Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bumper To Bumper

i'll beep my horn for you, (bumper to bumper), give way i'm comin' through, (bumper to bumper), i'll beep my horn for you

I didn't go to the public hearing about the proposed Bluffs development where Tee Time is now, but I caught it on TV...Channel was interesting.. I think I saw the Spice Girls be there!!

the architect and Orange County developer pitched the project to the folks and of course promised the moon..remember Green Heron Springs, the housing project on Cravens that never was built..the guy promised the moon...sustainable and all that rot...


this project looked ok, but it's not appropriate for the Bluffs..pure and simple..the architect and developer offered the same moony promises..even a path under the railroad tracks to get to the Bluffs/ocean area...

the project would have houses, a little sustainable farm, gray water use, open space and even a restaurant at the ocean end of the property..

now with restaurants come liquor licenses...and I started to imagine what would happen if the project were approved...can you imagine?

here's my scenerio: the project gets built and people move in and the restaurant opens up and other folks from all over come to have dinner or sample food and wine whatever...but after a few hours of drinking and dining, the folks may want to take a they stumble under the new railway  crossing and make it over to the Bluffs and gaze out over the ocean...

but.... there's a big drop-off there..them bluffs are high and the rock formations below are can you imagine all the drunks that would go tumbling over the bluffs to the beach below after dinner.. and get stabbed on the way down..

it would be a bloody mess!!  it would upset the seals and it is not sustainable

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