Wednesday, September 30, 2015


won't you take me by the hand

now we know that the News-Press family and fans are racists... but it appears that they are also idiots and alcoholics..

first on the front page Peter Howorth, disgraced Marine Mammal guy is all hysterical with his stories about sharks..and the latest story is no different..a great white was sighted off shore in Carp and a hammerhead in Gaviota was involved with a the end of the article Howorth states that the hammerhead followed the kayaker back to shore, but "swam back and forth in three feet of water as if daring him to come back in"


sharks don't dare people to do can't attribute human traits to a shark!! Howorth is an idiot and thank God he lost his license to rescue marine mammals, or whatever happened to his license..these sharks are in their natural habitat looking for's a survival instinct

the other story in the Life Section was by Brett Leigh Dicks, another goofball Wendy sychophant

no doubt spurred on by boozehound Nipper, Brett does a story about pairing Yoga and beer!! if you need beer to do yoga, then it's not's stretching with beer..

alcohol and yoga..did the wandering ascetic Gotama awaken under the Bodhi tree drunk? no!

Yoga has absolutely nothing to do with drinking is a spiritual journey uniting mind and body with the universe (or something to that effect)..using alcohol to entice people into activities because they are too lazy or stupid to do otherwise

I know some Yogis and they do not recommend mingling enlightenment with drinking craft beer in the parking lot...

this is just an advertising gimmick for micro-breweries trying to pull these beer-swillling yuppie-hipster saps in...

but wisdom will never come from drinking brewskies all day...

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