Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Free Ride

c'mon and take a free ride

now the Paula situation is strange...we got two Paulas...the KEYT anchor for many years, the on-screen pro..but off screen, we got the wild party child..the devil-may-care Paula..the dangerous girl...

feed your vices
I looked at her mug shots and the pics with the skimpy blue summer's eve dress...back in my drinking days, I woulda taken another shot of Tequila and banged her right there on the highway... but those days are gone

so what is going on? Paula is married to the retired judge..he was paid well and is making lots of dough in retirement, just going to parties...but I ask you, how is it that Paula, who was with her husband at a party according to reports, how is it that she got into a Prius drunk and drove away the wrong way...where was she headed? a rendez-vous with another guy, a Chumash Chief? a rendez-vous with death?

the duty of a husband is the well- being of his family...how could the judge take his eye of the ball?? does he not care about his wife? then divorce her..or Paula should divorce him and start anew...sometimes the family sitch can be unhealthy and it's best to cut ties..for awhile anyway

now the last time I heard from the Judge Ochoa, he was writing letters in support of Judge Brian Hill for Hill's light sentence in the puppy killer case...the Chinaman dude who beat his girlfriend and sexually mutilated her little dog..Judge Hill let the Chinaman off with slap on the wrist...and Judge Hill won't do DUI cases anymore because he was intimidated by DUI lawyer Darryl Genis!! unbelieveable....whatever happened to Darryl I wonder?? transitioning into Darlene perhaps

but something is amiss....people are getting free rides from some of the judges in Santa Barbara...but many of these DUI case, the perp gets to go thru a sobering program and report back to the courts...did Paula assault a peace officer as sure as she drove drunk down highway 101 in the wrong direction? would she do that sober???

now maybe distillers could infuse their booze with pot, weed to make drunks less hostile and more mellow...so when they imbibe, they are less likely to run off and drive away, rather they would sit and enjoy the combo high of weed and whiskey...

of course, I have no answers, just riddles

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