Friday, September 25, 2015

Sunshine on my shoulders

makes me happy

what next, alligators at East Beach?? coming ashore on Santa Claus beach? it's been a wonderful summer alright, but plenty weird...the heat wave, the red water, the grocery store wars, VW

so Haggens and VW suffer from the same malady...bad management...Haggens had two CEOs and they finally fired the one guy who tried to invade southern California with too many stores, was soundly vilified for PR blunders, drove Haggen's into bankruptcy and now plans to leave town with a trail of broken hearts.. I was starting to like Haggen because their store brand stuff was really good..the black raspberry jam and chicken livers are yummy!! way better than Albertsons or Vons...but now they are going back to the Pacific Northwest to concentrate on core stores...the Pacific Northwesterners do not care about the stuff So Cal folks do...customer service and plastic bags....they only care about good food..maybe we can learn a thing or two from the Suburu set..

but we all care about air pollution.. I remember days when I 'd look out at the sea and see a yellow/brown polluted cloud layer on the horizon...LA was really bad but nowadays at least here, there's is virtually none..just blue skies and sunshine and smooth sailing

but VW has been trying to set back the efforts of so many..smog checks every other year are a hassle but I do it for the air...there's no excuse not to clean up after be conscious and evolved about our planet's health and our health by extension...but emissions from cars were a VW decides to bypass emissions standards in some of its diesel autos..they installed software that would allow the cars to pass a smog test, but afterwards, the engines would revert back to no standards/ or high emissions..

they cheated because Germans are all Nazis down deep and catalytic converters were invented by the Jews

but when I go outside, I want to see the clear blue ocean, the blue skies unfettered by pollution...and feel the warm sunshine on my shoulders..

because sunshine almost always makes me high

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