Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dream Baby

Sweet Dream, long must I dream

so we got the Avocado Festival coming to Carp next week in October...unfortunately the theme will be craft beer, the new fad among the hipsters...the beer worshipers...introduce alcohol into any event and expect trouble..

look out, kids!!! dad's coming!!

and speaking of fads, we have American dads killing their families..they go room to room while mom and kids are sleeping, dreaming sweet dreams, and shoot them in the head... then the dads commit suicide!

I'm not sure of the reason for the disconnect, but, well, American dads are pretty strange..the family structure puts lots of pressure on them, then the bible demands only add to it.. and when they fail at work or marriage or maybe sign up with Ashley Madison and get caught, they flip out and kill their family...

so...when the Avocado Fest comes to town, I will be extra aware of American families strolling down Linden Ave..the dad, the mom, the kids...I will be looking at the kids faces to see if I can detect any fear..I will study Dad's face to see if I can tell when he's about to go off..then of course I will tip the family..

naturally, I will post some pictures as a public service, as a warning what to look for...Carp has lots of families and dads

we're kind of a sanctuary city for these types of folks..

and that concerns me

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