Monday, September 7, 2015

Working On A Groovy Thing

When I saw you, I knew. That I was gonna love you. And every day I thought. Of how I'm gonna love you. Now you're here next to me

Lucy and the Douchebaggers!

things are gettin' weird...the drought is making everyone behave all un-groovy!

it's Labor Day weekend and everyone ain't working, they are BBQing!
the front page of the News-Press had some local conservative Republican losers posing for a BBQ pic...Dale and Lucy..Lucy got her arm around a Mex dude and Dale with his Fedora!!??
it's a shame that the once proud GOP has been hijacked by these anti-labor anti-working class idiots

yesterday, I heard some screeching tires and banging metal, I looked out my window and an accident on northbound 101 highway...a big GMC Yukon smacked a little pick-up truck with Caribe Coffee logo on the door... and spun it around, 180 degrees..the air bags deployed, people were standing around the highway, sititng on the median fence..some chick was lookin' alcohol involved in this one


nobody was hurt but the traffic was backed up for hours...cops came and cleaned it all up

then I see that Paula Lopez (KEYT anchor) was arrested for DUI Sunday night, driving the wrong way down 101! geez, is Paula auditioning for an editor job at the News-Press?? seriously, this gal needs some real help with the booze addiction...arrrgh!!! maybe the News-Press can do a front page story on Paula like they did with Joe Armendariz about his love of alcohol and JR from Dallas...Joe crashed his car TWICE while DUI..and he's a shill for the oil companies!! IRONIC

unfortunately, the SB courts don't treat DUI seriously unless you kill someone

and I saw Lucy on the Mr. Wimpy Show and I started hyper-ventilating...if you elect her, I will not be happy...and I saw Lucy on the TV campaign ads crowing about all she's's all about her and now  I read where she is claiming her staffers were assaulted on the westside by a Murillo supporter...given that Lucy lies alot and she's from Texas, I don't believe her...I mean really, she wrote the press release and provides no proof, pictures?? she's trying to milk the PODER/Murillo connection, I guess..this means she's desperate and losing....

and it shows you what kind of person she really is...a douchebag!! Lucy the Douchebagger!!
but people will fight, crawl, scratch, lie and kill to get elected....being in office is an obsession, an addiction..not unlike Jane's addiction
but the conservatives will milk the immigrant issue and try to paint the opposition as thugs when in fact the thugs are the News-Press and the Milpas Community Association religious nuts....

but there has to be some mechanism to prevent drunks from getting behind the wheel other than their own conscience

there has to be..has to be

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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping other members of the Santa Barbara community find this front-page story "Republicans hold Labor Day barbecue" as lopsided and annoying as I do. As if I needed even more reason to add to my growing dislike our local "newspaper," I am greeting by this story on Monday. I've always believed newspaper are suppose to steer away from presenting a one-sided viewpoint, but the News Press seems incapable of doing this -- even for fluff-piece stories on holidays. Were Republicans (an anti-labor party) gathering really the most representative celebration of Labor Day? I'm growing very tired of the News-Press' one-side coverage and this is a perfect example of that. Shameless propaganda and terrible journalism.