Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Turn to Stone

you can't last very much longer....

ok so the dirty artwork picture was removed from the gov't center in Santa Maria...the Art Council voted to move it to another place in the building where conservative teabaggers like Peter Adam and his pal Bob Nelson couldn't see it...

what does Joyce see when she looks at this dude??
the Independent was on the story..I was surprised to read that SB district Atty Joyce Dudley was there and in support of removing the art work!!

Joyce works at the Santa Barbara Court House, does she not? I was there doing a story of sorts last year and noticed these figures carved in stone on the courthouse building, outside for all to see..

guys and dolls??
first was this half-naked guy doing a muscle pose..then were some naked mermaid sticking her tits out and a hippie guy doing weird stuff with his tail!!

hey, how come no one has complained about that, Joyce???

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