Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Birds And The Bees

when I look into your big brown eyes, it's so very plain to see, it's time you learned about the facts of life..starting fromm A to Z

I was watching the news last night on KEYT and buxom Beth was talking about the birds and the bees, with a come-hither look in her eyes...

it seems some bees were found dying in the parking lot at in Carp...their offices/ campus are across from the Bluffs...they showed some ladies crying about the dead bees and trying to save the staggering ones with sugar and water, feeding them with a spoon...but they couldn't say why the bees were dying in their parking lot

I told you before that the National Parks Service and Nature Con killed honey bees on the Channel Islands because they were non-native, but I don't think that's the case here..I was reading a story in the Coastal View News about the Whitney House.. it's the cool old gabled house by the highway/Casitas Pass Rd that CALTRANS recently demolished..they bought (confiscated) it for the (unnecessary, absurd and expensive) 101 widening project...but the CV story was about all the bees that had taken up residence in the house..half way through the demo, Caltrans stopped and called some bee guys to save the they came in and allegedly moved the hives to a ranch on Foothill Road..we're talking about roughly 40000 bees

BTW, I will never forgive CALTRANS for destroying this cool old Whitney house, an imporant part of Carpinteria's ag history...FUCK OFF CALTRANS YOU DUMB FUCKING INBRED MORONS!!!!

now, the Whitney House property is not far from the parking lot, as the crow I went over there and saw some guys were cutting up the trees...some pruning which could disturb the bees...but I'm thinking that the bees were also harassed by CALTRANS, then the shock of being sprayed with smoke and horse manure by the bee guys made some of the bees take off to Lynda's, where they died in her arms

Beth mentioned the BEE Removal Service and the guy said the bees probably died from pesticides or the drought..but that sounds like beeswax...why didn't this bee guy mention he had fiddled with a hive recently, and that's probably why and where the dead bees ended Lynda's...I smell a cover-up!!

I wouldn't use these bee dude looks like a hillbilly and the other dude is from France!!

now the other story was about the birds, the murres showing up on California beaches, malnourished...probably the Murres sipped some oil tainted water and it messed with their digestion..

California murre
and now we see that the Nature Con is saying a rare seabird called the murre is nesting on the islands, having been absent for 100 years...this is a common practice to supply these timed press releases to support the Channel Islands killing..."look we killed all the pigs and cats and poisoned owls and falcons and but we are seeing native murres return!!"

what they fail to tell you is the murre is the most abundant seabird nesting on the California coast, so if they haven't seen one since 1912 as they claim, they haven't benn looking very hard! gill nets and oil spills almost wiped them out, so restorations have been going on since 1986...

gill nets and oil spills are the biggest threat to the murres...and vultures

I wonder if the gals at wear fishnet stockings...hmmmm

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