Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Shot The Sheriff

but I didn't shoot no deputy

if you're a cop, you live with two distinct possibilities when you go to could get shot or sued...there's crazies out there and that's why cops are armed to use force if needed..

ok so the News-Press/Scott Steepleton last go-round with the SB Police was when Peter Lance got busted for DUI in 2011..Peter had a vendetta against the cops who arrested him, esp Officer Kasi Beutel and later Mark Corbett and Chief Sanchez...

so Peter runs to the mommy News-Press and does a yellow story on his arrest and tried to pin the blame on the cops through the News-Press media..the story is well documented, Judge Brian Hill screwed up and let Lance off the hook (as well as the puppy-killer Chinaman)

of course, officers Beutel and Corbett can take care of themselves, but we know that suing the cops is a cottage industry...people sue to collect cash is a total scam and I believe the News-Press played a role in some of the anti-cop hysteria we see today...and we know all the drugs and alcohol, child porn etc that has passed thru the News-Press..and yet curiously Wendy remains free!! she should be in jail and register as a sex offender!!

a couple days before the story in Sunday's News-Press, I read the tentative ruling at the SB Courts website which Scott uses for his story..and of course he inserts his opinions and fictional accounts of the Peter Lance fictional account in 2011....and he does no investigation of Clint Baron

Nature of Proceedings: Demurrer

Baron alleges in conclusory language that defendants conspired to deprive him of his constitutional rights without alleging the nature of the conspiracy as within the section 1985(3). Defendants’ demurrer to the third cause of action will be sustained.

On July 3, 2013, plaintiff Clint Baron was walking home down De La Vina Street in Santa Barbara when Baron encountered a white utility truck parked with its tail end extending over the sidewalk obstructing pedestrian traffic. (Complaint, ¶¶ 11-12.) When Baron confronted Mark Patrick Lee, the owner of the truck (not a party to this action), Lee became confrontational. (Complaint, ¶ 13.) Lee snatched a piece of paper out of Baron’s pocket causing Baron to lose his balance and fall to the ground. (Ibid.) Baron had his medicine for a seizure disorder wrapped around the handle of his cane, which went flying about 20 feet away. (Ibid.)

so the guy Clint Baron, confronted a citizen because he says the guy's work truck was parked errantly, blocking pedestians, then called the cops but refused to talk to Kasi Beutel because of the Peter Lance story in the News-Press!! that should tell the judge he is crazy... it's absurd

but some of the objections by the cops were sustained and at least one over-ruled so the guy, Clint Baron could amend his complaint...I don't know why judges allow people to amend their complaints when the complaints are bogus...but Justice in Santa Barbara is a bit squirrely at times...

the telling point is that Baron is not suing the guy who caused him to fall to the ground, instead he's going for a bigger payday with the City of SB and it's a total scam...

I found something about a Clinton Baron on the Independent from 2008..not sure if it's the same dude..but he's a Charlie Manson lookalike!!

At certain times during Jane’s stay, so much hostility existed between him and the home’s varying administrators, one went so far as to take out a restraining order on him-barring him from the property for two weeks. It happened the same day Clint attempted to get a restraining order to prevent the CNA he believed was abusing Jane from coming within four feet of her. The administrator’s was granted and Clint’s wasn’t."

another frivolous lawsuit by a perhaps unstable, delusional the days proceed, I'm sure we will see Baron for what he is...

unfortunately the taxpayers will pay for this too

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