Friday, September 18, 2015

Dolly Dagger

here comes Dolly Dagger, her love's so heavy gonna make you stagger... 

an earthquake in Chile ...a Tsunami watch in California... a giant hotel proposal for the Carp bluffs..... and the Lompoc City Council being suckered AGAIN into building Space Center by some crazy Polish chick..think Orly Taitz! remember the Andrea Seastrand debacle? her big Space Center was a nonprofit money pit..she and her cohorts blew through 16 million dollars in public funds in less than a year with nothing to show for it except a facelift!!

I would much rather see Lompoc erect a statue to W.C. Fields

now after hearing about a tsunami, instead of heading for the hills, I head for the beach...the ocean looks wild..wilder than usual...the waves are not too big but I know something is brewing out there...I stand and watch...the water surges, two-toned

then I see a splashing, bubbling frenzy off shore. I see big dolphins ...the biggest I've seen and some were breaching or bucking...they had some palomino white markings on the sides and first I thought they were sharks...they almost looked like killer whales ...

like daggers flying through the ocean...

really a cool sight

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