in Santa Maria...the Art Council voted to move it to another place in the building where conservative teabaggers like Peter Adam and his pal Bob Nelson couldn't see it...

what does Joyce see when she looks at this dude??
the Independent was on the story..I was surprised to read that SB district Atty Joyce Dudley was there and in support of removing the art work!!

Joyce works at the Santa Barbara Court House, does she not? I was there doing a story of sorts last year and noticed these figures carved in stone on the courthouse building, outside for all to see..

guys and dolls??
first was this half-naked guy doing a muscle pose..then were some naked mermaid sticking her tits out and a hippie guy doing weird stuff with his tail!!

hey, how come no one has complained about that, Joyce???

let the children play

Let the children have their way / Let the children play / Let the children play / Let the children have their way.

El Niño is claimed to be bringing hammerheads and great whites to the region...also tropical fish...some folks say snakes will increase....I've seen some Pampas grass sprouting up by the beach and that's a good sign..


El Niño means Christ child in Spanish; "La Niña" means little girl according to the Old Farmer's Almanac..the only credible source for clean living...

Q. What do the terms "El Niño" and "La Niña" mean?

A. Peruvian fishermen first noticed the effects of a new El Niño at Christmas time, when storminess off the coast reduced the supply of fish. "El Niño" is Spanish for "the boy child," and is used to refer to the Baby Jesus. The name La Niña ("the girl child") was coined to deliberately represent the opposite of El Niño.

This vast pool of warm water is thought to set off a chain reaction that can affect jet stream and weather patterns around the world, especially in the winter months in the northern hemisphere. El Niño is sometimes referred to as ENSO for El Niño–Southern Oscillation. The Southern Oscillation is a seesaw of air pressures on the eastern and western halves of the Pacific.

disgraced News-Press columnist

and El Niño is also bringing us some kooky Republican candidates..Trump wants to make America great again...Ben Carson whispers...Scott Walker wants to kill unions..I got news for Donald, America is already great and always has been...
you could say the Republicans are hammerheads!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Walk of Life

beboppaloopa baby what'd I say

Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer


I hear the voices, the songs, the tooting horns, and see that girls ladies women and a few guys walking for miles and miles to end breast cancer....every year they pass by my window....dressed in pink, sweat glistening off their shoulders

this year I went out and followed them around town because let's face it, it's not every day I get to get all lovey-dovey with so many sweaty chicks!!

it's an unbelieveable power....the ladies are gracious but determined

I hope one day they won't have to walk so far

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kick Out The Jams


so I'm glad to see Republican presidential candidate and Koch Bros boy Scott Walker doing so poorly in the polls..this little shit compared public workers and union members to ISIS killers...but you'll recall the first responders to the 9/11 attack were union members...

so I read the story in the Independent about 4th District supe Peter Adam's staff boy Bob Nelson...Nelson, acting as a Nazi art censor, removed (confiscated) a piece of artwork he deemed offensive/obscene because it had the word "SEXUAL" on it,  and put it in a broom closet....he was offended so he hid the artwork so you and I couldn't see it...what a freakin' dunce...obviously, he should resign immediately..these goddam social conservtives can't handle free speech and want to bleep out everything that scares this case the art was by a well-known skateboarder and was a play on the sex sells commericalism in America..but you can't remove someone else's artwork that had every right to be there because it offends you

Freedom of Speech-1st Amendment guarantees it!! maybe Peter and Bob should stop jerkin' each other off in the broom closet and read the Constitution... I DEMAND BOB NELSON RESIGN IMMEDIATLEY!!!



AND punishable by death according to the bible and yet we see socially conservative Christians taking off their dresses and pants to indulge in some extra-marital affairs...SUCK MY DICK!! LICK MY PUSSY!! is that what they say in the heat of passion??

it seems two socially conservative tea party Republicans from Michigan, Cindy and Todd were caught cheating (by the Detroit News) and using taxpayer-provided offices as a No-Tell Motel for the tristes..Cindy Gamrat and Todd "the Rod" Courser were both booted out of the senate after the affair was discovered..Cindy was booted and Todd resigned

from Cindy's campaign website: Thank you for your amazing support, encouragement, and prayers throughout my campaign and as I serve as State Representative of the 80th District! It has been an incredible and humbling journey over these last few years and would not have been possible without the hand of God, the love of my family, and the help from all those who have supported me.
Nothing worthwhile is ever easy but I believe together, and with God’s providence, we can conquer any rough or rocky areas that present themselves on the path between us and the precious gift of liberty. I’d like to share with you a portion I co-authored from the Contract for Liberty which helps illustrate this.


and Todd's website is all about families, values and is pro-life.... no abortions under any circumstances...miscarriages are spontaneous abortions by God so I guess he's against those too..

but Todd in an effort to hide his affair with Cindy, fabricated an email saying he had sex with a male if that's a better option!! hahahaah!

oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive

Friday, September 11, 2015

You Are Like a Hurricane

there's calm in your eyes

Hurricane Linda is hot!!

best hand job in town!!

I went into Santa Barbara for something or other....passed by Lake Jill and it was ripe again!!

oh yeah to check out the Castillo St Bridge underpass...

CALTRANS has been trying for years and wasting millions of dollars to solve the water infiltration issue in the street at Castillo underpass..the latest fix is a pavers but there's still water everywhere...the water is seeping and flowing downhill...are they irrigating at night? perhaps there's an underground cavern with a  river of dead bodies...why not just declare it a wetlands and be done with it? the Castillo Wetlands..

I stopped at the beach it being a beautiful hot muggy day ..the water was cool and baptismal...I looked for bat rays and hammerheads...I spent an hour or so there..maybe I should move here..

the California drought is real...the girls as always are unreal...there's a monsoon somewhere or Hurricane Linda and the beach in Santa Barbara was awesome....big waves pounded the shore..then the white water charged at me like a train...then it got calm..then another round...ripped about two hundred linear feet of sand from under me in an hour!

ain't nobody gonna make me change my American lifestyle, esp not some lost boys from Saudi Arabia... or Egypt or wherever the fuck they were from..we let them in on visas and they hijacked two jets and crashed them into the Twin Towers in New York in 2001...

why did they do it? because they had nothing to live for

in America, we have everything to live for...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome to my nightmare, I think you're gonna like it, I think you're gonna feel you belong 

Santa Barbara was threatened with a lawsuit to switch from at-large to district elections...and district elections won out...but they are not really district elections because Santa Barbara has no districts, just neighborhoods..eastside neighborhood, westside neighborhood..the Mesa neighborhood..and so let's call them what they are: neighborhood elections

so what will happen is a few folks will try to represent their own neighborhoods..that means lots of demands for money for pet projects like new lights bridges parks bike lanes and so forth...and that means more taxes and more money...

as I travel around SB, I see it is a lovely city...lots of work by lots of people have kept SB a place people want to hang out..

most of the complaints about bad roads or crime are overblown by anti-govt teabaggers and conservatives who ALWAYS complain and don't want to pay the unionized city workers...certain city council members like Dale Francisco have wasted so much time demonizing the working class and unions as to make him ineffectual..I prefer at-large elections, but at least ol' Dale will be off steering the sinking GOP ship into the rocks...

as I watch the campaigns, I see lots of Lucy on TV..the Mr. Wimpy Show and last night on Uncle Ernie's Show...I saw some weird contrasts..on Mr. Wimpy's show, Lucy was pretty lucid and pleasant..but on Uncle Ernie's show, she was snippy and heavily made-up..eye-liner so thick it must have been lent to her from Wendy' inkwell!! geez..and the smudged lipstick..she looked like a hardened boozed-out Bohnett Park hooker! or Alice Cooper anyways!

we seem to have two Lucys like we got two Paulas....

now most every woman I know has a little slut in her and that's not a bad thing, just that there's no reason to advertise it during a political campaign...girls need to learn ot separate public servicing from servicing the public if you catch my meaning...

my request of all candidates is try to look presentable in public...Dale, take off the Fedora.. and Lucy take off the make-up....


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Call Me

Call me (call me) my love / Call me, call me any, anytime / Call me (call me) for a ride / Call me, call me for some overtime / Call me (call me) my love / Call me ...

you wanna see how screwed up religion is in America, look at Kentucky and the church lady Kim Davis ...trying to force her God concept onto gay people..and she's a gov't worker!!

fat and stupid

it's reminds me of Lucy and the Milpas Comm Ass...these folks are all just fat white trash!!

now I'm no stranger to sodomy, but some people have confused it with being gay....and the fat white trash church lady has got some cuckoo people supporting her..her crazy lawyer and Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, who were there trying to score some cheap political points posing with the religious fanatics..

Kim Davis' Lawyer Says Forcing Clerk To Do Job Is Like Making Her 'Grant A License To Sodomize...

but Kim has been divorced three times and committed adultery and that's a sin punishable by death in the bible!!

BREAKING: Kim Davis got pregnant with her third husband's ... husband...

Sep 2, 2015 ... [Kim Davis] gave birth to twins five months after divorcing her first ... Davis worked at the clerk's office at the time of each divorce and has since ...

what a fat slut and hypocrite!

geez I 've been over this before.. the CONSTITUTION: separate but equal, no establishment of's real simple...keep the religious stuff within the churches..the Constitution is not the bible...there is no American religion...

so it seem the Republicans are afraid of gays and Iranians...

but what about fat people..fat white trash? there at least one gal who is doing something about it...Nicole Arbour is a comedian who is trying on YOUTUBE with a segment called Dear Fat People to shame fat lazy white trash into getting some exercise...Nicole is totally hot and her satire is brilliant and she's getting tons of criticism...but that's her job and I say a job well done!!

hot and bothered
Nicole Arbour Calls Critics 'Slow' For 'Dear Fat People' ... ...

7 hours ago ... Nicole Arbour calls Dear Fat People video satire ... Amid the lazy jokes and cruel metaphors, Nicole tried to make this point (addressed at the obese and not overweight, and not ... From Hot To Heavy: 15 Celebs Who Got Fat.

I get tired of looking at all these stupid southern fat lazy phony Christians trying to tell everybody how to live their lives...who wants to be like them..fat lazy and ignorant??


Nicole is a Canadian and she should have a field day with all these fat whacked out American chicks...

Nicole if you need any help, call me babe

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Free Ride

c'mon and take a free ride

now the Paula situation is strange...we got two Paulas...the KEYT anchor for many years, the on-screen pro..but off screen, we got the wild party child..the devil-may-care Paula..the dangerous girl...

feed your vices
I looked at her mug shots and the pics with the skimpy blue summer's eve dress...back in my drinking days, I woulda taken another shot of Tequila and banged her right there on the highway... but those days are gone

so what is going on? Paula is married to the retired judge..he was paid well and is making lots of dough in retirement, just going to parties...but I ask you, how is it that Paula, who was with her husband at a party according to reports, how is it that she got into a Prius drunk and drove away the wrong way...where was she headed? a rendez-vous with another guy, a Chumash Chief? a rendez-vous with death?

the duty of a husband is the well- being of his could the judge take his eye of the ball?? does he not care about his wife? then divorce her..or Paula should divorce him and start anew...sometimes the family sitch can be unhealthy and it's best to cut ties..for awhile anyway

now the last time I heard from the Judge Ochoa, he was writing letters in support of Judge Brian Hill for Hill's light sentence in the puppy killer case...the Chinaman dude who beat his girlfriend and sexually mutilated her little dog..Judge Hill let the Chinaman off with slap on the wrist...and Judge Hill won't do DUI cases anymore because he was intimidated by DUI lawyer Darryl Genis!! unbelieveable....whatever happened to Darryl I wonder?? transitioning into Darlene perhaps

but something is amiss....people are getting free rides from some of the judges in Santa Barbara...but many of these DUI case, the perp gets to go thru a sobering program and report back to the courts...did Paula assault a peace officer as sure as she drove drunk down highway 101 in the wrong direction? would she do that sober???

now maybe distillers could infuse their booze with pot, weed to make drunks less hostile and more when they imbibe, they are less likely to run off and drive away, rather they would sit and enjoy the combo high of weed and whiskey...

of course, I have no answers, just riddles

Monday, September 7, 2015

Working On A Groovy Thing

When I saw you, I knew. That I was gonna love you. And every day I thought. Of how I'm gonna love you. Now you're here next to me

Lucy and the Douchebaggers!

things are gettin' weird...the drought is making everyone behave all un-groovy!

it's Labor Day weekend and everyone ain't working, they are BBQing!
the front page of the News-Press had some local conservative Republican losers posing for a BBQ pic...Dale and Lucy..Lucy got her arm around a Mex dude and Dale with his Fedora!!??
it's a shame that the once proud GOP has been hijacked by these anti-labor anti-working class idiots

yesterday, I heard some screeching tires and banging metal, I looked out my window and an accident on northbound 101 highway...a big GMC Yukon smacked a little pick-up truck with Caribe Coffee logo on the door... and spun it around, 180 degrees..the air bags deployed, people were standing around the highway, sititng on the median fence..some chick was lookin' alcohol involved in this one


nobody was hurt but the traffic was backed up for hours...cops came and cleaned it all up

then I see that Paula Lopez (KEYT anchor) was arrested for DUI Sunday night, driving the wrong way down 101! geez, is Paula auditioning for an editor job at the News-Press?? seriously, this gal needs some real help with the booze addiction...arrrgh!!! maybe the News-Press can do a front page story on Paula like they did with Joe Armendariz about his love of alcohol and JR from Dallas...Joe crashed his car TWICE while DUI..and he's a shill for the oil companies!! IRONIC

unfortunately, the SB courts don't treat DUI seriously unless you kill someone

and I saw Lucy on the Mr. Wimpy Show and I started hyper-ventilating...if you elect her, I will not be happy...and I saw Lucy on the TV campaign ads crowing about all she's's all about her and now  I read where she is claiming her staffers were assaulted on the westside by a Murillo supporter...given that Lucy lies alot and she's from Texas, I don't believe her...I mean really, she wrote the press release and provides no proof, pictures?? she's trying to milk the PODER/Murillo connection, I guess..this means she's desperate and losing....

and it shows you what kind of person she really is...a douchebag!! Lucy the Douchebagger!!
but people will fight, crawl, scratch, lie and kill to get elected....being in office is an obsession, an addiction..not unlike Jane's addiction
but the conservatives will milk the immigrant issue and try to paint the opposition as thugs when in fact the thugs are the News-Press and the Milpas Community Association religious nuts....

but there has to be some mechanism to prevent drunks from getting behind the wheel other than their own conscience

there has to be..has to be

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Shot The Sheriff

but I didn't shoot no deputy

if you're a cop, you live with two distinct possibilities when you go to could get shot or sued...there's crazies out there and that's why cops are armed to use force if needed..

ok so the News-Press/Scott Steepleton last go-round with the SB Police was when Peter Lance got busted for DUI in 2011..Peter had a vendetta against the cops who arrested him, esp Officer Kasi Beutel and later Mark Corbett and Chief Sanchez...

so Peter runs to the mommy News-Press and does a yellow story on his arrest and tried to pin the blame on the cops through the News-Press media..the story is well documented, Judge Brian Hill screwed up and let Lance off the hook (as well as the puppy-killer Chinaman)

of course, officers Beutel and Corbett can take care of themselves, but we know that suing the cops is a cottage industry...people sue to collect cash is a total scam and I believe the News-Press played a role in some of the anti-cop hysteria we see today...and we know all the drugs and alcohol, child porn etc that has passed thru the News-Press..and yet curiously Wendy remains free!! she should be in jail and register as a sex offender!!

a couple days before the story in Sunday's News-Press, I read the tentative ruling at the SB Courts website which Scott uses for his story..and of course he inserts his opinions and fictional accounts of the Peter Lance fictional account in 2011....and he does no investigation of Clint Baron

Nature of Proceedings: Demurrer

Baron alleges in conclusory language that defendants conspired to deprive him of his constitutional rights without alleging the nature of the conspiracy as within the section 1985(3). Defendants’ demurrer to the third cause of action will be sustained.

On July 3, 2013, plaintiff Clint Baron was walking home down De La Vina Street in Santa Barbara when Baron encountered a white utility truck parked with its tail end extending over the sidewalk obstructing pedestrian traffic. (Complaint, ¶¶ 11-12.) When Baron confronted Mark Patrick Lee, the owner of the truck (not a party to this action), Lee became confrontational. (Complaint, ¶ 13.) Lee snatched a piece of paper out of Baron’s pocket causing Baron to lose his balance and fall to the ground. (Ibid.) Baron had his medicine for a seizure disorder wrapped around the handle of his cane, which went flying about 20 feet away. (Ibid.)

so the guy Clint Baron, confronted a citizen because he says the guy's work truck was parked errantly, blocking pedestians, then called the cops but refused to talk to Kasi Beutel because of the Peter Lance story in the News-Press!! that should tell the judge he is crazy... it's absurd

but some of the objections by the cops were sustained and at least one over-ruled so the guy, Clint Baron could amend his complaint...I don't know why judges allow people to amend their complaints when the complaints are bogus...but Justice in Santa Barbara is a bit squirrely at times...

the telling point is that Baron is not suing the guy who caused him to fall to the ground, instead he's going for a bigger payday with the City of SB and it's a total scam...

I found something about a Clinton Baron on the Independent from 2008..not sure if it's the same dude..but he's a Charlie Manson lookalike!!

At certain times during Jane’s stay, so much hostility existed between him and the home’s varying administrators, one went so far as to take out a restraining order on him-barring him from the property for two weeks. It happened the same day Clint attempted to get a restraining order to prevent the CNA he believed was abusing Jane from coming within four feet of her. The administrator’s was granted and Clint’s wasn’t."

another frivolous lawsuit by a perhaps unstable, delusional the days proceed, I'm sure we will see Baron for what he is...

unfortunately the taxpayers will pay for this too

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sugar Magnolia

orange blossums

so I went into Santa Barbara for a dental appt....turns out I was three weeks early..see, I missed the message on my cell phone telling me my crown was delayed...I rarely check my messages

but before I walked into the dentist office and before the receptionist gal told me to come back in three weeks, I had some time to kill and was checking out Santa Barbara... getting some incense at Paradise Found and a book at the Book Den..."Palace Walk" by Naguib Mahfouz...I walked into the book store and kinda went right for this book for some reason..the reason would become clear to me later.

"The man made his way toward her. She went on ahead of him, holding the lamp aloft. He followed, mumbling "Good Evening, Amina."

then I drove to The Magnolia...this place is so magical...a huge glorious magnolia tree and little enchanting bungalow cottages spread across the property....right in the middle of the city

I walked it...A Palace Walk...this magnolia tree is a refuge and I hear all these little birds singing everywhere...

I used to live in a town called Magnolia when I was a kid.. I have two distinct memories..a fat chick tried to kidnap me one day..picked me up and started running down the dirt road with me under her big fat arm..I was screaming and some guys rescued me...and the Magnolia woods were beautiful!!

I drove on past Pershing Park..ohh so that's where the homeless ended up...from Milpasto-Pershing Park Connection..Thanks Lucy!!!

and all the Santa Barbara lawns are so lush and green!

then over to the stone church where I always park...across from the bus stop...I get out and sit on the bus bench for awhile before I head to the dentist...I blonde woman walks out of nowhere and sits on the bench right next to me and says "hi" and smiles...she smells good and looks good, her eyes are like beautiful  windows... so I say I'm not here for the bus, just waiting for the you mind...she laughs and says of course not....

her laughter fills my head like a song

I thought to myself  "Good Evening, Amina"....we sat there in an awkwardly glowing silence for five minutes...gazing back and forth at one another....

then I say: well, time to get drilled..she laughs again and says "good luck with that"

obviously I need to brush up on my technique of flirtation, but the woman had eyes as blue as the ocean and a smile as warm as the sun...and I need the sun and ocean

I will be back next week to see if she's at the bus stop...

"come sit beside me" is what I'll tell her

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


all I have is a photograph and I realize you're not coming back anymore...

ok so there was a gushy send off to a long-time News-Press photographer...Steve Malone ..Scott Steepleton ran the story on the front page and heaped praise on Malone, even calling him a legend, because Malone was a Reagan fan.. took lots of pics of Ron and Wendy loves Ronald and gives money to the Young Miss America Foundation who lives and breathes Ronald Reagan....pretty spooky stuff

now why did the News-Press go overboard with praise for Malone?? maybe because another ex-News-Press photographer, Mike Eliason who Wendy fired and hates got a big court victory...


in a tentative ruling, Judge Donna Geck over-ruled Wendy's and Don's demurrer (legal objections to) and denied Wendy's motion to strike (like a snake) the point is there is a case that Wendy and Don went out of their way to tell other businesses not to hire Eliason after he ratted on them to CAL-OSHA about mold in the News-Press buidling, like the SB Police Station!!

Nature of Proceedings: Demurrer and Motion to Strike First Amended Complaint

Plaintiff John Eliason is a former staff photographer for defendant Santa Barbara News Press. The News Press is a wholly owned subsidiary of defendant Ampersand Publishing LLC. Defendant Wendy McCaw is the owner and CEO of Ampersand Publishing and the News-Press. Defendant Don Katich is the News-Press’s director of operations. In March 2014, plaintiff complained to Cal-OSHA that the News-Press building contained a significant mold problem that was a health risk to him and other employees. Two weeks later, plaintiff was terminated. After plaintiff was terminated, McCaw and Katich allegedly told several businesses in the Santa Barbara area that plaintiff had been fired and not to hire him. On June 12, 2015, plaintiff filed a first amended complaint, alleging causes of action against defendants for (1) violation of Labor Code Section 1102.5, (2) violation of Labor Code Section 6310, (3) wrongful termination in violation of public policy, (4) intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, and (5) negligent interference with prospective economic advantage.

McCaw and Katich seek an order striking all references to punitive damages in paragraph 74 of the intentional interference cause of action and paragraph 6 of the prayer on the ground that plaintiff has failed to allege any facts that would entitle him to such damages. The court disagrees and will deny the motion to strike. Punitive damages may be awarded against a defendant where the defendant has been guilty of "malice." Civ. Code §3294, subd. (a). "Malice" means conduct which is intended by the defendant to cause injury to the plaintiff or despicable conduct which is carried on by the defendant with a willful and conscious disregard of the [plaintiff’s] rights . . . ." Civil Code §3294, subd. (c)(1). Here, plaintiff has alleged that defendants’ actions in contacting businesses in the community were done to retaliate against him for filing a complaint with Cal-OSHA, and to cause him economic harm. (FAC, ¶¶ 45, 46, 48.) Specifically, plaintiff alleges that defendants sought "to exert pressure to dissuade [the] business[es] from considering Plaintiff for employment." (FAC, ¶47.) Such actions, if true, go beyond the normal personnel decisions of an employer and are sufficient to support a claim of malice ("a willful and conscious disregard of the rights [of plaintiff]"). Because malice is alleged, punitive damages may be recoverable.

Defendants argue that plaintiff has failed to allege facts sufficient to support a claim for punitive damages against Ampersand Publishing and the News-Press, both corporate defendants, but the motion to strike was only brought on behalf of McCaw and Katich. (Motion, pp. 1, 3.) Even if the motion were brought on behalf of all defendants, however, in paragraphs 4 and 5 plaintiff alleges that McCaw is the owner and CEO of Ampersand Publishing and the News-Press and that Katich is the managing agent of Ampersand Publishing. McCaw and Katich, therefore, qualify as "an officer, director, or managing agent of the corporation" under Civil Code Section 3294, subdivision (b), and their authorization of the alleged retaliatory measures makes Ampersand Publishing and the News-Press potentially liable for punitive damages.

Tentative Ruling:
Defendants’ demurrer to the fourth and fifth causes of action of the FAC for intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and negligent interference with prospective economic advantage is overruled. The motion to strike of defendants Wendy McCaw and Don Katich is denied.

so Wendy's act of vengeance against Eliason will come back to haunt an old photograph