Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sugar Magnolia

orange blossums

so I went into Santa Barbara for a dental appt....turns out I was three weeks early..see, I missed the message on my cell phone telling me my crown was delayed...I rarely check my messages

but before I walked into the dentist office and before the receptionist gal told me to come back in three weeks, I had some time to kill and was checking out Santa Barbara... getting some incense at Paradise Found and a book at the Book Den..."Palace Walk" by Naguib Mahfouz...I walked into the book store and kinda went right for this book for some reason..the reason would become clear to me later.

"The man made his way toward her. She went on ahead of him, holding the lamp aloft. He followed, mumbling "Good Evening, Amina."

then I drove to The Magnolia...this place is so magical...a huge glorious magnolia tree and little enchanting bungalow cottages spread across the property....right in the middle of the city

I walked it...A Palace Walk...this magnolia tree is a refuge and I hear all these little birds singing everywhere...

I used to live in a town called Magnolia when I was a kid.. I have two distinct memories..a fat chick tried to kidnap me one day..picked me up and started running down the dirt road with me under her big fat arm..I was screaming and some guys rescued me...and the Magnolia woods were beautiful!!

I drove on past Pershing Park..ohh so that's where the homeless ended up...from Milpasto-Pershing Park Connection..Thanks Lucy!!!

and all the Santa Barbara lawns are so lush and green!

then over to the stone church where I always park...across from the bus stop...I get out and sit on the bus bench for awhile before I head to the dentist...I blonde woman walks out of nowhere and sits on the bench right next to me and says "hi" and smiles...she smells good and looks good, her eyes are like beautiful  windows... so I say I'm not here for the bus, just waiting for the you mind...she laughs and says of course not....

her laughter fills my head like a song

I thought to myself  "Good Evening, Amina"....we sat there in an awkwardly glowing silence for five minutes...gazing back and forth at one another....

then I say: well, time to get drilled..she laughs again and says "good luck with that"

obviously I need to brush up on my technique of flirtation, but the woman had eyes as blue as the ocean and a smile as warm as the sun...and I need the sun and ocean

I will be back next week to see if she's at the bus stop...

"come sit beside me" is what I'll tell her

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